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Is there something hiding in the dark corner of your bedroom? No it's just this amazing First person story of a man seeing something in the dark as he tries to fall asleep. Don't be surprised if you having trouble sleeping after listening to this horror narrative. if you enjoyed the snippet, make sure to listen to the full audio clip, and make sure to listen to more amazing content in the future.
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but so late I'm absolutely knackered. I'm so tired, but I can't sleep because there's a ghost sitting on the end of my bed. I'm looking at him right now. Sure, I must try and keep perfectly still. I don't want to scare him. I've read somewhere ghosts, um, or afraid of us. The living than we are of them. A bit like spiders, A more terrified of us. This coast looks young outside mid twenties, but it's so difficult to tell how old he is. When this ghost skin tone is whiter than white, the color of his skin is brightening up the darkness of my bedroom. He's just sitting there, not moving. He's looking at words to my bedroom ceiling. My neck is hurting. Just by looking at him, a breathing human wouldn't be able to look up. It's such an unnatural angle like that. Oh, I think I know why he conduce that. Look up like that. This ghost, when he was alive, must have died breaking his neck. That's why he could look up like that. I've got myself my own contorted ghost, man. I'm gonna give him a name. I'm gonna call him Alan because you don't come across many Allen's these days. Do you Are Alan, would you plays? Go? Why? I need to get some slate because some of us got a work minds Hey, really is transfixed just looking up. I wonder why he was like when he was living. Was he a kind man? Did he light up a crowded room when he walked in like he's doing right now in my empty room? My private space This is my safe space. So it's time for you to go haunt the neighbor in the apartment upstairs Go and terrify Mrs Feet like all her Mrs feet Because that's all I hear when she stilettos around bursting in the morning And last thing at night Thean consider a cow took up the garp it and polished the bloody floorboards Totally unaware of the noise. So yeah, Alan, go and sit on her bed actually going to sit on her head and suffocate her. You know what? I bet you're thinking the Samos me right now, Mrs. Feet upstairs is single. And maybe Allen was her ex. Maybe it was she that broke his neck. Maybe she killed him. Maybe she kicked him out for being useless and accidentally pushed the ball gazer down the concrete stairs and he snapped his neck. We'll need toe wind my creative naked and just try and get some sleep. Stop talking rubbish. But the thing is, the problem is I can't stop looking at him. I can't stop staring at this ghost sitting down on the end of my bed. Damn it, I need to go to the toilet. Uh huh. Okay. I'm gonna get out of my bed as if he ain't there. I'm just gonna ignore him and go about. My business is my apartment. My rules. You're uninvited ghost guest. And it's gonna be tough if I start Well, yeah, I've been quiet and gentle up until this point. Okay, here I go. Keep looking away from him. Don't looking and don't look. Don't look. Don't look. Don't let him know that you've been looking in for the past. God knows how long. 30 minutes, how long I've been looking at it. And it must be more than 30 minutes. Shut up. You're nervous. That's what you're talking rubbish. Calm down. This situation is funny. Nothingto worry about. Okay, Turn bathroom light on glass of my tire itself in the mirror. Oh, there's my ghost friend Adam looking at me when the other side of the mirror Stop looking at me. Okay? My okay, This has become pretty scary. Now you're in my home keeping me awake and nice to meet you. Stop looking at me, okay? You can't hear my words. This obviously ain't a two way conversation. I didn't realize this is a two way mirror. Okay? I'm sorry for looking. Alright. I'm sorry. Is there anything I can do to help you? Yes, my son. Murderer. Okay, I'm in my bathroom looking at a white ghost who's on the other side of my mirror. And he's now doing that uncomfortable looking up again. Okay, There's a murderer living in the apartment above May. She murdered you. Alright, then go and haunt her. Terrified her. Why don't you scare the hell out of her instead of keeping me up? Okay, now you're not saying anything and it's you just staring at me. Now let's please stop doing that. It's making me a little uncomfortable opening your mouth wide like that, screaming at me with no sound coming. Well, please don't do that I get it. I get I think I understand you're afraid to go back to where you were murdered in my right. Okay, Okay. Okay. Your silence is telling me that I am right. Look, I might misfire on this, but I'm I'm just going to speak my mind. You look bloody skerry. Right in the world. You're in spirit world or whatever you wanna call it, So you ain't got nothing to be afraid off. She can't kill you again. But you can do what you've been doing in my home up there. Can you do the same to her as you've been doing to me? My dream in this, um I actually, um I actually a deep sleep if I am asleep. And this is some true four K three d shit happening right now started. I'm gonna grab this pair of scissors and see if the pain will suddenly wake me up. Ouch. Okay. I am awake. I'm still here. This ain't no dream. Oh, Allen's gone. He's no on the other side of my mirror. Hang on. I'll see if he's sitting on my bed again. No, he's gone. I I'm gonna lie down and try and relaxed and take a deep breath. Hopefully I'll get some slurry will be terrified. Wo Would you stop doing that? Look, I'll tell you what. Just do what you've just done to me. To her upstairs. Just float above her bed with your face 2 ft above us just like you're doing now. Enough now. Just go away. Okay, gone. Ghost. Okay, Calm. Calm. Calm or God. Now I don't feel good. My head is hurting. My whole body feels heavier. I'm over here in water as it I need a glass of water. Okay. Back again to the bathroom. Class. Class, class. Need a drink of water. Drink of water. Oh, no. I'm looking in the mirror and I have the eyes of my ghost friend. What's going on? My skin. My skin looks brighter. Got I looked really pale. Oh, he's inside my head. I need to lie down. I'm really I'm over tired now. I'm really, really dizzy. Dizzy I feel are fine If it Oh, Christ! Time to get up. Work, work, work What? While my hands covered in blood. Oh, my God. What have I done
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