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Snippet of Yes, a Stripper Podcast: Molly the Stripper, Meditator, ex-Teacher

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Molly tells host AM Davies about her former life as an elementary school teacher and shares what it was like to tell her 10-year-old Mormon daughter the truth about her job. Molly left the Church of Latter-Day Saints shortly after becoming a stripper, but because her husband and daughter are both Mormon, she keeps her profession mostly under wraps.
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we see, um, you as an elementary teacher, which is what you are. I've got notes, Um, because you're just so, like, calm and soft and kind, you know? So and I'm It's just so nice. So nice. Yeah, and comforting. How long were you an elementary teacher for? Um, I did that for four years, and I actually just I was a tutor for the school district. I don't I don't know if I just tried to summarize it on there or what, but I would tutor kids in math and reading, and I was studying to be a teacher at the time, and I liked it. I enjoyed it. Um, as as I got older, I kind of I have a daughter. She's 10. And I felt like I had been very conditioned to believe, like Children and family were like, my main priority. Um, it was kind of nice to be a stripper and be like, this is more about me and what I want. And like, it was nice to, I don't know, correct that imbalance a little bit because, like, I love my daughter. But like, I have a life too, right? And I was a nanny to for many years, and and I saw that I enjoyed my years of working with Children. I really, really enjoyed it, but I definitely was ready for, like, a shift. Yeah, And does she know that you're a stripper? She does. I told her last year she's Mormon. Oh, great. Um, which is hard for me. It's really, really hard for me. But her dad's Mormon. Um, So, yeah, I told her last year, and just it was that feeling of, like, I think she's either already knows or we'll find out. And I'd rather be the one to tell her, right? And so, um, I just was like, I'm not totally sure remember how I said it, but just that she knows I do pull. I usually pull my house. She does pull with me. She's been to pull classes and stuff and so nice. And she knew that all my friends, I'd be like, um, this is Megan. And then later I'd call her Chloe. You know what? Your friend have two names. So, um, and and a couple years before that, I think she might have even been knowing then because she would always ask me, what do you do with the bar and I Because I would say I worked at a bar which even that, you know, is a little girl who is Mormon. Um, it's a lot. And so she'd be cool. What do you do there? And I don't like to lie, And so I just would be like whatever they need me to do And then she's she's super, super, highly intelligent girl, and she would be like, Well, but what exactly do you do? And I was like and I finally just broke down, and I think I said, this is years before I actually told her and I just said I serve drinks just because I'm like, I don't know that she's ready for that. I want to be sure I don't I don't know. And so then when I did tell her, I just you know, I said, I know you know, I work at a bar, but I actually danced that I don't serve drinks, and I've been hesitant to tell you, because a lot of people don't, um, aren't very kind respectful to women who work in those kinds of jobs. And I said I really love my job. And most of my friends that you've met, you know, work with me and are also dancers. And and I kind of tried to explain, you know, that there was a sexual element to it that, you know, I dressed in revealing clothing and I, you know, danced on the pole And, you know, I was just trying to I wasn't quite sure and like, you know, this is new territory, and so I just She was so great. She was just so perfect and wonderful. She was like, Well, Mom, if that's what makes you happy, you know, like, you should be happy. And and And these are every time I've come to her with something new like this, she just handles it. And so I think people worry so much about their kids and what they're going to like. They're not going to be able to handle this, but it's like, No, they're fine. They're totally okay. Um, the only problem I saw with it was that I felt the need to like tell her to maybe not mention it to a lot of people because, you know, she's got a lot of little Mormon friends who, if you're not Mormon, their parents may not let you hang out with them, much less if your mom is a stripper, right? And so I think I just told her to be kind of discerning about who she told because, like, because people might react that way. And I think she did tell one of her little friends and I I got the feeling that the friend was cool. But then that friendship kind of cooled off, and I was like, I wonder if she regrets telling her I don't know. Yeah, it's just a weird thing. Um, you know, all my family knows and her, you know, family, you know, like my husband's family. And they're pretty nice about it. They just don't say much about it. Yeah.
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