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history. This is we told you when we first unveiled the hardcore history addendum feed that this was gonna be the everything else feed anything that didn't belong in the main hardcore history feed, for one reason or another will end up here. We knew there would be, um, interview shows, because compared to what we normally do, the big hardware history shows, interview shows air simple. So we knew that there would be quite a few of those and that we would try to switch him up and do them differently, like the one we did recently, where I was the one who got interviewed. And then we knew there'd be some funky kind of shows that probably would have set some people on the main feed, but that some people would really like it, like our Caesar at Hastings show, which we put on this feed. And then sometimes it's what probably could easily pass for a hardcore history show. But for one reason or another, it's not the right time or place. We have the one that we did on Alexander the Great's mother, that had we put it out on the main feed, it would have interrupted an ongoing Siri's. So we put it out on this feed. So I hope that over time when you look at the archives of the hardcore history addendum show offerings, you know en masse you will have an eclectic grab bag of potential offerings. Um, you know, that looks pretty varied. I'd hate to fall into any ruts. Um, case in point today is offering there's a new movie out that touches my heart in all the right places. As you know, it's about Second World War Naval history. So it's right up my alley has to do with a, uh, commander of one of these escort ships guarding Merchant Man across the Atlantic during the Battle of the Atlantic and trying to keep the U boats off of them. It's called Greyhound, by the way. It's on Apple TV, plus stars Tom Hanks, who has done a lot of World War two history movies or who's been involved in producing them or executive producing him. He's a history fan, I think, Um, and by the way, I think he even did the screenplay of the movie. It's great, you'll like it. You should check it out, and in an unusual move. I think that I hope will be part of that eclectic grab bag of offerings. When you look at our archives over time, you'll notice. Hey, they did a hardcore history addendum with Tom Hanks, and we did. And here it is. And by the way, if you don't know who Tom Hanks is, well, I don't know where you've been hiding, but maybe Google that in any case, ladies and gentlemen, Tom Hanks. Mr. Hanks, can you hear me? Okay, this is Dan. I can indeed, Dan, you can call me Tom, and it is a thrill to hear your voice on something other than one of the many podcasts. You, you, sir, are as biggest Bruce Springsteen in our house. I'm not quite sure how to react to that as a man who's been watching since bosom buddy did a so, uh, way the we were just We just drove from Los Angeles myself into of my kids. We drove from Los Angeles Thio, Twin Falls, Idaho, Uh, during which we listen to the entirety of ghosts of the host front, which was just one of Oh, my Lord, uh, I've learned so much from you and have been in your enthrone enthralled by you for many an hour. So thank you for your passion and thank you for your output. And it's a pleasure is a pleasure to be speaking to you. Now, you know is a guy who remembers pulling out my hair at, like 25 going. What the hell are you doing with your career of this point? To hear you say, You saying that is wonderful? I'm sure, you know, because I was doing my research. Let me let me start with this, Um, as a guy who would have thought of you as the great comic genius coming up during the era when I was growing up. If you had told me back in 1980 that you were gonna be one of the great dramatic actors of our time and that you were gonna have an I m. D B page that looked like you were an overachiever with some sort of some sort of, uh, inefficiency, uh, attitude Go. I mean, I I look at what you've been doing and you don't look like you've lived long enough to do all those things. I wanna ask you some day. What the hell on executive producer does Because you've been you've been an executive, You tell me and answer that. Yeah. Okay, there is, uh, there's a big there's a distinct difference between being an executive producer on a motion picture, which is literally a powerless title that doesn't even require your presence. Too big An executive producer on a television Siri's in which you get to impact the final product as much as you wish to. You can get involved in the writing. You could get involved in the casting and the shooting. You get involved in the editing, you actually can run as a zlotys. You're the executive producer of the TV, TV, anything on television TV miniseries Siri's. You get to, um, run the quality assurance of that of that show. Um, you are You are literally what you are probably the you get to be the big boss man if you decide to do so. Meaning that, um, you can if you think something is running off the rails, you go in and put it back on. Or if there's something running incredibly smoothly, you just call up until everybody they're doing a slam bang job and keep an eye on it. So two very different things. So the things that I have been executive producer on on television, particularly too many Siri's I've had I've had I've had a hand in. Uh, the way I put it is assuring literally running the quality assurance on motion pictures. It doesn't mean Well, let's talk about your choices then. Because, like I said, is a guy who thought you were gonna be this great comic leader of a movement. Basically, in our time period, I thought I thought I thought it was a brand new kind of comedy. Toe watch You choose the kind of topics that I would choose for a history show. You know, we made this show originally with history fans in mind, I feel like a history fan can can recognize one of his own. You are a true fan of history, aren't you? I mean, in your own private time, in your own choice of of reading material