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Superpunk Radio's Lexus Commercial

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This Lexus commercial really makes me want to buy a mistress.
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at an end, you're listening to super punk radio always commercial free. Back to more and more and more and more music. 100% commercial free after this. So you're an asshole. You vacation overseas while complaining that the Beautiful Island resort has slow wifi. You own five carry eggs in a 75 inch tv that's sent to the wrong aspect ratio. And when you swerve into somebody's lane without using a turn signal, you're gonna need a card that says, hey, I'm better than you consider any car made by Lexus. Anyone of our douche mobiles are tailor made for your asshole lifestyle. Buy or lease. If you're a pussy about it, ask your Lexus dealer about our special payment plans where we only use your taking the mistress to Vegas credit card and start illegally using that carpool lane with your new Lexus today.