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Snippet of You're Wrong About: Jefferey Dahmer

From Audio: Jeffrey Dahmer

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You're Wrong About
Duration: 09:40
In this snippet, You're Wrong About uncovers some hidden truths about why Jeffrey Dahmer's killing spree last for so long. We also hear a list of items and tools that were found in his apartment when police finally arrested Dahmer for his prolific killing spree.
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In this snippet, You're Wrong About uncovers some hidden truths about why Jeffrey Dahmer's killing spree last for so long. We also hear a list of items and tools that were found in his apartment when police finally arrested Dahmer for his prolific killing spree. We also go back to Dahmer's first murder, causing his thirst for blood.
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after a week, he disposes of the body the same way that he disposed of his first victim. He breaks up all the bones of the sledge hammer, and he throws it away in the trash, just literally in the track, like in the actual trash, which is what he would also do later. But, you know, fairly soon after that, his dad comes. And he's like, Listen, Jeff, your grandma doesn't want you to live with her anymore, and you have to find your own apartment now. And so he goes and finds his own apartment. He moves into a building in a black neighborhood, which means that the police don't spend that much time there after that. That seems to have been when the switch kind of flipped. He starts killing people fairly prolifically, you know? So he would meet someone in a bar or, you know, go cruising and find someone. Teoh. You know who he liked the look of and say, You know, come to my house and I'll pay you 50 bucks and take photos of you, and then we'll drug them and strangle them and fuck spend time with the corpse, have sex with it masturbate in front of it. One of the things in his his father's book is a list of Let me just let me read this to you. Actually, After the police search Jeff's apartment, they sent an inventory to his father. It listed Lionel Dumber wrote in his memoir, A Father's Story. The Residue of My Son's Life. There were bottles of nutritional supplements and bags of ruffles, potato chips, artificial peacock feathers, a DOS manual, ah, bottle of Clorox bleach. There were things he had read, all of a pornographic. With the exception of four books on the care of fish. He also had an aquarium. There were utterly neutral things suddenly made sinister. Three black handled forks to butcher knives, a pair of chemical resistant gloves, a hand saw with five detachable blades and a three quarter inch drill. Oh, my fucking God! And finally, on the last page of the inventory, there were the contents of Jeff's bedroom. One pillow white with light blue flowers with bloodstain, one pillow black case and pillow with bloodstain. One bedsheet black fitted with bloodstain, one white mattress cover white with bloodstain, one pillowcase black with bloodstain, one mattress with blue flowered pattern with bloodstains. Both sides fuck both sides, both sides. Which means that at one point not to get too FBI profiler about this he flipped it because it had blood stains on it and then commenced to take another dead body. This'll is going to sound like a really crass question. But it was Geoffrey Dummer. Was he conventionally attractive? I mean, was picking up guys in bars pretty easy for him? Or was he not super good looking? And that was part of his resentment. Well, this is really a question about game, I guess. Let's do this first, look up a picture of him and tell me if if what kind of, ah lucky would have picking you up. All right, let me see what? Let me see what he was working with. I'm seeing a white guy. Relatively thin, longish blond hair. I'm looking at his what? His mug shot. He's in a hoody. Yeah, he's in relatively good shape. He's a normal looking guy. You wouldn't You wouldn't say he's the hottest guy at the bar, but he's also not the minger at the bar, either. Yeah, I feel like he just was kind of unexceptional looking right. He just looks like a regular man. One of the other things that I find so interesting about him is that, you know, after he's arrested after he's in prison after he gets, maybe his meds kind of stabilized, he just comes across as boring. There's an interview, I think, on 48 hours where Stone Phillips comes and interviews him at the prison and Portage. And you know, there's just a clip of them kind of talking and dumber, just making just very boring Upper Midwest male conversation. He was like talking about like, God actually got here okay with, you know, with the with the snow. It was snowing like crazy here yesterday. He's just a unexceptional looking kind of a boring guy. And I think you know, another big factor in it is that most of his victims were men of color, a lot of black men, a lot of men who also the deal was sweetened for them by the fact that this guy was going to give them 50 bucks and supply the beer. So is he primarily attracted to men of color, or is he doing this because he knows the cops won't investigate them as much. What he said is that he was primarily attracted to men of color. Those were the bodies that he wanted. Those were the people to be coveted. The other interesting thing to me about this and the thing that really contradicts the serial killer narrative as we know it. And I always hear this in the voice of the narration of The Silence of the Lambs trailer, which opens with the voice going. A killer is on the loose. That's always the story is like a killer is on the loose, and the authorities have noticed, and they're tracking him down with their profiling and what happened with summer victims. And this is another thing where you know the problem is Milwaukee and also America. The families of these men, not all of them, but some of them. Some of them are minors. Some of them have stable lives and routines and are not prone. Thio going off and disappearing. You know, most people don't disappear. Generally, their family members and their friends are going to the police, and they're saying, you know my son, my brother, my friend has disappeared and I'm afraid that something terrible has happened to him, or I have reason to believe that it was this weird guy that he was seen with. Will you do something about it? And the police are like, we're not investigating the disappearance of a gay man of color. Like fuck you. He's probably in Chicago. Any complaints that people took to the police during these years, which there were Several of the police were just like What? No, we're not doing that. We don't care, because 17 people is a lot, especially because it sounds like there's a relatively similar pattern that somebody must have seen him leave the bar with ease. People somebody. I mean, it sounds like this would lead you to Jeff pretty quickly. Yeah, and you know, in members of the gay community have started noticing, you know, that something seems to be off like it's a small community. The gay community in Milwaukee in the late eighties and early nineties and the police are like No, fuck you guys, gay men, black men like these were not the populations that we are working for, right. There's also a new inherent suspicion at that time that you hear a lot in accounts of the AIDS crisis and other other accounts from this period. Once you're gay, everything else gets thrown out that he disappeared. Oh, he's gay. Oh, well, he probably just moved to San Francisco. Oh, he probably ran off with his boyfriend that he's completely implausible. Accounts become plausible all of a sudden because, oh, it's a gay person that we're dealing with. Yeah, and just how there's this idea of like, Well, there's a subculture that we don't understand and we don't know what they do So it makes sense that they just, you know, disappear without a trace over and over again. And it's funny, too, because our sense of the vigilance with which people approach like the missing young white woman is. You know, we all know that, like if you're a young white woman who need disappear, people will be on tenterhooks like immediately. But that didn't used to be how it was when Ted Bundy was initially committing his murders in Seattle in the first six months of 1974 roughly his first known murder victim, he abducted her from her bedroom, bludgeoned her while she was still in bed. There was blood on the pillowcase, soaked through the pillow into, you know, down through the sheets, into the mattress. Her roommates were like This seems like a kidnapping. We are concerned. She didn't show up at her job. She didn't show up at school. We haven't seen her. She disappeared in the middle of the night and the police were like, Listen, thes groovy. Young women are just prone Thio, you know, wander off. She's probably hitchhiking and having fun somewhere he had to finally abduct two women on the same day from the same park in broad daylight for the police to be like huh? Maybe they're not all just wandering away to go party. Shit. It's hard for just an average dumb fucking white man to be a serial killer anymore. They've kind of closed the shop on that. The industry is dying, but, you know, back in the day, seventies eighties, nineties, like you as a serial killer sometimes kind of had to showboat a little bit to get the authorities to pay attention, Thio. In Dahmer's case, it means that he had Thio have a second victim who escaped from his apartment and made it to the police once that had happened twice. That these police officers happened to be like This doesn't seem great. And it was because it was a victim who had not had a hole drilled into his skull yet. And it was able to communicate that this motherfucker was going to kill him. And who now, by the way, is homeless? Because that's how America works. So how long is this spree going on? For the 17 people? There's a couple of years, a couple of months. It's over the course of four years. So he commits the murder and the ambassador in the fall of 87. Then he's caught in the summer of 1991 and it increased in frequency in the last few months on Also, you know, the people in his apartment building are complaining, and some people call the police and are like there is. It smells like rotting flesh in this guy's apartment and the police air like and no way right, Jesus Christ, like what kind of living conditions do you expect to have black person, right? So it's not one of those things where it's like, well, you know, he was always a quiet loner or like he said, this weird thing once and, you know, maybe we should have. It's like no people were complaining about how their family members had disappeared, and they were worried that they've been murdered and how this had happened over a dozen times and people were complaining literally about the smell of rotting.
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