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TANIS Episode One: Seeking Tanis, Runner Available

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Did mysteries die with the electronic age? Nic Silvers doesn't think so. There's one last thing left to solve: Tanis. But what is Tanis? That's only the first question.
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illuminati and the Duca bars about the deep Web tour browsers and black sites. I'm talking about old VHS tapes passed from college dorms to conspiracy nuts and brown paper bags, notes. So repetitious lee left an old phone books and stories told over decades via classified ads. I'm talking about whispers in the dark, standing next to a stranger waiting for a subway train in the middle of the night. One word Tennis. The hebrew story of moses discovered floating in the Nile river from exodus is usually located Tanis. However, historians agree those stories are most likely spiritual allegories as no supporting archaeological evidence has ever been uncovered. It's widely accepted that the ancient Egyptian city of Tanis was flooded by the Nile around the sixth century A. D. So all we really know is that Tanis was a city in Egypt, but the myth of Tanis actually begins much earlier. What if the ancient Egyptian city was named after the myth and not the other way around. What you need to understand is that as far as human history is concerned, the Tennis of the Egyptians is brand new. That's Carl Adams, a historian and religious studies professor at Oxford University. This interview was recorded for an episode of Pacific Northwest Stories from 1999. Way back when we were on terrestrial radio for a documentary exploring three mysterious places the Bermuda Triangle, Easter Island and Atlantis. The producers decided against including Professor Adams interview in that show because they were unable to confirm the veracity of the content of that interview. Basically, they were unable to find any corroborating evidence to support his claims about Tanis. If you know where to look, Tanis has been there from the beginning, the Bronze Age, Ancient Greece Rome, the Aztecs and Mayans. There is mention of Tennis in the first compiled gospels that would eventually comprise what we now call the bible, and it's mentioned again in the Dead Sea scrolls. Although some of those sections have yet to be released for public study. So Tennis is a city sometimes, maybe, but not, that's it. I don't understand. It's not an easy thing to understand. Tennis is something else deeper and more fluid. Some say tennis is the location of the garden of Eden. Others described. Tennis has got him or herself. It's been called Gaia. Or if you believe robert, Barron and joseph Durham. Tennis is actually the Holy Grail. Sometimes tennis is a place, sometimes it's a concept. Sometimes it's even a person. The ancient Egyptian city was named to honor Tanis, the mythic legend, not the other way around. Sometimes tennis is a person or a god or as one Egyptian high priest was convinced a cat. So nobody knows exactly what tennis says. I don't believe you can say that. Why not? Because in every recorded mentioned concerning the myth of tennis, there are comin through lines What kind of through lines? Well for one tennis moves, it seems to migrate every 400 years or so and it changes. It's kind of hard to explain the many facets of this myth without serious study. I'm starting to get that sense when it comes to tennis. They say you always know it when you see it, even if by that point it's too late. Remember thank you to Cristina Raines and Alex Regan who produced that segment for allowing us to share it with you on this show, Professor Adams claims that Atlantis was actually an avatar for Tanis, active for about 400 years before sinking into the ocean. In fact, an ancient sumerian, the glitz for the words Atlantis and Tanis are almost identical and perhaps even more telling. The sumerian symbol for Tanis predates Atlantis by at least 10 years. Professor Adams went on to describe other possible incarnations and other potential cultural references and then he started talking about the feeling and fear associated with the Tanis myth itself. An overwhelming sense of religious awe or a soul shattering for boating. Depending on who was telling the story. According to Professor Adams, reading of the ancient texts, some say tennis is evil, a dark pocket of mind altering terror and pain. Others say tennis heals completely. Body and soul, But all reports appear to agree on one thing. When you experience Tanis one way or another, you are forever changed. Yeah, I just, Yeah, if you're a regular public radio alliance listener, you know that I make a lot of websites for our shows and you know that I use squarespace for every single one of them. I used to make websites for a living. And if squarespace had existed back then, well, I would have had a lot more time to fill up my website with content rather than learning html frames and flash. These days, I simply open squarespace, pick a template and start working on the layout. Create a beautiful website with Squarespace is all in one platform. There's nothing to install, patch or upgrade ever. If you have a passion that you obsess over like learning an ancient language in order to read a book that may or may not exist or selling a key you found floating in the back of a toilet tank in an abandoned motel online. Whatever it is that keeps you up at night that drives you creatively, you need to get it out there if you need a domain as well, Squarespace offers a unique domain experience.