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So funny.. one of the dumbest things about podcasts as articulated by Poster Boys

From Audio: I Kneel With Stan
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Yes, Apple will auto-download your subscribed podcasts - just filling up your phone. I still ask myself - why in 2022 are we DOWNLOADING content to consume it. Makes no sense. Its should all be streamed - like on Vurbl ;).
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But apparently if you subscribe to podcasts on itunes, they just download. And I had like over 60 gigs of podcast just on my computer and you know, that's not that much space, I guess, but it was a big chunk and I got rid of all that. And uh, I moved all my video stuff onto a hard drive and now things seem to be working again, so I'm here again, I'm back again, wonder what happened. Um, so Neil Young, now the host of fear factor. That's so interesting how.