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that could happen now if she becomes a bachelorette like he could be one of those. Yeah, Rachel was next, which obviously it's, you know, there's so much about what's going on with her, as everybody knows, Um, but it really was even more evident to me, Never. I mean, Rachel was the only one. He was saying Love, too. And it's just it couldn't have been more obvious if it wasn't already. Obviously, it couldn't have been more. Obviously they don't even trying to hide it. But I was also like, Why do you like her so much? First of all, she's 24. She's They call her a graphic designer. I'm like, Are you a graphic designer? 24? I feel like, maybe worked for like, a year. I don't understand why he's so taken with her, and it was the most uncomfortable hometown date I've ever seen. I think her father sorry. Come at me. I think he seems like a horrible person, and the wife is like a Stepford wife. And she's just like what? When when he walked in the door, I was uncomfortable for Matt, and I just thought about how many young men in this country. Walk into the home and a black man walks into the home of the girl he's dating, and it's clearly on the parents face that they're not happy because they're black. I think we all as Americans watch that and understood maybe for the first time, for some many people how paralyzing that must feel. And I was pissed off for him and for his parents and for everybody that loves him and that guy, I hope he took a long look at himself on television and figure it out. I need to find a new path in life. I also think that for her mom, it was very telling when she was like, jealous of the skydiving was quiet and I get to come. I was like, Oh, she's kind of one of those moms to be jealous of her daughter, right? Yes. Thrilled to be on television? Yes, terrified of her husband would do anything to get away from him and, uh, living vicariously through her daughter, who probably would be the kind of girl that leaves home and, like visit their parents once a year. I don't have time at her dad's Facebook page, the other day finding pictures for, like, a gallery that we were doing. Tell me what you found. Well, I thought it was interesting. Their kids are pretty far spread out and age, like Rachel's, 24 the daughter, the younger daughter who was there. The blond is 18 and she's a dancer, and then they have a son, a son who didn't even mention at all who's still in high school, plays soccer. Um, and it was just, like classic, like a lot of family photos, like lavish vacations and selfies. And he had a lot of Facebook profile pictures. I have a dad who has an instagram just to stalk me. Um, he's never He doesn't have to post. He would never. So I thought that was interesting. You know, parents on Facebook always journey Well, so did you get the sense and I want you to use your degree and I'm sure psychology did you get the sense that he is somebody who had, if he had been 24 years old, had would pursued an opportunity to be on television? I definitely got that from the mom, the dad. I mean, yeah, he was definitely comfortable. I think it's interesting to see some of the parents, like who does seem to find their spot. He was even asking the right questions. You know, like he knew the Are you sure you're different? And it's hard to know if it's coming out of concern or if it's like, Oh, we know the Bachelor rules. Like, what are we asking the right questions, like the way or if the producers got to them like I find it so interesting with the parents because, especially now that they go to this resort versus when you see them in their home, it's a little different. Maybe. But now that they're just on the set, sometimes I wonder like what, what they were told beforehand. I don't think that I blame. I do not blame the producers for that editing at all. I think that that man went in angry. I think he was angry when he saw Matt, and I just don't think there's any other way to put it. I just don't think he's a good person. Sorry, I did feel a little bit of, um, I guess I was wondering. I was thinking about my own college experience. I go to college in 19. By the way, I was raised in the suburbs affiliate. My mom's totally like liberal. It's, you know, I grew up in a very politically charged like but Democratic home, and I remember my political science professor. My first year of college had us write a paper on our political ideology and then present it to everybody in the class. And you soon realize, Wow, maybe my political ideology is totally based on my own parents beliefs, right? And so then you leave college and you get your first job and you start to figure out I'm I'm totally a separate person, and I may have totally different beliefs based on my parents. So part of me is like this girl's 24 she was raised by this terrible father. Sorry. Come at me. I don't think he seems like a great person and a mom who's like, whatever, honey. And she needs a couple years to get away from them to kind of strip herself from what she's been indoctrinated by. And so maybe I need to give her the grace that I would give to other people. Um, so I'm going to live in that space right now that she has had this life experience and is totally embarrassed by some of the decisions she's made or the pictures that she's liked because she needed time to stay to strip away. I know there are rumors that she had maybe suggested to some other classmate, like like or made fun of her for dating a black guy. Who knows if that's true or not? But I want everybody to remember that we knew people who were one way in high school and then they left. They went to college. They worked, and then they came to the realization that their parents belief systems do not represent their own. And maybe I'm holding out hope that that's what is happening for Rachel and that she will come out of this a totally different person. It's possible. I mean, I think there's definitely a lot to still hear from her, and it's going to be really interesting to see how this live situation does play out. Assuming she if she doesn't win, which I feel like everyone, no, she does. At this point, if she doesn't whatever she's gonna be at that live finale and the conversations are going to have in her answers. And if her parents are going to be involved. People were talking about her parent, Chris Harrison brought up her parents and that Rachel Lindsay interview that was absurd. And there's just so many things. So it should be interesting to see if she does talk about it like that. She's from Georgia. Was a Georgia college, all that, you know, Not that everyone from a certain way, but, you know, no, no. But yeah, I think it's a good question for people. I swear. I think this would be a fantastic season for colleges to watch. I really do, because I think that it's so emblematic of the shift in our country right now and how we look at race, how we look at race and media, Um, and whether or not I would love to know if young college students would be as forgiving um, as an older audience or like how they would look at it. I think this is a great moment for us in television to look at the way this reshapes racism and media. I think I said that three times, but you know, like I'm sorry. No, I totally agree. That's a class in itself. I also wondered if you could speak to this more than anybody is There have been suggestions that and Rachel Lindsay had also said, like, I'm really surprised Rachel. Cory Connell hasn't come forward. What do you know about how much she can say, I know that when I interview people from the bachelor, I have to go through a B. C. There are a bunch of hoops you have to go through and their contractual obligations and pressures. What about their own personal instagrams? Are they allowed to come forward and to do things? But also I'm keeping in mind. She's a very young girl. This is like one of her first jobs in life. And you have a television network that there's the pressure of saying and doing the right thing. What's going on in the life of Rachel as much. How much do we know? Um, so from everything I know it is, the contract is. You sign it. The media, As you know, whenever you're trying to book anyone who's been on the show in the last year, you have to go through ABC. Everything has to be pre approved from the moment the show they signed the contract until their finale airs, even if they're on the show for one episode, um, through the family. So it's over a year, typically, because the show doesn't it for a while. As far as our social media is concerned, we do know that they have somewhat control over it. Because a couple years ago, when Becca, who friends now ex fiance Garrett gotten all the trouble, he addressed his stuff within days of the premier, and it was an instagram generic statement, and that was 2018. So it's kind of even before people were probably feeling as much pressure to apologize or getting asked questions with Rachel. My guests and things I've heard are, she went, Maybe she was working with ABC and they were kind of facing it together in the decision of what to do. And so they It wasn't that she wasn't allowed to, but it was that they were collaborating and trying to navigate it together where she could have gone rogue and just posted, and I got in trouble. But I think they were trying to do it together, and they got themselves in a corner by not speaking sooner, I also think that sometimes television networks make the mistake of thinking. Well, we can just hold off on this because this upcoming episode would be the perfect time to address it. And oftentimes this comes as a former Crisis PR expert, right? You need to know that you have a whole other life. You had a whole life. You need to address it immediately. The longer you let it simmer, then you let other people tell your story. So and this is a good lesson for anybody that's listening to this now, always tell your own story. Don't let someone else tell your story for you. And so television networks need to get ahead of things much sooner. I don't think I don't think it's going to, like help ratings that Rachel waited until you know this point point in the episode to make a statement, and it seems like that's happening today with Matt. Yeah, I wondered, like just did not want to make this statement, you know, two episodes in And was he not allowed to because, um, they thought that the ratings would be better if it matched the episode of the hometown dates. I don't know. But you know what? Something. This is like not race related, but just as far as like things playing out on TV and in real life. The Kardashians, I always thought, were the perfect example of this because we obviously know everything that's going to happen. We find out, Chloe, uh, Tristan broke up months before we still see it on the show, and when it happens on the show, it gets to be a headline again. So it's a good or a bad thing they're getting to take back the narrative. But they also, you know, well, like the tweets or imply, like they're getting to milk a storyline for so long by having a play out in real life and on the show, and it works to their advantage. So I think you know, the second that Tiktok went up of that person who maybe went to school with Rachel, who even knows making that comment, she should have immediately been like, No, I would never say that or I've grown Wait, waiting to an end like she It was wild. How long they let it go on. It makes no sense. Yeah, they continue. That's the problem that ABC does. I think they should hire me because they wait way too long. And the thing. The Kardashians are successful because there are a well oiled machine. There's the loyalty built within their own family members and their inner circle, so you can control it much better. You know, you have 25 26 contestants and they all have personal stories. They have college classmates. They have high school classmates. They have friends of their family, people they played soccer with. That diagram includes so many people that it's really impossible to control it the way that they've tried to in the past. And I'm sure that this is a lesson to them on Don't let story get ahead of the story. Everyone has a has several social media accounts now, and, you know, especially with tiktok. I feel like things go by only 10 seconds on Tiktok. It's impossible to even track, and I also think we're at a time in our world where in the last few years we've been consumed by imagery and that that this pandemic, the great thing that's going to come out of it is that people feel more emboldened to live authentically in their social media. People are more apt to talk about mental health struggles or feeling struggles in their own jobs or in their own families or fertility or whatever it may be. People feel more empowered, emboldened to come forward because they feel a sense of community because others will join them and say, I support you where it hasn't been like that pre covid. So everything in TV is shifting, and I think it's a good much needed thing, and the Bachelor is an example of it. I think it needs to be a little, much more modern, with a different host, more diverse cast and a little bit more modern version of the way people date. People don't date by going on a bungee jump, fallen out of a plane and then, like standing there in the grass like do like no getting perfect hair and makeup. By the way, how fast was her hair and makeup fixed after that fall? That was crazy, thoughtful conversations about who they are in the world, what they expect in a marriage and partnership about finances and about the way they their value system. When it comes to raising Children or their community or their politics, it needs to modernize. Great. What did you think about Brie? And we met her mom, who I was like 37 years old. Like we I forgot that they she had her when she was like a teenager. Um, they seem to have a sweet bond. It was giving me Gilmore Girls vibes. Two of them. Um, and she seemed to them. I really like everyone on Twitter was going off about the line. She said, no matter what happens, like worst case scenario, we are amending a broken heart together. And it was like, this sweet, little like it almost like a TV moment. And it felt like those two just like it was her mom really being like, no matter what happens, like we'll figure this out like I don't know what it felt like. A very sweet reunion. I felt like she's our friend. No, like that's our friend that we say, Hey, idiot, Bree is your perfect match. Why don't you see it? All the women, she's probably most I think they had the most sexual chemistry, to be honest. But I also think they probably would if they were not in the show and he didn't have all these women throwing themselves at him, that he would realize that she's probably the best match, that the single parent thing is a very deep connection. And I felt like his mom really liked him and connected with him in a way that the other parent, I think the other parents were more reserved like I don't know if I can really wrap my brain around this and I felt like his mom was like I could see it. I could see it, Um, she's the best for him but he's never going to see it because he's gonna need, like, three years after the show, to sleep with everybody in the world because they throw themselves at him. But she's the best, and for me, that's probably true. And then Serena P, who's the 22 year old who? I I'm kind of surprised me. I think she's surprised he made it this long. I think she's super cute and she's perfectly a nice girl, but I think she is. I think every week she woke up and she's like, How am I still here? Like, Dude, I'm just not that into you was the vibe I was getting from her family that she's like, I looked her up. She's quite young. She is 23 years old. She was 20 two when they started. I think she turned 23 during filming. Yeah, I looked up her LinkedIn and she had only been an intern, a publicity intern. Which means she hasn't even started her professional life yet. She needs time to just, like find herself in the world. I am going to predict that she becomes a publicist for other contestants and then becomes like an insider like a trusted insider. But she'll be like age 32 she'll know everybody that's on the show because she became the publicist for the contestants. Ooh, I like that. I almost think it makes me think if they also the bachelor wants to get ahead of. I guess they tried to do this with the podcast and like having Rachel Rebecca have a show and patient now has a show or whatever, but like, you'd think that would be a way for them to have direct control of the narrative if they're going to give all the exclusives and stuff to their own contestants or someone like that, I was hosting an after show. Yeah, which is very frustrating. But I know that we do. We definitely do. But even with all of that content coming out for it, still that take Rachel Lindsay on a separate platform to get the information was just a wild Um, I also really appreciated. And to Serena moments, the amount of information she brought to us about Canada because I said to my husband, Isn't it fascinating how Americans are just idiots about Canadian geography culture, et cetera. So I appreciated that. Yeah, I thought so. I thought that was fun to It was a good mix of cheesy but also informative. And, you know, if they're really pulling all the strings they can on this resort after
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