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Successful Breast Cancer Outcome w/ Rebecca Pauline & Shinning-Bright Cancer Support w/ Jeni Badger

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Top Snippets - Successful Breast Cancer Outcome w/ Rebecca Pauline & Shinning-Bright Cancer Support w/ Jeni Badger
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Jeni Badger has been supporting people with life threatening illness since childhood. This has become her calling in life.
Over the last 7 years she has been supporting friends and loved ones with various forms of cancer. She has learned how to help someone suffering from cancer and sift through the huge amount of conflicting information that is out there.

It became clear to Jeni that the people who get back to wellness and have radical remissions seem to have a common thread in what they do. So she put together her own program to help people diagnosed with cancer.
This has become

Her experience with her partners leukemia diagnosis is heartwarming as well as humorous!

How Shinning-Bright works:
We hold the patients and carers hand via Skype sessions or face to face and help them make the necessary life changes. We approach wellness from a holistic point of view. We look at their whole lifestyle not just their physical body. We believe that cancer is caused by multiple factors and by eliminating the causes, we gently work through the necessary lifestyle changes. Our focus is to help reduce the stress whilst the changes are being made by keeping it simple until the patient feels confident with what they are doing and its becomes their new lifestyle as they get back to wellness.

Jeni Badger is a Core Alignment Life Coach and utilizes Emotional Freedom Technique, Spiritual Leadership, Holistic Healing, Meditation, Energy Medicine and Counseling in her work with clients.

In 2007, Rebecca Pauline Tinglin found a lump in her breast during a self exam and felt instinctively that it was a cancerous tumor. Friends and family insisted on her being tested and a needle biopsy confirmed the presence of cancer. The procedure was painful and invasive and it seemed to her that the tumor had increased in size afterwards.
Rebecca's husband found a clinic in Hawaii which offered the Gerson Therapy.
She was attracted to the strict protocols down to the timing of juicing, enemas and detailed menu
and felt she could do it even though it proved to be rigorous and time consuming.
She also discovered Kundalini Yoga and other therapies and ended up a Healthy Breast Practitioner.

Rebecca Pauline is a Healthy Breast Educator and Kundalini Yoga Teacher as well as a
visual artist working in clay and photography.
She lives in the mountains of British Columbia on an organic farm with her family.
She is passionate about women’s health and empowerment, and supporting youth to reach for their dreams through ceremony and rituals.
Rebecca is also passionate about the Hawaiian islands, honoring the land and culture as well as Indigenous
cultures around the world.

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