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Straight Shootin' View: The FA, Uefa & Fifas weak fight against racism!

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Best moments of the Straight Shootin' View Welcome to The Straight Shootin' View! Pitch Talk co-host Straight Shootin' LJA gives his view on anything and everything football. There is no topic too big or too small for LJA to tackle and we've made this playlist for you so that you can hear some of the best moments of the Straight Shootin' view.

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Taken from Episode 20

Straight Shootin' LJA discusses Danny Rose interview where he revealed that he had to ask his family not to attend the 2018 World Cup in Russia because he feared they'd be racially abused.
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mm Yeah, it was her people Straight Shootin LJ here for another episode of the Straight shootin view brought to an association with pitched your football and fix. You know what I think I did want to talk about quickly is Danny Rose, Danny Rose and his actually really spot on comments in terms of how racism is dealt with, especially by FIFA. I mean I've I've made it no secret over the years during pits talk shows, interviews, videos, whatever that FIFA is a clown show. So is your way for so is our own football association here in England clown shows households all forever. But we've obviously discussed on numerous shows about how racism specifically is dealt with and usually it's dealt with extremely pull it extremely important. I was gonna swear there, but I don't swear here on the straight shooting view. But the fact of the matter is Danny where we're saying that that's basically the way racism is dealt with is well, you know what I am going to swear, it's piss poor in all honesty the way football and therefore it is deal with racism is piss poor. I mean you get fined more for not wearing certain sponsor gear or wearing non sponsored gear that underneath a pair of shorts. Look at what happened with flu with Nicholas Bendtner. I think it was it was back at your your 2012. I think it was when Nicholas Bendtner was wearing some but I can't remember what it was. It was that absurd. But he was wearing he was wearing some set of boxer shorts with the sponsor's logo on it and he got fine. But then you look at Man see I think this Man City port back, I think it was in 20 11 because we went over on a P. T. Shirt made maybe 20 13 as late as that. But it was one of them was where Man City got fined more for coming back to the pits like Van Porto did for racist abuse of your story. And then you look at Csk in Moscow repeatedly, repeatedly and deliberately emergency sK in Moscow for a reason repeatedly. So their fans have subjected players to racial abuse. It's like the only thing that they've done is really really as a punishment which is not hard, it's always make them play games behind closed doors. I mean it's a joke because they're met, their match ends up still being televised so they're going to make money off that anyway and gate receipts compared to tv money is literally pitons but money money for me is the key point and I said I deliberately mentioned Csk in Moscow, there was also torpedo Moscow which we discussed on a fixed or so years ago, I think that was 2014 with Christopher samba being racially abused and the fine again was written. It was nothing. And then you got zenit ST Petersburg, their biggest supporters group, coming out and saying we don't want black or gay players on our team.