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Snippet of Where to Hunt Podcast: Prepping for an Elk Hunt

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Greg and Eric chat with Jeff Moran, a veteran elk hunter, about overlooked items to have when prepping for an elk hunt. Jeff even shares tips on how to solve the bone rot issue elk has after the hunt. Greg and Eric ask for tips for their first elk hunt and the random things they may need to have a successful hunt.
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what's, like some overlook stuff that like you wouldn't think about, like Okay, so, like, obviously not going to drag it out. We just said that, but Okay. Where do I get the bags to put the the meeting, You know, what does that look like? I don't even know what that is. I've never done this before, You know, You're talking like a game bag. Yeah. Where do you get the game bags are the good ones and bad ones that they're like, Something doesn't. It doesn't matter. Or like, you know what, So they're kind of like, um I mean, you can buy. Yeah. It doesn't matter to me it personally. It really does, um, especially if you're in the back country, because that's what gets heavy. If you buy, like, the Alaskan game bags, the ones that look like cheese, pa from the from like sportsman's or Cabela's, that's it's heavy. And it's like a one time you're saying I'm trying to remember what the name. I don't have it right close by, but it comes in an orange bag, and I bought on Amazon for, like, 10 bucks, and they have, like, four or five game bags in it, and they're kind of like a white pillowcase, almost a bigger pill case. But they're more structured. So because there's, like cheese costs, long as they when you have to put because you're going to have to bone a locale in meaning that you have to cut all the meat pretty much off the bone because you don't want to pack that stuff is way too heavy. Um, so being able to find, like, more structured game bags and even like if you got to go to the dollar store and pick up like white but mm facilitation, that's a better bet than the cheesecloth stuff personally. So what's the difference? Like what? You know, Can I use like, a glad garbage bag? You know, like, what's the purpose of the cloth like? No, you wanted to be able to breathe. Okay, um, you want to be able to get air through it, and in that way, that's why, like, I mean, if you you guys pull a white tail out of the woods or anything, the first thing you wanna do you wanna pull the hide off because then you're gonna Yeah, so that way, like kind of get some air to it, lets it breathe, cools it down. It's the same type of thing. So you want you want your game bags to be able to, like, breathe and everything else there. Probably, I would say, one of the things that gets really overlooked. What's called Bone Rock? Um, elk have this, like weird gland or something with them that if you knock one down and like, if you just kind of let it lay overnight, then a lot of times there's it gets what's called bone rot and you might lose an entire elk overnight like the whole thing will spoil. And I actually had a friend that they're in Michigan and hopefully they're not listening tonight because I'm going to bring up, like, terrible memories for him. But they this last year, um, she the wife, she shot an elk, and they they bumped him a couple times at night and they decided to let him lay. Um, they would go back in the morning, and I mean, it was cooler. I think they said it was like in the forties, but when they got back like like half of it was spoiled they had lost, like the entire back half. Um, and that doesn't usually happen like a deer. And yeah, because, I mean, that's a big animal, and you're gonna lose quite a bit of it. And actually the bulls that I just shot a couple of weeks ago, um, that was the first time I've ever had, like, white guys. You guys are You might shoot one and leave it overnight and bring the dogs back in the morning. And, man, I've never done that before, and it kind of bugged me, but I had to do that with the help that I just shot. And when I went back in the next day, he was in the same spot. He didn't even move for more embedded last. But I probably lost £30 of meat to Beaumont. It already spoiled, like on the inside, where it was still kind of warm. Um, yeah, I know what you can do to avoid that. It sounds like a well, the only thing you can do to avoid it is to get to it right away and, you know, provided the you know the animals are reared, but you gotta be able to get that thing apart. You know, like you guys want to get the hind quarters off. They've got to get the hide off, get the hind quarters split right at the pelvic. So all that that can cool immediately. That's a lot of insulation on that animal. Not only is it just to hide and it's warm, right? It's doing all sorts of work, like you come and tell me your muscles aren't freaking hot. Exactly. So the meat will spoil. It'll be sour. Yeah, and and now So I just learned this, like, four or five years ago, but I learned how to to do a gutless quarter. So I take all the quarters and everything off. I never got the animal anymore. Um, so I just feel back to hide on one side, because I'm usually by myself, and this is not a small animal. Put it that way. Like you got to feel it. It sucks. It's terrible. Once they go down like sometimes they go down and you're like, Okay, great. And then you walk up to me like shit, way back in here. It's gonna be like so it could be like three days where I get out here can be awful real quick before you go into the you're getting order is a big deal. Yeah, so so is there, like, two different schools of thought there? Like gutting it first versus just not cutting it according out, like, what are the two different, like the pros and cons there. So if you if you're gonna get it, um so I used to go to like, if I If I shouldn't want tonight A lot of times, if I didn't want to go through the whole process of staying at most the night and trying to to quarter them out and everything and they get the quarters like, laid out, I would just gut it. And then I go back to camp because if you're going to get it, you can kind of open it up, and it's not You're not gonna have the bone rock issue because you're stopping whatever, whatever gland or whatever they have inside that they're pushing out through the system that's going to cause, like the spoiling and everything. You're getting all that stuff out of there and you're cleaning them out, and basically you're bleeding them out like getting in and then you can go back and just kind of depends on how tired you are in the whole situation that's going on behind it and how warm it is. Um, it's just kind of a play it by ear thing now, personally, nowadays, if I can get on one at night, then I'm gonna go. I'm just gonna dauntless quarter, So I'm gonna take all the quarters out. I'm gonna leave the quarters there. I might take some back that night or I'll sleep with the animal. Um, I've actually slept with the animal several times where it's just like, you know what campus five miles away, and it's one o'clock in the morning. I don't want to come back in here, so I'll just like, lay out a tarp crash on the ground, but okay, but what about bears than so if you usually I have, like, an extra a couple things that close, and then this will sound. It's always weird to me to talk about that, but like I like the way the sweaty clothes and everything out around where I'm at, and then I'll pee around the rest of the camp because generally the bears are going to come in. They're gonna smell that. They're going to go away like that. I would do because that would be like, Fuck that if I'm gonna be around this camp. Yeah, that feels weird, but I don't care. You feel really great when the bear runs away Mhm. Saying it out loud sometimes. I'm like, Yeah, I gotta go pee around camp and I don't know, but that's how Yeah, For the most part, I have buddies that have that have lost animals because they left him there and they came back in the next morning and a bear kind of torn through things. But I usually have enough like, I don't know. I may be a skinny guy, kind of, but I sweat a lot, So I usually have, like, Why don't you like extra and shirts and jackets? And I leave everything that smells like me around that animal. So that way, I come back in the next morning and I haven't generally had any issues. I say that now, but something's going to happen to me soon.