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Snippet of World Soccer Talk Episode 179: Favorite Matches

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World Soccer Talk
Last Played: December 28, 2020
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Listen now to snippet “Favorite Matches” as World Soccer Talk chats about Manchester United, Lionel Messi leaving Barcelona, Football League Semi-Finals.
World Soccer Talk is the longest-running soccer podcast that recaps weekly events and reviews TV, online, and apps. Listen now to “First Impressions of MLS Black TV Coverage” as World Soccer Talk discusses ESPN; Peacock and the Premier Leagues; CBS talking up Champion League Rights. For super fans and casual listeners alike.
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you're Yeah, welcome back. Coming up on this week's show, our first impressions of MLS is back on ESPN. Peacock goes all in on the Premier League. CBS gobbles up Mawr of the Champions League rights. Plus, we have letters from you, the listeners in our mailbag section. I'm Christopher Harris, aka the Gaffer, alongside my guest co host Nick Webster. All right, Nick. So we've got so much to get Thio this episode, it's not gonna be that lengthy, but there's gonna be some good information in this one. We're gonna talk more about CBS and some scoop on what I know of their plans for the Champions League as well as, of course, MLS and first impressions of what we've seen. But from this past week, having watched all the different football from around the world with any games or one game in particular, that stood out is your favorite match or most interesting match? Well, firstly, thanks for having me back, Chris. You must be scraping the bottom of the barrel with three times in the last five weeks. I'm feeling particularly honored on its and it's always great thio here, your dulcet tones and, uh, be allowed Thio wax lyrically about the beautiful game. And yes, um, you know, obviously you know, a bit of a slave to the premiership. Um, but I am so impressed, and it really pains me to say it with Manchester United. This is a team that is completely unrecognizable from the team pre Bruno Fernandez. And it's almost, you know, I mean, the United Fans might say it's sacrilege, but it's almost Canton Are esque the way this man has come into the United team and just completely lifted not only theater mus fear around United, but the players. I mean, I I saw and I mean I I had to freeze my my TiVo. But I saw Paul Pogba and Anthony Martial smiling. I mean, this is something that, uh, you know, put put it in the collector's item because it just doesn't happen. And the football they're playing is really quite scintillating. And, you know, Azan, Englishman, really happy with the development of Mason Greenwood. I mean, this kid is I mean, he's something completely spectacular. Two footed can hit the ball like a rocket with both feet. And then, you know, you've got young Phil food and obviously another Manchester product, but this time with City and all of a sudden it looks It looks very good for the future of English should also be really impressed with that. And then the the other story that kind of made my eyebrows go up a little bit. Was the situation going on with Barcelona and a certain lean or messy? You know, supposedly Mess is very, very unhappy with what's going on with the the back room noises in the boardroom of Barcelona and and making noises that you might actually want to leave Barcelona after something like 15, 16 years. So, uh, that's that's definitely story to keep your eye on eso those. Those are the two things that have, uh, really, uh, got me scurrying around the Internet on breeding everything I can. Yeah, for me. From this past week, I have watched some primer League of Watch La Liga, Serie A. I mean, you name it pretty much watching soccer almost nonstop, really. But what stood out for me this past week so far has been the Football League, and a lot of it is whether it's the playoffs semifinals, one of which was Fleetwood town against Wycombe Wanderers, which means for most people kind of hearing those names. You probably think, Oh gosh, you know how boring is this going to be? But it was in the first leg. It was 41 game. You had Joey Barton managing Fleetwood Town on the receiving end. Unfortunately for him, at least, and then I think it was Gary. Things worth waken wondrous manager on both of them look like rock stars. They looked like Joey Barton dressed up as I don't know, some guy from Oasis, Gary. Things Worth looked like he was like a headbanger from Def Leppard or something. But the funniest thing in this game was that no Onley were the two red cards and five goals in this game behind the stands behind the goal. I guess the Fleetwood Town fans had put together a whole group of mannequins to make it look like this is the Fleetwood Town ultras kind of hanging around with a drum and probably could probably a likeness to to the actual ultras of the hardcore fans at Fleetwood. But on top of that, on top of those things, uh, late in the game, you had had a bio fen were coming into this game as a substitute for anyone who's seen him in the past before. He's gone Thio. He's played at several clubs, but he's 38 years old. He's £224 and this guy's got some great skills back in the day. This is before your time, Nick Thistles. How far back this is, fatty, folks. Yeah, kind of like some of these legendary players who were just enormous, I think was a goalkeeper back in. Like what? The late 18 hundreds? Early 19 hundreds. But, yeah, Akron fen were coming on into the game with about five minutes to go, and you can play it completely. Really, Really Well, you can't run, but so that that was something quite different that you don't usually see in the Premier League. Well, hence he only came on for five minutes because he was probably blown out of his backside. If it got into the sixth minute, Yeah, I mean, do your point, actually, about the lower divisions, you know, I I follow what's going on in the championship, and that race is always so intriguing. I keep on thinking leads are gonna choke. But they actually did the business today with pumping five nil wins. So they're looking at their looking in good shape. Westbrook had a huge win over Darby. And, you know, I'm actually got a friend who's, uh, you know, on the on the border, Darby County. And yeah, he was He was He was crying to me yesterday because the Baggies did the job on them. So for Darby, you know, they're they're they're on the outside looking in the playoffs at the moment, and they've got a tough running. They played Leeds last second, last game of the season, which could actually be, ah, huge game, both sides, you know, for leads to actually wrap up the championship and get them back in the Premiership, which I think is gonna be great for the Premier League. You know, united or a team that needs to be in the Premier League, you know, simple. Is that so? I'm pulling for leads and and and hope that they, uh, you know, the last three years, I think they put themselves in prime position Thio to get promoted one way or the other, and they've stubbed their toe every single time. So I'm hoping automatic promotion for leads this time
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