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Straight Shootin' LJA discusses the blame game that seems to happen when a team has a bad run of results. Should the blame lay solely with the manager, or should the players be held more responsible for poor results as they actually play the matches?
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what's up everyone and welcome to the straight shooting view with yours truly straight shootin LJ, a weapon, of course myself and also pitch talk as well. Big showers to the G man and jesse fizzle. But you know what one thing I want to discuss right about now is this whole blame game culture of kind of blaming managers seems to be the easy target too often. Four or five bad results, blame the manager through the manager under the bus and I'm kind of like, I kind of get annoyed about it. Look at Liverpool west ham recently where we beat west ham for one. As you all know, I'm a little pull support. It was one of them was I literally posted on twitter straight after the game. Yeah, watch the parasitic media. It's going to be the whole village out thing and all that. And then literally about what, 5, 10 minutes after I posted that mirror football were the first to go, yep, villages under pressure, the knives around and all that crap and they say, yeah, thank you. Parasitic media for acting true to form. But you know what one thing that annoys me is that I said it's very easy to play this whole blame game culture and I said four or five bad results the managers for four or five good games from a player like say Deli Ali or harry Kane, oh that player is the greatest thing in the world and the manager isn't really mentioned. So it's kind of like I I don't know, I kind of see double standards with that. But this thing about managers being on the pressure and the word crisis being thrown around, it's like was it brown Madrid? Haven't haven't had the greatest october culminating and obviously the Tottenham result and it was like, yeah, how I'm seeing the word Zinedine Zidan real Madrid and crisis being used in the same sentence and I'm thinking to myself, yeah, okay, so yeah, he won la liga and the Champions League last season. But after what, four bad games in league and cups, he's all of a sudden under pressure under the gun. It's like really that's pressure. That's under pressure. That's a crisis for me. A crisis is say what's happening at Blackpool and what has been happening at Blackpool over the past few years later an orient, those would be clubs where I'd say okay, crisis and obviously Leyton orient with new ownership recently, it's kind of a different issue but it's one of them ones like that would portsmouth, I want to say they crisis almost going out of business at one point. So it's like no, the word crisis is thrown around too much under pressure as a phrase. It's like four bad games and managers under the gun. So I know we've discussed it on pitch talk shows recently with the stupid managerial merry go round. We were talking about Ronald Koeman and also called her Angela as well. When they say it's just I understand we're in this world of instant gratification, but 34 bad games, Tony Pulis at West brom's somehow is under pressure. It's like what the Boyne Boyne baggies inside a guaranteed mid table team on the pressure. Same with West Time, it's like visibility on the pressure. It's like okay you do. I just look at as it's those players who step over the white line and do the job.