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Jenny Nicholson: Sometimes You Start With Talking Ponies

Last Played: September 07, 2021
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Jenny Nicholson talks about her start on YouTube and the culture her internet persona was born from with Kevin Perjurer of DefunctLand.
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a like fan dub of my little pony, kind of like Ugo Bridge series. I'm sure people are more familiar with that um where it was like a parody dub and we would rewrite the story of the episodes and just dub it with all new dialogue, new songs and totally changed the story. Um and that was on a different account, that was not on my current Youtube channel, but I made my own channel and I used it to upload like line requests that people had given because I voiced all the ponies in the dub. Um so people would be like, can you say this as a rarity or twilight sparkle or whatever. Um so I would use it for line requests or for bloopers or demos of some of the songs that we did, and just through that I only really posted those videos like on my tumbler and my twitter, so I got like 2000 subscribers from that, so just still really small and then it kind of, I just let that sit forgotten for a couple years. And then when I decided to make Youtube videos again, I did one where I was like making fun of Star Wars naming conventions And it was really just to show to my friends because I thought it was funny and among my 2000 or whatever subscribers that I still had one of them shared it on Reddit and it got some good mileage on Reddit and I think got like 100,000 views and then from that my sub count jumped up to like 10,000 And then I did another one that was like a skit between Ray and Luke Skywalker and that one got shared again and that one hit the front page of our videos, so that one got like a million views. Um, so that, but my subscribers up to like 50,000, and then from there, every time I uploaded a video, it would be just kind of a steady, gradual climb and subscribers. It's that easy. It's just get shared on credit I guess. Yeah, it's like, it was just kind of lightning in a bottle I guess. Yeah, that's awesome. Well, I, I do have a question about the fascination that my little ponies. Um I'm sorry if this is me being ignorant, please do not come after me brownies. I feel like in the beginning I had some conflicts with the brownie community in the beginning of defunct flint. I forget what it was, how, what's the crossover? I would love to know. I don't um, I honestly couldn't tell you, I just remember seeing a lot of profile pictures of my little pony characters getting very mad at things I was saying, um this was in the beginning when I was a lot. I had a lot of captions and I had a lot of more hot takes on my, on my videos. Now I have the podcast where I can just spiel whatever I want. Um, but now I try to keep my opinion and commentary out of my, my videos, but back then I had a lot of um you know, my little pony fans or just people that loved using my little pony profile pictures, if that's a sector of that fan base. Um to just to tell me that I was wrong. So why? Well I have a theory. It's not a very helpful theory, but my theory is just that of the people who like to leave angry youtube comments like the Venn diagram of that and bronies has like a huge overlap. So it's just like if you're anyone that gets any comments at all, you're going to see some pony avatars in there because there are so many brownies on the internet and I mean I'm not knocking it. We all like are weird things, extinct theme park rides or my little pony. Oh, I know. And those are my two passions. Sorry, Star Wars, I have my pony shelf and I have, well I have a Star Wars shelf, but I have my extinct theme park attractions shelves. My friend dan of Disney dan has a Kermit, the frog room. So I think he's got both of us beat as far as things. I love Kermit and just as much as the next guy. But yeah, Kermit's great, but Kermit room, it's a Kermit office. It's not just like, it's not a room in which he okay. It's not just, I mean he's his office and he has pictures of Kermit, It's not like a room. He's dedicated to a deal. It's not the Kermit collection room because I know someone that has a pony room actually. She has a lot of ponies. She's thousands, wow. Okay. I'm not on that level. I probably would if I could, to be honest. So I can't hate but why my little pony? Why is it that one show? Well, for me, it wasn't about the show. It was initially about the toys that I liked playing with as a kid. So I like ponies before the current incarnation that bronies are into. Um I like as a kid, played with the pony toys and then when I got to like the age where I was looking at Geocities sites on the internet, I found out about the ones that had existed in the eighties and I mean it's the same as extinct theme park rides. I thought it was really cool that there were ponies from like before I was born, that I could find and clean up and keep. And yes, that's exactly the same as what I did. Yeah, they're very they feel elusive. It's the same idea as the theme park rides, where you're like, what there's, there's a ride, I never got to ride and like, you can only find old Mementos and remnants and photos of it. It's the same appeal
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