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Giant tanker stuck in the Suez and much more---
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right with that. But all the people won't be there. There'll be all clamoring down to the beaches, and I can see it all kicking off again. And I hope it doesn't. Well, uh, well, the dog yesterday very innocently, because I I I mean this, uh I mean, this sincerely friends, Um, I actually went with an to see our family in Valencia. Yeah. Now, uh, we went to see our boy, his wife and two lovely Children. And when we got there, they were chuckling a bit because, basically, apparently, we're not. We're not allowed to. Now, the thing is, I didn't deliberately try and flout the law, anything like that. I haven't seen my family, and I wanted to see them. And then we're allowed them to go out to a park. A nature park. Really, really nice One called the biopark, and obviously mixed with thousands of people in the park. Now, you see, that doesn't make any sense. And I still say, Don, that I think the whole thing is contrived. You've got to learn to live with this book. It's, uh there are many doctors who are telling us it's like the flu. It's horrible. It's virulent. But if you, you know, take precautions. Um, obviously, it's the same as any other illness. So you don't go looking for illnesses, You try and make sure you don't get them. But the rules are so stupid that realistically, they've got to be, uh they've got to be contrived because you couldn't You could not write the stripped script as to how stupid this has all been. You're right. They said this morning. Sorry to interrupt you. They said this morning that you know, you can't. You can go in a part. You can play football now in the in the open air, but you can't sort of get closer in there. And so and someone said, Well, how do you tackle people? Oh, yes. Well, you've got to be careful. I mean, yeah, you can tackle someone playing football or tackle someone playing rugby, but you can't get close to you to anybody. It's just stupid. The whole thing is stupid, you know, But But people think they have to make these laws because people will do it anyway. So I suppose it makes it saves arresting everybody. You suppose you know I'm probably the worst person to be discussing this with because I am totally convinced the whole thing is a plot by the Communists. Uh, we've got the politicians who are so stupid they haven't seen through it. But it's to destroy our way of life now, Okay, It might not be the Communist. It might just be Bill Gates and a few people who want to just make life totally different. And in some ways I understand it because, quite honestly, um, to to say, you can go down into Bennett door and watch a sex show and that sort of thing that things have got stupid and I agree that certain things in life needed to change. But I think what's happened is these politicians are now they're getting carried away trying to see how far they can get away with things. I mean, I've seen videos of people like Gates, and I've seen articles written by Boris Johnson telling us that the planets overpopulated. We know that Britain already say £400 million on pensions that won't be paid because they've managed to inject the older people and they've managed to obviously kill some of them off. You know, the thing is done, I don't know whether it's me that's going mad or whether I've hit the nail on the head. And maybe people just aren't seeing through it. I don't know, but also do know is that I think it's nice to see people going to Wales again. I think when you actually look at the politicians who are busy working the wonderful ways behind everything, I mean, you've even got the minister for Wales talking about trying to break away from England. Who do these people really think they are? That's what I'd like to know. Yeah, it's bad. I mean, the trouble is, funnily enough, yesterday I was speaking to a friend of mine and old lady used to sell my records in land for PG, and she was saying, Oh, yes, she says, You know, the the English comedy They hate the Welsh. I said, Well, they don't Actually, I said, I said, the English hate the English, The English hate everybody and I said, That's the problem. You see, that's how they see it. It isn't necessarily true, but you see them again. I was talking to another chap when I got my deliveries from Tesco's, and he was saying he delivered to some other chap on one of the estates here and as he delivered it, the guy said, If you got the booze, if you haven't got the booze, you better add because I'll come out there and sort you out. You know, this is what you're up against. There's more runs around and there's there's lots of them, so there's not much you can do about it. You know, people will go to Wales and they always say the same thing, you know, in the shop. And they're speaking Welsh and I said, Well, that's that's what they speak It's not, uh, you know, I'm not talking about you. Don't flatter yourself, you know? And that's the problem with it all. I think the Welsh are great people. I go there a lot and I've never met one. I didn't like that. They're nice people, but, you know, they get this. I don't know what it is gonna why, but there you go. Well, you know, I I love Wales, and I always used to love going and mixing with the Welsh people, so I don't have a problem with that What I do have a problem with is the first minister of Wales talking about trying to break away doing doing a Nicola sturgeon because these people have got themselves really with the heads jammed right up their backsides because they don't see that people at grassroots level all get on. Uh, we always have our little difficulties here and there, but in a general sense, we all get on. Let's go next, then gone to a couple of and it's written as metal detector wrists. Now I've never seen that word I've just checked in the dictionary. I don't believe it exists, actually, and I do. Noticing the papers, a number now of different problems keep occurring. It's almost to me as if it's being written by people who are not English speakers as their first language. But anyway, these two guys who have been out with their metal detectors, which I think is the way we used to have to say that phrase in the sixties believe it. So we're not talking about two kids, and they've been charged with theft of nearly 1000 Iron age gold coins that could be worth more than a million pounds uh, this is in Essex, by the way. And the per were arrested. Um, these coins dated back more than 2000 years in an unidentified field and the Chelmsford area, but not declared under treasure finding laws. Well, look, I might be awful when I say this, but I don't really blame them. Why? If you go out and find these things, um, why would you want to go and handle them in so that greedy politicians or whoever it is you've got to hand them into are then gonna rob you so that you don't get the rewards of your work? I really don't have a problem with them keeping them. I don't know whether you feel differently. Well, first off, detect terrorists was a series the detect terrorists. Uh, it was It was like a sort of comedy series on the telly. Don't have you. Sorry. Um, well, the lad from it was in the office that that that series the office Ricky Gervais series. And he was the sort of Did you ever see the office or did I like that? Yeah, well, the chap that was the army. He was always going on about the Army. You know the big guys, I think. I think he's in some of the pirate films as well. You know the lad. He's a funny looking lad. Well, he was. He was in this series called The Detector Is And that's where you've got the name from, you know, because they must have thought, Oh, it's on the telly. It must be real. It isn't aware. They don't think. But like you say, these two guys 62 on 61 or whatever they are, it's a disgrace. Finders are keepers, as far as I'm concerned, you know, and what you're you're absolutely right about, Let's grab it, let's move in. It's like music publishers. They're the same. You know. Somebody works on music forever all their life, and then someone moves and it takes 50% away for doing nothing, you know, and that that's what this is an example of. In my opinion, they found all this money. I don't know. I bet they didn't even know you've got to declare it. But there have been done in court prosecuted for theft. You know, it's it's not as if they're young deadbeats, you know. But anyway, I think it's disgraceful, and I think they should keep the money and a good luck to the Yeah. I mean, look, I'm all for heritage. I'm all for, you know, uh, looking after things that your country has, but we do know that the likelihood is that these coins would go missing and probably, you know, they won't get anything for them. But, I mean, realistically, I would have thought, you know, let them have them, But let's buy them off the lands, you know? Yeah, exactly. Exactly. You know, put them in a museum and probably would have accepted anything. These lads, these two fellas, you know. Oh, no, no, let's And it's I can imagine the committee, you know, that deals with this. You can imagine a bunch of silly old farts, you know, sorry about the language, but you can just imagine them. Can't you know? Yes. Oh, no. It's It's part of our heritage. I mean, to me, I was speaking to my cousin about she was going on about pulling these statues down and wrecking history. You know, I said, Well, they're not really recognize the history is there, you know? And the slavery history is there. There's nothing you can do about it. You can have as many processes as you like. It's never going to change the history of the country. And unless this is a similar thing, you know the coins are there. If these fellas keep and what difference does it make? You know, it doesn't make any difference. It's all, really. They worked all they dig in and and with metal detectors, you know? Good luck to them, you know, but oh, no.
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