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Wine Two Five Podcast
Last Played: January 15, 2021
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When is it too early to start drinking? Never. At least according to hosts Valerie and Stephanie who make the case that breakfast, like any meal, can involve a variety of foods and therefore drink. Listen beyond the mimosa as they raise a glass to delicious wine pairings with your eggs, sleepyhead.

Wine edu-tainment and consumer empowerment are on tap at the Wine Two Five podcast. Wine experts and friends Valerie Caruso and Stephanie Davis are committed to "everyday drinking for everyday people." Wine with lunch? Yes please, and any time of day. Whether it's 5 o'clock or not, these ladies will help you get a better grasp on wines while keeping you giggling.
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So let's talk about what's in our glasses. We have two wines that Val brought, and then we have two other wines that I brought. I was thinking, you know, when I went and looked to see what I had in my stash, that I would pull out for breakfast for myself. I have a 2015 Chateau ST Michelle Riesling from Columbia Valley, Washington, because, you know, that's like when I'm thinking about like crab eggs Benedict, you with the sweet crab and then you know all that richness from the hollandaise. And there's lemon in their plays off the acid in the Riesling, right? Totally so I So I was like this would be something for would be a great breakfast wine. It's also great because it's only 12% alcohol by volume. You know, it's cool that the Chateau ST Michelle uses that I R F scale on their back labels, Which is, um, is that International Wrestling Foundation Anyhow, what's cool is that, then, you know, because the scales on the back label that this particular wine is between medium dry and medium sweet, you can visually see that. I think that's very cool, and the other thing that's neat about this wine. Uh, besides its affordability and it tastes great is that it is 100% vinifera root stock. Totally reselling is an option. We're gonna get into that a little bit more with some optional wines for breakfast. And then the other thing I brought along with me is that beautiful bottle. See how more just that it's like a burgundy style bottle Almost looks like a champagne bottle. It is the 2017 Susana Balbo signature rose A from Valais Day Yuko in Mendoza, Argentina. It is 60% mall back and 40% Pino, which that's nice to know, but what it tastes like. And it's color. And the appeal of it with breakfast is what's more exciting because that puts me in the mood for lox and bagels. But I could see that with an egg white omelet, too. Oh, yeah, Sherman, There maybe because I mean last time first of all, you had a malbec rose. Anyway, I know and it's so what a beautiful. But you know what? I'm people drink sparkling wine at breakfast time, you know, with their most does and stuff. I think it makes for a nice alternative on your table. If you're having breakfast first brunch or you know something like that because it looks your eyes almost telling you It looks almost like champagne. Well, and eating, you know, part of experiences, the visual appeal. So if you've got a dish with some cranberries, you know, if you've got some some use Lee with, like cranberries and nuts and things like that and you know, really that rich yogurt, you know, from from parts of Europe, that's really, really rich and thick granola. And that's right. We're in Colorado, I said, Granola. Any bigger problem? We're consider. We're in Boulder. That's right. So I I would love to see a rose. A on the breakfast table? Absolutely. And what are the fun things you've brought here? I read some fun things today, too. So, yes, we're talking about bubbles. But this isn't champagne or Prosecco or kava. This is actually lambrusco and some of your going what? Lambrusco. That's right. It's not the stuff that I always make a joke about my aunt carrying it in her handbag, but or the stuff that we remember that was high volume and cheap from the seventies and eighties. This is actually Albany, a cannoli Ponderosa, and it's the lambrusco grass sparrows. A glass bottles is actually the clone or the sub variety of some people would say off lambrusco. Great. There are so many different kinds of lambrusco grapes. It's the same sirens. That's good. They're not coming for us, it's the same. It's the same grape they make balsamic vinegar with. By the way, there are three or four main varieties of lambrusco grape that you're going to see grass but also makes probably the fullest bodied, most complex of the lamb, brewski or lamb. Bruce goes out there. This is actually one of my favorites. What I also like about this, this thing is these air normally seco or done dry. This one has a bit of may be detectable residual sugar in it, but it's only 8% alcohol by volume E. I mean, I've had beer fire a BV on this, I know. I mean, I I think that's why it's important to be thinking outside the box when it comes to breakfast, because, especially with all the like sausage and pork products that are served at breakfast time, this is such a perfect wine for that and you're not getting blitzed. It's 8% alcohol, you know. I mean, it's so nice tohave and it's chilled. It is chilled and it is more of Ah, Friesen versus Spumante, So it's gonna have a little bit less pressure in the bottle, but the foam on it, it's still this beautiful, fluffy pink foam. We poured this almost an hour ago, and it's still got bubbles on top, so it's very festive. I want to say, if you've got some cranberry scones with butter, this would be super fun. Whoa, I like that scones. As long as the scones aren't too sweet, that's right. And the ones I get from world market that you just add water to Oh my gosh, I did the strawberry ones on New Year's Day, and I'm thinking this would have been great with that, you know, before the lemon French Alkorta frosting that I iced it with. But you could have a couple of couple of crispy bacons on the side or one of like maple flavored sausage on a biscuit. Yes, I think that's really cool. And, you know, also because Member that was just saying that it's a little less sparkling right because it's present a screw cap. It is a screw cap. That's right, because it doesn't have the pressure on the bottle. You need to secure it with that cork. And you know what I would do with this? I'm really obsessed with these egg casseroles right now. Like Chuka or I don't know. So yeah, eggs, air, Um, that air. It's more of a Middle Eastern dish that you've got eggs and they're kind of they're poaching in this beautiful tomato herb sauce. And then I also made green eggs on New Year's Day. It was like spinach and kale and herbs and olives in this beautiful in the in the pan. And then you make a well and you put the eggs in it and then you bake it. Oh, my God s So you got a nice egg dishes? A little bit of heat to it. This the sweet heat is always a nice compliment. So I think this could stand up to a dish like that. Well, this lambrusco is not super sweet what it is, it's fruity. And then what's nice is the finish is kind of dry and clean. There's got just a little bit of grip to it. Not a whole lot of tannin. I think this makes it uh, really nice breakfast wine. Don't rule out a nice lambrusco. I don't know the retail on this. I don't think it's overly expensive. You can find a lambrusco grasp, Arosa, or I keep a lambrusco grass, but also the castle vitro in my house, which is the region. I really think those air the great crowd pleasers a great for breakfast. They're low and alcohol done. Yeah, yeah, that'd be great. And then I also brought the Ellen Bremen Chateau Montu Pasha Radulovic Bill Sec and you're going Say that again, Val. So I will its's the 2011 11 broom all Chateau Mont to pass a rank do vic Bill sec and the SEC is important because that means it's a dry wine because when you see posturing Juvic Bill, it's going to be more of the sweet style, the desert style or like your style or Mollo is what they say. But this is a really fun wine. It's a 2011. You're like Why in the hell would you make this a breakfast wine and why, and I can't find it well, because it's the qualities in the organ electric characteristics of this wine. You got the weight off something like the petty core boo in here, which is 80% petty. Corbeau is the gray, and then it's 20% Petty Man sang. Now the thing about this wine, it is dry because by law it must be with SEC on the label, less than 3% residual sugar. If you see a regular pasteurized Dubik bill, it's gonna have a minimum 3.5% Residual sugars. That'll be sweet. You can have that with your cinnamon rolls or, you know what have you. But this one here it's got the weight of like avian. Yea, and it's almost like a full body in style. It's a long age wine. The color is this beautiful. Golden color almost looks like an amber wine or orange wine, but then you've got the acidity from the Petty Moans song, and this reminds me of like unsweetened peach juice. But it's got the weight. So think of your having, like lox and bagels or cream cheese and bagels. Something like that, and I actually had it the other night with a salmon dish. I did, and the sauce was like a lemon. So got a little bit of acidity on that salmon. And then I use herbs and garlic and mayonnaise and Dijon and even a little Greek yogurt. And I should near that all over the salmon, I bake it off. Oh, yeah, and it was so good with this. So I did test it out with the little Corban before I brought it up here to share with stuff, because I think it's a really cool bottle. Retails for maybe about 25 bucks. But what a cool thing to serve your guests over a nice Benedict like you were saying, or bagels and cream cheese. Or you're doing any kind of brunch, maybe a ham dish, any kind of crab dish. Seafood? Yeah, seafood, any kind of vegetable dish. I love seafood. I love the seafood options for breakfast, and the other thing I actually love not to totally digress from this amazing wine, but I love what my husband and I like have like Mexican breakfast, or like a what you do you think of like enchiladas or something like that with eggs on top, or you make little breakfast burritos or breakfast tacos. Things like that. So we love breakfast. Val and I are big breakfast people. So it's on Lee Natural that we finally got around to talking about breakfast wines. But, you know, I love that she picked this totally obscure, geeky wine, which she picked up locally. Yeah, I picked it up in Colorado Springs friend Dirk at the wine cellar. And, you know, honestly, stuff when you go back to the breakfast thing. Anything I have left over for dinner the next morning if I put an egg on it, Bam, it's breakfast for some wine. Oh, I know you could even put an egg on a piece of pizza and call it good. You know, that was my breakfast. You know, I put someone leftover lentils. The other day I had leftover lentils in Kenya on and I said, Yeah, avocado. Sure. Poached egg. Bam! Breakfast. Open this wine. That's the end of the show. Goodbye. Let's talk about the key points that you've laid out really well here. Okay, so let's move on here. So there is a difference between sweet versus savory breakfast foods and how that's going Thio complement your wine now. Certainly we wholeheartedly believe in drink what you like. Eat what you like. So there is no drink shaming and wine pairing shaming going on over here Drink what you like. Eat what you like Do what you want to dio But at the same time Remember, Just like we were saying Coffee doesn't always tastes really great with your eggs Benedict You know when you have sweet foods like French toast or Belgian waffles with whipped cream and in strawberries that doesn't necessarily taste great with with everything you know, maybe the rose A we were talking about wouldn't be so great, you know, so you have to play around with it and have some of these nice, sweeter wines the food of sweeter than the wine. Then that food will make the wine taste better, and then you'll be walking around like God. I had cabernet with chocolate cake, and it was absolutely terrible. Some people love it, but for the most part, a lot of times, when you've got sweeter fruit, your food, it makes the wine tastes bitter, and you're blaming the wine Yeah, don't blame the one. I don't blame why they didn't do anything wrong, you know, But so So when you've got all these great egg dishes and with all these savory meats and savory vegetables and spices and things like that, that's when you know it's really nice to kind of see which kind of wine are you feeling up to? Even the sweet wines can go nice with the with the savory and spicy breakfast food, so there's a lot to go off of. But breakfast is not one thing. Wine is not one thing, right, so breakfast kind of falls into two categories. You know, the savory breakfast in the sweet breakfast. So and then moving on, we dio want to emphasize like we did earlier with this lamb Briscoe only being 8%. You know there's some great alternatives. Thio traditional breakfast wines and ice wine is another example that we've talked about before. In Episode 1 62 we did a total grape Gabon it ice wine and chill. Those tend to be around 7% even less, we had said in that grape jab. Why not serve ice wine at brunch with fruit and whipped cream topped waffles. Stop it. Just a circle back. That's a fun one toe. Listen to. If you're not familiar with ice wine, please go check that one out. With little orange zest on top, the playoff labors in the ice wine and to make it more visually of people, Yeah. Sorry on then, Persico, Right. With or without the O. J. Any any bubbly, Honestly, Qala Prosecco. You know, Prosecco tends to be more fruity, but there are some exquisite examples of what we talked about in that episode. Yes, we talked about the D O C G. Yeah. In episode 1 41 almost a year ago now. And you know what, Persico? As opposed to champagne and some of the other covers, and and, uh, classic method bubblies. Persico tends to be also a little bit lower alcohol. It does. What else is lower in alcohol? A lot of Rieslings tend to be lower and alcohol, like 8 to 12% and they have such a range from sweet to dry and everything in between. So that's fun thing tow experiment with. And then the lambrusco we talked about. And then what about alternatives to mimosa So you're using your bubbly. But what about you could substitute O. J with something else. I particularly when I go watch football, Okay, at the sports bar, they do have a bottomless mimosa option. And what I like to get is grapefruit juice as a substitute for orange juice. Yeah, your dentist like that. And so it is bitter and acidic all the way around. I love it. And some of the some of the other, uh, Steelers fans around the table like it or hate it. It's hilarious. It's funny because I'm bitter and acidic all the way around. But when we were in South Africa, I think one of the best breakfast buffets we were in a Belmont Mount Nelson Belmont property. Oh, my gosh. So we were there. We called the pink palace. That was James. Clues would. Well, we've arrived back at the Pink Palace. Their breakfast was so fabulous. And every day the mimosas were made with, like fresh mango puree fresh so you don't always It doesn't have to be orange juice stripping enamel off your teeth kind of thing. But I mean every day It was like fresh, you know, local locally produced sparkling wine because South Africa there's amazing sparkling wine or sparkling Shannon and then whatever kind of fruit juice there's like some cult classic we And then they had the pie. A pure e never ate so many vegetables on fruits, on vacation in my life. And every day I could not wait not only for the Prosecco bar, and then I would like strip the enamel off my teeth and then have coffee, which and then stained my teeth. Yeah, but you know, because I want the sweet, I want the, you know, the Prosecco and the winds with the savory foods. But then I want the coffee with the sweeter you know, the pastries. You know, it's just a really great way to just get friends together. You don't have to do this all yourself. Get friends together. Everybody bring a sweet yeah, sweet or savory dish and then bring a wine and then mix, match and play. This is how growing up to play with their food and you know what else is cool is if we go way back to Episode 48. Wow. I'm sorry about the audio. Yeah, way back when we did talk about where then the most object, like really came to be the orange origins, not orange but the origins of the mimosa. And we were talking about International Women's Day, and thou had come up with some really cool information about the mimosa cocktail. I don't even remember E. No, it was so crazy because it was so long ago. But you were saying you uncovered some cool information because you also experienced the most of flour. Yes, Italy, Yes, yes. Isn't that cool? Yeah, it's part of the International Women's Day celebration. Walk around this beautiful bright yellow flowers and they present them to the women. And I didn't know the first time I was over there. I remember my teacher, Massimo, who's been on this show saying, Oh goody! And I'm like and that kind of means like, hey, happy, you know, whatever Happy birthday or Happy Day Happy celebration of whatever. So oh, goody means like it's like a congratulations, happy whatever you're celebrating kind of thing. So if I if it's your birthday, I walk up and say, Oh, ghouri, um or all groaning, which means a really big festive greeting. Then you know that you say grace? Yeah, you means I'm celebrating. So he I walk into food and wine pairing class, which I hated by the way, oddly enough, and, uh and he goes, Oh, goody, I'm like For what? Okay, why? And uh And then he explained, and all these women were walking around Florence with these yellow flowers, and I didn't understand it, but they're called mimosa flowers. Isn't that neat? Yes, I love it. I love it. So, yeah, it's a yellow mimosa flower. And it's believed that the cocktail mimosa is named after this flower and was created at the Ritz in Paris. And like many other cocktails, there are other stories. And, uh, but there is a possible story alluding to the original champagne in O. J in London called the Bucks fizz and even a suggestion that Alfred Hitchcock had something to do with it's creation, or at least helping it to make it popular. So we had all of that info in our episode 48. So if you are new listener, there is some great content in material that we have way back in our library. Check out. So other still winds toe. Have it the breakfast table. Stuff. Yeah, others still winds just to kind of keep you thinking. What else? What else? What else? So Val and I were kind of generating some ideas. Converts, demeanor, Vouvray, Shannon. We mentioned a few times even before we started recording. Because, you know, when you start dreaming up of the different foods, it's fun to start thinking which wine would go with that. I mean, take breakfast out of the context. It's just food, man components, textures, flavors. That's right. So how heavy is the food? What's it made up of? Is it oily? Then you're going to need an acidic wine to cut the oil. What is it? Spicy as in like not heat spicy, but like maybe pepper black pepper spicy. Then you think about the spiciness in the wine, and then you think about the way things like reminisce of the food. Then you want something that's gonna stand up to that as well. So it's food, man. It's food, It's food. I love it. And then, you know, one of the things that Justin actually made some truffled eggs years ago bought a truffle at Whole Foods. He found a recipe made some truffled eggs. I think it had some whipping cream. And it may be, too. He made it for a dinner. Actually, this you could serve truffled eggs whenever you want, you know. But he made it for a dinner for herbs. Birthday. Our neighbor heard that we love so much. He served it with a chateau. Nifty pop belong. So you know, there's things that maybe you just haven't even thought of. Let's say, for example, you know, I just celebrated my 40th birthday and one of my best good buddies, Gina had So what? I want to do something nice for you for your birthday. What can we do? I said, Well, let's just have a breakfast. You can make breakfast. Pretty outstanding employ, did she? And this is the kind of thing I mean, why have breakfast just to be something that you know, have ah, protein bar and get off toe work. I mean, you can really do nice things at breakfast with your friends and your loved ones and open nice wine and have breakfast. I love the idea of having some of these Lightbody reds, you know, like a barn Alino or gamma or even one of those heavier roses, like a chair of swallow, you know, or something like that, or travel with something. So there are so many ways that you can. If you think about breakfast food as food, there's no reason at all. You can't have wine with it unless you have to drive. But if you're just having lunch on the back patio and it's on the weekend, hell with the neighbors, open some wine. Actually, my neighbors would dig it, probably that's right.
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