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Straight Shootin' View: The proposed English Football pyramid shake up!

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Best moments of the Straight Shootin' View Welcome to The Straight Shootin' View! Pitch Talk co-host Straight Shootin' LJA gives his view on anything and everything football. There is no topic too big or too small for LJA to tackle and we've made this playlist for you so that you can hear some of the best moments of the Straight Shootin' view.

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Taken from Episode 28

Straight Shootin' LJA looks at the potential impact of the shake up which reportedly includes reducing the Premier League to 18 teams, getting rid of the Community shield & EFL Cup and he also looks at other examples where breakaway leagues and shakeups have been mentioned.
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What's up? People welcome to another edition of the Straight shoot in view with yours, truly straight shoot in Elda. And you know what? There's been some interesting news in the footballing world and Yeah, it's been in the last what, 24 hours or so that it's been mentioned that there are proposals apparently. Was it from loopholes owners Manchester United are involved in proposals. Or there's been a leaked document with proposals for An 18 team. Premier League 1 8 instead of 20 scrap in the community shield and also getting rid of the E F L A K A the league. And you know what Yeah, it's one of them where no disappointed. Yes, but football at that level, at Premier League level at the very top. It's all about money and making money and sadly, this is a reality that is not moved. And it seems like, I mean for me it's not even a surprise because at the end of the day, every few years, a breakaway league seems to get mentioned A few years ago, I think it was 2016, maybe even a bit earlier a few years ago, there were mentions of a dream Football League, how in Dubai that was going to be set up with like the top four or five teams from each of the big nations to Spain Italy England obviously, and it was basically going to be a Champions League breakaway League. Now that ended up getting exposed for being a hoax. Which was hilarious because the Times Newspaper actually ran a double page spread on it before ever ever verifying any information on it. They ran a double page spread. They had giant pictures of messy and it was like, yeah, but the reason it caught fire as even a theory and that it could happen was purely on the basis that nobody denied it. So nobody denied it. And the parasitic media as usual, ran with it. And it got exposures has basically an elaborate hoax. So these proposals apparently from a leaked document that The Telegraph, that the Telegraph newspaper got a hold off somehow. And obviously it's been circulated now through a load of other sources. And as I said, it doesn't surprise me if it's true. If these proposals are legitimate. They wouldn't surprise me purely on the basis that yeah, look at the advent of pay per view. Football coming back again. I Look at that. Look at the advent of pay per view football coming back again. And I think it's I think it's going to come in November of 2020 as this is film because and I will have another vlog on that one. So watch this space for my views on that. But suffice to say the Premier League is based on Green always has been, always will be, sadly. And for me, these proposals, if true, you've got to look at the players involved, we live in poor at the moment. There are murmurings of basic, basically, I think it's like a consortium of billionaires Trying to buy a minority stake in the club. I think 25% is the exact is the exact figure being floated, which would put the club on the new york stock exchange, just like Manchester United, putting them on the new, putting the club on the new york stock exchange and also Value in the club at £8 billion, Which is insane when you think of it. So this is the kind of level of money that were potentially dealing with right here. So it's one of them. And you look at Man United, I think they still are on the Forbes at the top of the Forbes list is the most um, was it the wealthy club or Valuable Club? Kind of flip flops? Um, depending on your perspective, but it's one them where that's the level of money that there potentially dealing with him. So these proposals.