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Surviving & Thriving In Tough Times

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Things will not always be rosy. Here's how to thrive through it all.
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um it is a good question. It's funny, because the first thing that comes to mind isn't really a show or like, it's not necessarily something that was positive in the moment. But, like, we did kind of go through like, um, yeah, hold change of our band lineup and nothing like, like, horrible. Just like, you know, people go in their own ways. We kind of were forced to create our own identity and, like, really examine that and it Really? Yeah, let us to be to feel a lot more independent as Fox weather just sort of like, you know, this is this is our baby and, um and we're going to be we're going to, like, hold on. And when things seem shitty in the moment, it really allowed us to feel really strong in our identity and what we're doing. Yeah, absolutely. Yeah. We, um we've had so many different players with us, and I think when we first started, we we've been doing this duo thing kind of on and off for years, and at least me I really wanted, like, this band I really wanted, like, this sound and this group and I had these really naive notions that at the time that we would all be this friend family who loved each other and like, everyone was great. And it was all this, like, very insular, like idea that I had in my head. And it didn't work out like that for years. In fact, it blew up a lot. A lot of not only I didn't blow up, but, um, a lot of the problems that arose with our last groups, I think, uh, stemmed from that sort of expectation, at least that I put on people. Um, and now, yeah. After that, Laura and I were like, Okay, it's just us. Like we got this, like, we're Fox Feather. We sort of reclaimed our identity, and then all of the other pieces just fell into place. So I think through the years, just those milestones. I mean, there's been so many times when when I've thought that the world just doesn't want me to be doing this and like, the universe is telling me to stop, and we just keep pushing through that, and it's always worth it. It's always better. It is. I think, that we keep holding on to that because it's like there were moments where it's just like, could this get any work? And, you know, just like we don't we don't have a drummer for this big show tomorrow, you know, And like, Well, okay. And just at one point, I think we just started being like, This is this is kind of funny, Like it it works. And then we just gotten out to the point where it's like we can handle a lot more things without freaking out. And I think those things have been pivotal for us more than like, you know, we played this venue and like, that's going to be this turning point first or like were released this song. And it's I think those are really important things, you know, for our career and each they're a little bit more slow going. But for us to like have our our strength and our you know, our friendship to, um that's really what's been pivotal for us. Yeah, yeah, awesome. So, you know, in those moments where you're like God, the universe is like laughing at us, You know, just it's so hard. Um, what strategies or, um, approaches? Do you take to kind of pushing through that resistance to creating. Um, I think leaning on each other a lot, um, and leaning on our family. Um, most people who aren't people who aren't in music don't really maybe get as much. So it can be a little difficult, but leaning on each other and just I mean, keeping on going, you know, just saying Okay, well, maybe, you know, you can't let it destroy all of your dreams. Like maybe this thing that I thought was going to be amazing and turned out to be horrible but you know, wasn't obviously it wasn't the right thing. So what's the next step? There's there's gotta be another step. So I think always just turning the next page and just you just gotta, you know, believe in what you're doing and and remember how it makes you feel. Um, you know, if if you're doing it just so that you can have a bunch of successes. I mean, everybody wants to be successful, but if that's the only reason you're doing it, then I think you're going to have a hard time. But if you can continue to remember that, you know why you're doing it. And it's really because it's soul fulfilling. You know, it's because it fills you up inside. Um, then you can. Then you can sort of continue to grin and bear it. Yeah, and you can cry. Sometimes that helps. So, yeah, I find those specific moments you know, when you're alone to complain about things, to get it off your chest with each other. Yeah, yeah, But if you focus too much on all that negative, I mean, this is it's too. It's too much of a of a competitive industry to be able to focus. I mean, to let yourself focus on all that, you have to focus on the good things and a lot of times, you know, when we when something like that happens, and then we play like, just you and I, and we'll book like a little brewery gig and play an intimate little show and both leave just feeling like so awesome, and it's like, Okay, yeah, it's a good way to just sort of step back and be like we're just we're just people who enjoy playing music. So yeah, that's awesome. Yeah, that's great.
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