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Straight Shootin' View: Financial Impact of Covid 19

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Last Played: July 02, 2021
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Taken from Episode 26

Straight Shootin' LJA discusses the #covid19 pandemic, the financial impact its had on Football, fans returning to stadiums & more
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We're still in the grips of the COVID-19 pandemic. And I I'm sorry Chanel J. A. You may remember me from such podcasts as pitch talk, from such videos as pitch talk meats and pitch talk on the road. And you may also remember one major fact. Now look at that. Who is good throwing it, Liverpool's Premier League champions. That's what's happened since we last did a pitch talk vlog. It's been that long. What is up? People welcome to the straight shootin view. Welcome back to it. Pitch talk is back and in a big time way we got more of us now but we but shout out to the G man Jersey, fizzle, Navy arsenal and also J. B. K as well pitched off his black and bigger than ever. But more on that another time. But I said, welcome back to the straight shooting view and you know what, I want to kick this back off with the Premier League and FIFA. Now, it's recently been announced that due to Covid maintain and the coronavirus that pandemic that is still going on. Now, of course, football stands to lose about £11 billion. All told 11 billion. Now, I don't know about you, but that's quite big money to make to me anyway. Gods, Okay, My thing is this apparently that 11 billion is actually out of I think 36 billion worth of losses. So 11 of that is being blamed on COVID-19 in this pandemic. And that's not yes, without free for even factoring in the Champions League. So that's major money. But also you got the Premier League saying that Covid 19 has cost them £700,000,700 million so far. And this is what mid september of 2020 show, there is concern all around and a lot of fans and fan groups are concerned about football continuing to be played behind closed doors. Now, the new Premier League season is only now is only a week hold. So it's a case of a lot of I mean, I mean, obviously there's the potential now of a second lockdown in the UK and there have been trials going on recently and especially even this weekend in regards to letting plans into ground. Now, there's a few sides in this, I think, eight matches in the CFL where they're going to try or having home fans, but no away fans and it's going to be kept At a maximum of 1000. So interestingly enough, it's interesting to see that happening, especially when in the last week, I said, this is mid september in the last week. It's been mentioned the potential of a second lockdown. So obviously that's kind of throw a cat amongst the pigeons. And in theory, in my view, that means these trials should be stopped because Limits of how many people can congregate together has gone from 30, right back down to six. So what team sports and workplaces are exempt? So the team sports to be exempted kinda sends a strange message, another mixed one from this government. But if you want me criticizing the conservative government, which I do and I'm happy to see the straight shootin rants on my instagram page liam underscore L. J. Underscore Angel with two Ls go there for that for the political stuff. But this is football. But anyway, it's one of them where you got to look at what kind of real deal here and as much as fans are a part of football, money is even more of a part of it. So these cars, you've got to look at it realistically, these clubs ain't carriage and the Premier League is an entity is definitely not a charity. And as much as FIFA says, it's none is not for profit, clearly is. It really is. But also as well. It's a case of It was said when, when people revealed that 11 billion was going to be lost from the game. And yes, they give, they do have grants of 1-2 million quid that associations could apply for. So I'm not completely demonizing them. So I have in the past, and as I will continue to do on a general basis, but the fact is, there.
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