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It’s Mailbag Friday! “Is there an age parents should stop speaking their children?”
Wretched Radio | Air Date: June 24, 2022
Segment 1
It’s Mailbag Friday! You have questions, comments, conundrums, snarks, or ideas send them to
“Is there an age parents should stop speaking their children?” -Molly
“I have a family member who has hurt me repeatedly over the years and I don’t see any end in sigh unless he gets right with God. I avoid him as much as possible. Does this mean I haven’t really forget him?” -Leigh
“I’m a Christian minister and was recently approached by my daughter to perform her wedding. She’s gay, however, and when I explained why I couldn’t perform the ceremony she responded in anger and by “disowning” me. Suggestions?” -Bill
Segment 2
“Is birth control okay to use? What about more permeant options after you’ve had children?” -Kayla
“Must we regard the pastor’s wife as the First Lady of the church?” -Joe
“I was wondering how do I have conversation with random people about the gospel when I struggle with the fear of man? Also, I’m kind of lazy and I don’t know how to stop. What can I do?” -Anonymous
Segment 3
“My girlfriend and I are in college and she wants me to go with her to her bible study that’s led by a woman. Is it biblical for me to go?” -Holden
“Since some of the criteria for being an apostle is seeing the resurrected Christ, why is Paul considered an apostle?” -Tana
“Why wife and I have family that attend a church we left because of a lack in integrity and what we consider to be led by a. False teacher. How do we lovingly lead them in truth and wisdom to leave that church?” -Adam
“Is the culture’s use of toxic appropriate for Christians to use?” -Rebekah
“How should we go about sharing the gospel at work if a boss or manager has wormed against doing so?” -Noah
Segment 4
Beep Talk
Church Sign – Life without Jesus is cray cray.
Church Sign – Summer. Some are here, some are not.
Church Sign – The way of the Lord is strength to the upright.
Church Sign – Need home improvement? Bring your family to church.
Church Sign – God is our wireless provider.
Church Sign – Worship God, not guns.
Church Sign – Good with God becomes O
Church Sign – Moses was once a basket case.
Church Sign – All people smile in the same language
Church Sign – We’re not Dairy Queen, but our Sundays are pretty good.
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