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Mindfulness For Beginners
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Last Played: December 08, 2021
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Listen to this meditation that asks, "what's my purpose in life?" No doubt, it can be hard to find peace amongst all of life's obstacles. We get messages from all forms of media that tell us what we need to be happy, but stop for a moment to reflect on what you truly need with this meditation.
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If you've ever been in a place where you're feeling low or life just feels like a grind, that's not really going anywhere, then you might have asked the question, What is it all about, or what's the point of being a life? There's no shortage of influencers. You want to provide you with answers, especially on TV or social media. And I'll tell you three their words or three. Their actions that you need to be rich, successful, attractive, have kids be in a relationship. The list goes on and on on when we don't have some of those things. Getting these messages constantly has a detrimental effect on our well being. But if we take a step back and think about the meaning of life in general terms, there's a million specific things that you could think off. But they all tend to fall into two categories. The first is making ourselves happy. Not many people would pick something as their meaning of life that would be designed to make them miserable. The second is being part of something bigger than ourselves, contributing towards a larger goal. From a mindfulness perspective. Both of these air actually very easy to answer on spoiler alert. The answer is going to seem to basic, almost frustratingly simple, to be true. But sometimes the simplest enter is actually the correct one. So when we think about what we need for ourselves, we tend to think about the outside conditions we desire for our lives to have meaning. That may be achieving something on our careers or getting some kind of recognition. But this is a bit like watching A to your movie for one interesting minute towards the end, or traveling for 24 hours to spend an afternoon in New Zealand. What about before and after that fleeting moment of happiness, We can spend our whole lives grinding towards some purpose without actually being happy in the here and now. So our conclusion might be that the meaning of life is to be happy in each moment. But how do we do this? The answer is to let go with the future in the past, enjoy the feeling of being alive, enjoy what's right in front of us, our family or friends, or breath our body, the food we eat, the chair you're sitting on our thoughts, our feelings, the sunshine and the clothes being present with whatever it is that we're experiencing too short, not doing. From a mindfulness perspective, the meaning of life is to be. And this also applies toe having a purpose greater than ourselves. The need that we have as humans to be part off something greater comes from our altruism, the desires of species to help each other. I make each other happy on the best way that we can do this history, the practice of compassion for people who are suffering, including ourselves. Of course, we don't need to be part of Doctors without Borders. To do this, we can make it happen every day, a building, our practice developing our count nous on our peace training, our awareness because when we're calm and present, we become more aware of the suffering of other people, and we feel compelled to do something about it when were present. We really connect with other people and we start to work together to make the world a better place. In other words, to make ourselves happy to make the world a better place, the meaning of life is to be to be present with whatever we're experiencing in the present moment. So we're going to start that practice right now with a kami skated meditation. I'm going to start with three signs of the bell on. I'll do the usual settling and introduction so, firstly, focusing on our posture, and I would invite you to imagine that you have a thread attached to the crown of your head on its gently pony upwards. To operate position, you're Spain like a stack of coins. Hart raised upwards and outwards your hands comfortably in your lap, your body setting in a position that's comfortable for you. If you need to shift that position a little during the gate of meditation, that's fine. Moving our awareness to your body noticing If you feel warm or cold noticing, if you feel tense or relaxed, becoming aware of the sensation of the clothes against your skin on the point of contact between your body on the chair of the floor, becoming aware off your thoughts and feelings. Ondas We go through the gate of meditation noticing each thought. Is it a races? And that might be on anxious thought by tomorrow. It could be happy thought about today. There may be a sad thought about yesterday, setting with each thought for a moment, lying it to leave gently and without judgment, bringing your attention back to your breath. Finally focusing your awareness and your breath listening to column of air between your nose and your diet from noticing how your shoulders rise as you breathe in your stomach falls as you breathe. Breathing in. I know I am breathing end breathing i'ts. I know I am breathing ICT in right.
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