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Starting Out As a Musician Today?

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These tips will empower and launch you to the next level.
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Do you have any advice for a musician starting out today? I feel like in the end, it's really like the music that prevails. And there's a lot of bands that do make it from, you know, through social media and these sort of things with the best ones that have, like a sustaining sort of audience. I feel like it just have really solid music and the unique thing. So I'd say, just like finding yourself and your own sound and just like exploring that as much as possible, really, before even getting into the business, I don't really like becoming as passionate about music for your own reasons. Yeah, I would say I have like two pieces of ice First is just like play as much as you can and just find somebody's and, you know, just kind of get weird with it and because I mean, that's how I started as just like jamming for like hours and just with our eyes closed, and that's how I kind of found myself. And now I feel like the span. It's a little more refined, which is good, but I think you need to go through that first stage And secondly, if you want to be a touring musician, make sure that you don't really hate being in cars a lot because it's like, honestly, it's one of the things like, I didn't really realize what it's like. Being a musician is like 60% driving. Yeah, I mean, it's work, you know. Everything is work, but it's just if you're not the type of person that wants to be in a car a lot, then you probably should find something else, because it's not really going to work out, or at least a touring musician. You could be like a studio musician, I suppose. But good luck. Yeah, you know, it's interesting to be asked that question because I still feel like we're such a beginner band tube. But you always kind of feel like that in your own growth. You know, you always kind of feel like you're just getting it now, you know. But I guess my advice just not to, like, worry about it and just play and play out as much as you can. And the manager thing is nice because, you know, we call him Mom. I mean, he just takes care of everything. And so it allows you to really just focus on the music and not have to worry. I mean, the times we have to worry about, like getting people to his show and all this. It's just it gives you so much just like weird anxiety. But just not to have to worry about that kind of stuff is awesome. But, you know, it's just yeah, about the car thing you spend. That's the thing about finding people to play with. Two. You spent a lot of time with each other in a very small space, you know? So that's definitely I've learned more than anything that I've ever learned as being in a band, that's for sure. And not just about music. So it's been awesome. I recommend it. Yeah, music is fun. Mhm. Um, yeah. So I said that the first thing yes, is work on your music. Like I said before, try not to suck as much as possible. Uh, but try to be unique to, though. Don't try to so many. A lot of bands will get in that program are, uh, cycle of, you know, trying to imitate their heroes, you know, stuff like that which is which is nice for learning, I think. But if you're if you're making an act, you can't really do that, you know? Well, I mean, you can, but it's it's hard to say how far that will go, so sometimes it does. You never know. Um, you know, I think that having a good singer, too. It was a Tim Carbone said to us he was like a few steps to, like, you know, successes. That you have good songs and have a really good singer. And there's something else too. But that's probably the most important thing. You can be really fucking lucky. Yeah, you know, I mean, having a manager to We got lucky to kind of have, you know, some management and representation earlier on, But actually, but our managers like when we first started with her body KM Who? It was his first time managing a band, and it was yeah. And then, you know, he he left and we got Ryan in there, and it was his first time doing it, too, and, you know, so I'd recommend Yeah, totally. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. If you've got a friend, that's that's really OC. He can write, list and type emails and wants to party a lot. He's the man, you know, Just be like, Hey, dude. And you know, you got much going on. You want to side hobby for a little while and make a few bucks, and then eventually I'll make a lot more, you know? So, yeah. You know, if you got a friend, get him involved. Fucking have him manage for you because, yeah, he's killing it now. He he is the shit.
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