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Snippet of Wine Blast with Susie and Peter: Are You Serving Wine All Wrong?

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Wine Blast with Susie and Peter
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Are you flushing dollars down the toilet and denying your tastebuds by serving your wine poorly? Listen as Peter interviews Master Sommelier Laura Rhys on topics like temperature, glasses, decanters, gadgets, corked wine, calmness, people and not overanalyzing the small stuff.

Hosts Susie Barr and Peter Richard are married Masters of Wine. In this upbeat show, they bring wine to life with a smile via interviews, chat, travel, food, gentle bickering, tips, competitive wine-offs, a quirky wine A-Z and your questions.
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first we wanted to look at. You know how we're serving wine? Because we're asked about this A lot on gets important stuff, isn't it? Yeah. I mean, it may fair enough to some people seem a bit of stuff and nonsense, but serving wine probably can make a massive difference to how much you enjoy it on. I think if you if you're spending decent money on a bottle, why waste it by serving it badly? I think the analogy we would use and often do use is that not serving wine properly is like buying a full color HD Internet ready bigas your wall TV and then choosing to watch it in black and white on a six inch, six inch square screen. E can't say it e It is too small, too small, confident, so the little things can make a big difference. I think. Don't don't sorry, you know. Oh dear. Anyway, I will carry on E will carry on the little things make a big difference is what I was trying to say. To be honest, it's relatively easy to get it right. It can be relatively easy to get this right wine. It's not not easy to find service right, But wine service it is. It is important and can be used to get right. It's not super complicated. Yeah, so So effectively. You can actually make a wine taste better, can't you? Almost That's free money s So I'm not saying not necessarily that you'll like it more. It's just the wine, you know, gets to be its best self just by following a few basic guidelines. So one of those guidelines is our infamous 2020 rule, which will come onto later on. But to start with, I wanted to get some expert view on this. So I talked to Laura Reese, who's a master similiar. Now it doesn't get more expert on service than that. She's also global ambassador for Gus born the English Wine Estates. And I started off by asking her how I best go about serving a nice bottle of red Bordeaux. I would really consider temperature glassware to an extent and can't. Okay, so let's go through each of those in turn. Temperature. Uh, surely e. I think a lot of people think we've reds. Warm is good. Yeah. So I am one of my listen during memories of my father, who is a wonderful man. We grew up in a household where we didn't buy expensive wine. It was very much a supermarket lines that we're all our table On a Sunday afternoon on, one of my favorite memories of dead was he was always open. Bottom line. Put on the hearts by the fire for half an hour before dinner. This is before I could drink the wine. I always remember that Andi I started drinking wine, realized that that was probably not the way I wanted to drink my red wine. Some people do. Was your house cold instead of interest? I mean, is it cold out? So it's warm out, and Yoda would put it by the by the fire. Okay. E was just saying it wasn't that kind of absolutely freezing out old. Therefore, you didn't okay? It wasn't a childhood was relatively warm. I'm glad we have ASIO. Everybody likes wine. A different temperature. That's interesting. So it might vary from person to person. Of course. I'm from y e. Know some people who love ice cold sparkling wines, ice cold white wines, other people who like to have different temperatures we could be very geeky and say that different grapes should be a different temperatures. But ultimately it's about what people enjoy in terms of Bordeaux. Let's go back, Thio Gorgeous bottle of Bordeaux We're going to open on. People often talk about cellar temperature For those of us in the world were lucky enough way Understand what that means? I e no. Yeah, but by that we would mean what sort of 12 degrees e around 12 C. E think the general consensus is if you brought out of the cellar and then probably put it, by the way, e think 16 to 18 degrees if you want to be with you for a really nice red wine. So not know that most of us don't have a moment for this kind of thing. So what for those of us who haven't had them in the cellar, what would your advice be to getting the temperature for a really good red wine? Right? Well, should we stick it in the fridge for a bit? I've been known to stick it in the fridge for a bit. I've been going to stick it in the fridge the night before perhaps earlier in the day. Andi. Actually, this works as well. If you've had a bottle of red wine and you've only drunk half of it one night, stick it in the fridge. It lasts a little bit better, then pull it out and I often pull it out while Stein cooking. So as I start cooking, I'll take it out of the fridge, probably with a bottle of white wine, which I open E. Finished cooking. It's about the right temperature, and that's a great tip. It's well for keeping wine, you know, stick your red wine in the fridge once it's been open, because that will slow down the rate of oxidation on actually. Really good. Good tip. Okay, fantastic. So we got the red. Now what about whites on really fine whites and sparking? Do you think we serve those too cold again? I think it's about what people enjoy me. Personally. I again take it out of the fridge. Maybe 10, 15 minutes before I was going. So you're not having it's super cold straight out of the fridge. Exactly. And I've never been a huge fan of ice buckets for the same reason, but equally sometimes, you know, on a warm day you're sat out in the garden and you have a lovely bottle of rose A from Provence. So you've got a really nice sunset or something that, actually the ice bucket is exactly what you mean. So I like the way you're not. You're not dictatorial about this. You're kind of easy. Come, easy. Go. You know, you don't have to follow certain rules, but I think your idea of just sticking winds in the fridge, particularly in the fridge taking winds out whites out of the fridge for a little bit is a really, really good one. Think ultimately, it's about understanding what temperature does to align. So how it effects the acidity, the perception of a citizen. Does it make you perceive acidity more? Do you think having having the wind cold colder? I think that having a wine colder will often dull a lot of things. So you know the perception of acidity, a perception of tannin in red wines, perception of alcohol in a wines on also, most importantly, fruit profiles as well. That's why if you have a a shot from Baghdadi, actually, it benefits from having a slightly warmer because you do tend to get a little bit more wine out of your glass. That's really interesting. So you're getting right, so you get more wine out of your glass and with some of these ones, when you spend a lot of money on them, you want to get as much parking out of your glass. A za possible on DSO Since we're on the subject glasses, you mentioned glasses is being really, really important. Are you the kind of person who has a million and one different glasses each for the exactly the right wine and moment that you can you can call upon? No, for the same reason. That way don't Our house is very lucky. You have a classic kind of red Bordeaux style glass. Quite big, big, big, quite high sites. We've got a classic kind of medium sized burgundy glass. It has a wider bowl and slightly shorter sites. We've got some wider sparkling wine glasses, which we can sometimes use for reasoning. If we want to waken do that now, we don't have that and also I I think in certain instances those glasses are amazing and it's wonderful to have these cupboards full of different glasses for a while, the along right lines and the right occasions. But for us, like practically fallacy, really has to come into weight classes. E eyes, that is, that I feel like it's a bit of a confession that you've been wanting to get off your chest. I am Laura. Recent break glasses. You are breaker of glasses way I think we all do, to be fair, especially these ones that are super fine and really delicate. And they're wonderful things, but they're terrifying way Do break. Of course, of course, City always have one great rule, which I've always tried to abide by, is was never wash your glasses up the same night you've used them on. I do love that one, because that has actually reduced the incidence of breakages in our household considerably. It also means I get out of the washing up quite a lot, too. So So it's a win win, but glassware. So don't you doubt to worry too much about glass where maybe we need some glasses, but just not crazy. But we shouldn't worry too much about getting loads and loads. No, I think, actually, as you say? It's more about perhaps the quality of the grass where eso get just some nice quality glasses. Not crazy amounts of No. I think you could do very well with 123 maybe four different shapes. You want todo but equally Yes. If you had a good quality glass where you said the rim absolutely on Booth is large enough that you can put some wine in the bottom. But there's enough. Yeah, exactly. I think sometimes that's more important. Mhm stains could be an issue on clothing. Having enough room to properly swirl that wine. Yeah, we've all been there, have away on doll. So you mentioned decanting. I'm intrigued because I don't We don't decant very much a tool these days. Do you s When I was working in a restaurant, I used to do a lot on for a couple of different reasons. So either it was because it was an older bottle that I had sediment in it. Um, sometimes it had it had come straight from the cellar. Andi, I wanted Thio. Maybe just open the wine up a little, get some air straight away, and also change the temperature. Your chance of wine. You're moving it into a separate vessel, which ultimately changes its temperature quicker. Um uh, or also, sometimes a white wine might have wanted a little bit more time together. A bit more air on. Obviously, when you're in a restaurant setting, you don't have the luxury of having half an hour while you're cooking or, you know, whilst chatting to prepare these minds. Sometimes, actually, it needs to be done a little bit quicker. So for me, in a restaurant setting, Cantor was always something which was very helpful. Also looks good, doesn't a sense of occasion. There's a lovely theater to all of that as well. Which is which is e Think important as well, Absolutely. In my own house, I can't find less way. Do you still can't wait? Sometimes, Yeah, we've got We've got a couple of different encounters, uh, particular bottle, sometimes with captain and again if it's something really old. Well, can't it or again? If we just want to quickly give it's in there and open up a little bit, then we will. But ultimately, yeah, life on finally any any wine gadgets out there that are really taking your eye taking your interest off late. I think a trade were generally quite allergic to gadgets are way like old school. Um, but have any of you don't as anything come along that you thought? Oh, that's an interesting way to serve wine or could help? Mhm. Um, I I'm bit of the techno foam on a gadget phone. Generally speaking, Ondas, you say? Yes, it's always quite uh, quite easier to the old fashion in the wine industry. But I have to say that having been a little bit skeptical off it beforehand, I now really, really like the carnival. I don't I didn't enjoy working with it in a restaurant situation because I found it quite difficult, I think, in terms of the serving perspective, But the great thing about having a that you access a glass of wine at a time on, uh, having just gone through pregnancy on which congratulations. Of course you're finding that is, uh, just the ability to have it take a glass out. It's a really good thing. Yeah, you know, Francis tonight home in sight. Oh, you know, we want to have one glass of this tonight, but actually, we don't want to open the bottle because invariably when we open a bustle, we finish apostle eso. Sometimes it allows us to be a little bit more measured on to say, You know, I'm gonna have gorgeous glass off E tonight with class, but I only want to have a glass. That's great. Having said that, it is expensive. Mm. And it's a bit of a a luxury, I think. But I'm very glad that we know.