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Tara Brach Shares Hows She Reconnects with the Moment

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"The Happiness Lab" guest Tara Brach describes how her four-part meditation practice RAIN (Recognize, Allow, Investigate, Nurture) works and why she uses it before making any big decisions. In this snippet, Brach revisits an old memory and explains the way in which she applied RAIN and why doing so made a massive impact on the last few years she had with her late mother.
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two telcos. That's why they're going Hybrid with IBM Hybrid Cloud Approach With Watson AI helps them roll out new innovations anywhere without losing speed from telco transportation. Businesses are going with a smarter hybrid cloud, using the tools, platform and expertise of IBM. The world is going hybrid with IBM Go hybrid at IBM dot com slash hybrid Cloud. Yeah, Tara Brach's rain practice has become my go to strategy whenever I'm feeling frustrated with a colleague or impatient while waiting in line or even anxious about something at work. It's so simple but so effective to see how the process works. I asked Sarah to take us back to that incident with her mom in order to illustrate how we can all recognize, allow, investigate and nurture anytime there's suffering. Any time there's some strong, unpleasant experience can be an invitation to find out what's going on and bring a healing presence and with my mom, as I said, the pangs of sensing I don't know how long I'll have with her. It's just like, Okay, I'm off. So Rain starts with pausing with just in some way, registering. Okay, Something needs attention and we pause and the R of rain is recognized, and what that means is to just recognize whatever's most predominant. And for me, it was anxiety. There was anxiety and guilt, and with recognize, it's really helpful to mentally whisper what you're noticing. For me, it was just okay. Anxious, anxious because in the moment of naming it, we're not quite as caught in what's going on. It activates the prefrontal cortex is a little more of a kind of presence of witnessing the A of rain is allow and allow means. Instead of just steaming on forward or trying to fix something, or even judging what's going on just to let it be there, let the experience be as it is. I sometimes we'll just say, Okay, this belongs and it just means that these are the waves in the ocean right now. It's It's going to change, but this is what it is right now. So recognize, allow. And then I started investigating and investigate. Primarily is in the body, and it's misleading because people think investigated some cognitive search, as do well. I acted like this because when I was very young, did editor. It's not that so for me, investigating meant I started just to feel into my body, my throat, my chest and start to feel the squeeze that had been there, that I was not really even noticing of anxiety, of trying to, you know, make sure I didn't fail at something, you know? So I felt that I investigated and investigating included that belief in me that if I don't work really hard, I'm going to fail at something and people won't love me. So that kind of came into my awareness and the squeeze of my body was really strong. I could feel it. So I began the end of rain, which is nurture, and I often will put my hand on my heart. Now research has shown that that actually creates some relaxing or soothing of the sympathetic nervous system. There is some calming, and it just feels like just a tender touch, beginning to come into a kind relationship with my inner life. So I put my hand on my heart and I was breathing with that feeling of anxiety, and I just sent a kind message to myself. I said something like, It's okay, sweetie, and you know it's okay, sweetheart, or it's going to work out. You know, what you're doing will work. It will come through you. You don't need to struggle so hard and to trust my love of my mother just to trust that I love her and that I can show up because even just reminding myself of loving my mother, just help me to relax into knowing this is what matters. So recognize, allow, investigate and then that nurturing that self compassion. And then there's what I call after the rain and after the rain, if you think.