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Snippet of Your Podcasting Questions, Answered

Last Played: October 07, 2021
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This question and answer episode covers a range of questions from new podcasters. Learn how to grow your audience, connecting with other podcasters, and how to narrow topics.
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Hi, My name is Rasheed a. Jackson Over at the Focus Friday podcast. Ah, question that I have, though, is how would one who does not have an already established audience promote their podcast on anger? I don't have a big audience. The audience I do have. I haven't really let them know about the podcast. And I did that just to see how far I could get an anchor. And I wanted to know What are the different tips that you guys give in connecting with other listeners to feed into our podcast in the garage or listener base? Hey, Rashida, Thanks for the question. Growing your audience can be kind of slow, and it can be kind of an ongoing job. It always is for any show when your goal is to grow an audience. So some things that you could do on the anchor platform specifically are things like asking your audience to send in voice messages that you then incorporate into your show. I'm doing this right now, really. It kind of gives your audience and incentive to be a part of the show and probably motivated to share it with others. Obviously. Also, make sure your show is the best that it can possibly be. It sounds pretty obvious, but the better your show is, the more people want to listen to it and the more they will share it. You also mentioned in your message, though, that you have refrained from sharing this show with your existing audience, and I'm kind of curious about why that is. That's actually a really good way Thio start Getting an audience is to share it with the people who are already looking to you for Let's call it content. If you've got people who already care about what you're saying, those were probably your most valuable audience members. And those are people who will be interested in your show and interested in sharing it with other people. Um, that they think would enjoy your podcast. So I would say, Don't be afraid to start, you know, tweeting and posting on Facebook about your podcast. Um, whether you're sharing link directly to your anchor profile or to apple podcasts wherever your audience is listening to podcast, make sure that they can onda leverage the people that are already paying attention to what you have to say. Hey man, Cody's able here, new to the anchor up. I actually really like it, but I do have a question, though I'm trying to connect with as many people about my topics is possible on its on politics. I would really like to know if you know anybody that could help me out, or if you just know somebody who was into the same topic of me and could hop on a podcast with me man again. My name is Cody Zebo and love the Thanks, Mom. Hey, Cody. So since you're using anchor anyway, there's actually a very easy way to connect with other people who want to talk about the same topic. Um, it's called co hosts, and if you open up the app, you'll see a bunch of floating topics. If you tap one of those topics, we will try to match you with another person using the app to have a recorded conversation about that topic. If you don't see politics on the list, you can type it in yourself or or pick it from a drop down there. I'm sure plenty of people are out there wanting to talk about politics, and I think you could find some really interesting, diverse points of view from just the mass of people using the app. Aside from that, though, try tweeting or posting to Facebook or starting a reddit thread. Um, with links to your show, get people to listen to it and kind of figure out where you're coming from and explicitly solicit, Say, I'm looking for guests to talk about this. Do any of my followers have an expertise in? I don't know, congressional politics or something. You find communities where they're already talking about those things. Explain that you want to give your guests a voice on these topics and find the people where they are. So a few people send in kind of variations of the same question, and I want to play Ah, few of those right now and tackle this one. Hey, when it was John Michael, I wanted to chime in a little bit here because I started podcasting, and as I read Mawr and saw more videos on, you know how to podcast. We talked about having like a niche subjects and trying to find a niche audience. But how do you find a niche audience when you just want to talk about the things you see every day. You know you want to talk about different aspects of life. I don't want to just talk about one certain thing, you know? Hey, John, my name is G X rays. One of the questions I had is I've got an interest in a couple different topics. Different ideas. Eso if you could put a podcast out there some information on how to, um, narrow your topics or what to do if you have interest in multiple topics. Yeah. So I've been getting questions like this a lot recently, and I want to say a few things about this one. So if you haven't been listening to other episodes, one of the things that I've been saying is find a topic and find a focus for your show and kind of carve out your niche. And I say that because before someone starts listening to your show, they're going to read probably the title. Probably a description. Probably see the art. And what you're trying to do is get them to cross the threshold and start listening to your show. That's easier to do when you have a clear reason for your show existing and a clear purpose and a clear topic. Now people make podcasts for all kinds of reasons. When I say to give your show a topic and carve out a niche for your audience, the goal there is to attract an audience, a zbig in audience and as focused on audience as you can. But not everyone needs to or wants. Thio appeal Thio A huge audience Maybe you're making something for your friends for your family, kind of akin to a personal blogged. In that case, there's nothing wrong with podcasting about whatever's on your mind. Multiple topics Just what's going on in your life. A podcast is just a container for audio. There's no hard and fast rules about what you need to talk about. That said, if your goal is to attract some kind of audience of strangers, I stick by this. Your show should probably have some kind of focus, some kind of promise you give to the audience that they're going to get some thing when they subscribe to your show. So for this one, it's about how to make a podcast. I'm not going to start talking about, you know, last night's episode of Westworld, for example. That's just not what the show is about. I also want to say there's no rule that you can't have multiple podcasts. Um, if I wanted Thio talk about Westworld for an hour, I could start a second podcast about that and probably get a very different audience for that show from the from the audience for this show. But like I said, people podcast for all kinds of reasons in about all kinds of things. So if what you want to do is just start a daily diary, there's nothing wrong with that. I just think that if your goal is to attract ah focused and impassioned audience, that audience is probably going to expect ah, show to be about something.
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