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Let’s have an eschatological chat about Israel. 
Wretched Radio | Air Date: June 21, 2022
Segment 1
Let’s have an eschatological chat about Israel.
Supersessionism or replacement theology holds that national or ethnic Israel forfeited or completed her role as the people of God.
The Church has replaced Israel as the people of God.
Non-supersessionism says Israel and the Church are separate and Israel still holds a role in God’s plans.
There are future events that clearly include Israel.
Where did the idea of supersessionism come from?
Segment 2
Luther, Calvin, Augustine and others believed the Church replaced Israel.
The early church adopted the allegorical interpretation.
There are also degrees of supersessionism.
Are there any bible verses that argue for supersessionsim? Ephesians 2:11, Galatians 3:28, Romans 9, 10, 11.
What do we do with this?
How can God make multiple covenants with Israel and not fulfill them?
If the church and Israel are now one and the same, why do the tribes of Israel remain in Revelation?
Segment 3
40 Random Pieces of Advice for the Christian life from Tim Challies.
1. Learn to apologize. First. Often. Apologizing is a strength.
2. Remember that your children are sinners. Be gentle with them.
3. Understand you don’t need to have an opinion about everything and everyone.
4. Find a couple whose grown children you would be proud to call your own.
5. Change churches as seldom as possible and only when necessary.
6. You get no free pass on the sin of slander.
Segment 4
7. When the church service ends, make it your goal to meet someone you don’t know.
8. Read the Pilgrim’s Progress at least once.
9. Acknowledge in friendships one person will always be the main pursuer.
10. If you find your children are rebellious, take time to assess if you’re modeling rebellion in your own life.
11. Never disrespect your spouse or speak disrespectfully about your spouse.
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