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As prophesied by the Suns fan who knows how to fight, the Phoenix Suns swept the Denver Nuggets in the West Semifinal on Sunday night, but not before league MVP Nikola Jokic was ejected for a flagrant 2. Chris Paul played one of the best games of his life to best the Nuggets 125-118.
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in this game. 37 points on 14th 19 shooting. He was drilling mid range jumpers all over the place as an absolutely vintage old school chris paul moves with the fake pass, the spin on it back to himself. Pulling up and a vintage old school performance did not attempt a single three. Had a lay up on a fast break where he may not have been high enough to slap glass had he tried just an incredible performance by chris paul and Devin Booker scored 34. But the other big story line here was the Nicola Yokich ejection on what was deemed a flagrant to where he took a swing at campaign, hit the basketball steve. He also hit campaigns face. But Reggie Miller was saying over and over. I think that's a flagrant one. I think that's a flagrant one during the lengthy review and it's being a flagrant two and they throw the M. V. P. Of the league out of the game. It was completely ridiculous steve. Do you have the same reaction? Um Well first of all I was kind of surprised it's Reggie Miller like four instant replay reviews to figure out that Yokich actually smashed campaigns facing. He's like oh oh ball oh ball no no he smashed his nose and he hit his thing is really hard and I think the reason that it was a flagrant two is because Yokich was mad that he didn't get a call right before that and yes he was going after the ball when he slapped it away from campaign. But he also the way he wound up and came down like it was it was kind of a violent move and he was not trying to hit that campaign in the face. He was just like the incredible whole can lost lost control momentarily. And yeah and he did he did he did hit him in the face like when I saw it and was watching and listening and waiting for the announcement. I was like I could see him being ejected. I could see it being a flagrant one. Like I thought it could have gone either way. I wasn't I was a little surprised that in a in an elimination game for Denver that they would throw out the M. V. P. Who hasn't even had a flagrant foul in the last three seasons out of the game. But I was not shocked. I was shocked and I think the operative phrase is what you just said. He didn't mean to campaign in the face. He was yes he took a very frustrated wild swing at the ball and as you said he was he fully like hulk doubt for a second there and didn't know where he was. Probably didn't know what he's doing and he did hit the guy in the face. But clearly it seems pretty clear that was not his intent and the fact that he fought through and hit the ball, I think underscores that. So I don't know to me, that's just, that's just way too far. And were you gonna say, were you gonna say that's Bush League? I wasn't, but if you want to say it, Yeah, I thought, I thought what wasn't Bush League was when Yokich before he left the court went, you know, talk to campaign and shook his hand and said, sorry dude, I wasn't trying to break your nose. Exactly, yeah, I'm sure that's why I said I didn't mean to do that and campaigns like I know probably that was the conversation anyways and it probably didn't matter anyway. It probably didn't matter. But if your Nuggets fan, imagine how mad you are, your team is in the game at least. And you know, you're always hoping that you can, you know, sneak back into the series even though you're down three and you're probably done. I mean it just leaves you feeling a little bit cheated. Do they really have to make an example there? I don't think they did and anyways so yeah. Denver fought back a little bit. Will Barton had 25 M. P. J. Scored 20 Yokich 22 points, 11 rebounds forces before the ejection steve quick fantasy spin this forward as we do when a team heads to Cancun or wherever they go at the end of the season. Uh The Nuggets are out obviously. Is there any doubt for you when you look at Nicole Yokich and the combo of age, durability and production that he is the clear number one in fantasy draft next year. There's no debate here, right. I mean, I know you and I talked about it last year. We can get playoff Yokich from day one. He's going to do things that are mind blowing and that's exactly what happened this season. So hopefully playoff Yokich is now regular season. Yokich all the time. I don't know how you take anybody else you are running. Have been running the Michael Porter JR Fan club for a while now steve, I think he drafted him in about 36 different leagues. He was 27th overall in nine categories.