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Soledad O'Brien's Advice For New Content Creators: Start A Podcast

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Shark Bite Biz host, David Strausser speaks with legendary journalist, Soledad O'Brien about her thoughts on creating content and using the podcast medium to help your business.
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eating well and having meetings and having some, some boundaries around it could be um, you know, being in the, you know, working out of your home office 14 hours a day. So let's jump into content creation. Because one thing, I mean, we have about 90 episodes of this podcast that came out. And one thing we've heard from a lot of subject matter experts throughout the whole show since episode one is that now is the time because you're not traveling as much as you used to and things like that now is the time to create content. You mean, do you think it's wise for business people, creators, young entrepreneurs to use his extra time to do things like that? Yeah, absolutely. I mean, again, you just validated my podcast. It adds value. You know, I think some people also might examine it and say, no, it's this is not what we should be doing or not what the Ceo should be doing and maybe it should be handed off to somebody else to do. But yeah, you know, it's it's exactly what I tell students, journalism students, especially because they're they're a lot of time is when they're in college and I'm like, you should start a podcast and I don't care if you have six people who listen to it and it's your mom, your dad, your cousin, your friend, literally like, what a great opportunity to work on your craft, because it's not about the audience, it's about what voice do you hear in your head? How do you get it out? What do you want to talk about? What, What can sustain 90 episodes? What can sustain three episodes before everybody loses interest? And so, you know, it's that idea of when you end up with a window where you're not sprinting for a plane and you're not traveling, A lot of that is college or you're stuck at home with a pandemic. Like what can you do in that time? I'm always loath though to suggest like, oh the pandemic is a great time to lose £20 and you know, learn to become a gourmet chef and how come you haven't Marie condo your entire closet because it's a good time to organize or you know, I mean obviously, I think for a lot of us it's like you know what, some days you're just gonna get through it, like it's definitely time and your kids are just going to get through it, you're going to do the best you can listen, I I have so few cooking skills, but I can throw some tater talks in an air fryer and we'll get through America's greatest food, I don't know, you know, so I'm always reluctant to sort of give people a sense this is how you make yourself better. I think it's hard, but I do think there are opportunities when you're home, some of those opportunities are start a garden, you have the space, right? Because your home you can actually watch something grow and put water on it when it needs it and you know, tend to it that's useful and you can also, if you think you might have an interest, you know, set up a little space in your house, get a good mike practice doing a podcast or I mean for some people it's not a podcast, it's you know, they want to practice doing a tv show or they want to practice doing interviews and so yeah, it is a good opportunity to say one hour of this day is going to be spent on content creation now, what that is exactly. I don't know, but what a great opportunity to experiment. Right? Right. You know, I think we're in this weird golden error, I'd like to say of independent content creation, just like this, this podcast. You should have saw me my first episode, my second episode. I do not like being in front of the camera. I do not like public speaking, but I forced myself to do it and it was like, no, you know, I can't go out of network, I can't do events and things like that that I used to do. And I forced myself Okay, well, you've got to learn this. And I think I turned out all right, so far, I think it's pretty great. Thank you for the validation. I think pushing yourself out there, right, is exactly right. Uh, you know, especially if it has a value to your organization. You know, I don't think it's I don't think it's enough to say, well, I don't like returning people's phone calls. I run a production company. All I do is return people's phone calls, right? I mean, you know, and hopefully you hope when you return their phone call, they say fantastic. We'd like to go do this deal. But you know, it's just because it's something you don't particularly want to do. It doesn't mean that you're not going to do it just because, you know, because you're the ceo you are going to do it. So yeah, I think you're exactly right. And I'm like, you, my mindset is around. How do I utilize this time? What can I do? And sometimes the answer is I'm going to read a trashy book and I'm gonna sit down and I'm going to wrap myself in a blanket and you know, or play with my puppy. Um, and sometimes the answer is, you know, there's something that we need to grow in the company and this is the time to experiment