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Amanda and Carolyn from Strange Magic explore the major arcana. This is the wonderful opening to their conversation on grid work which we recommend exploring further. The Tarot is a powerful tool for understanding ourselves, our situations, and the relationships we hold with the people in our lives.
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Shin, the Empress, the high Priestess, the Emperor, the higher Fendt, All human beings that we recognize Next, it would be the lovers through the will fortune. Things got a little bit wonky. I've been there, start to get wild. Then it's gonna be justice through the devil. Yeah, juicy times and then the tower through judgment judgment. And where I saw that used is an essay, actually by our friend Mr Joseph Campbell, who actually gave an essay about breaking it down that way. Although I would say Amanda and I don't use that I've never worked. I don't know very much about it. We just want you to know that it's out there now. Let's move on to the probably most famous grid famous for a good reason. And that is the seven card grid. Well, I first read about this in Rachel Pollack's book, and Rachel Pollack does not talk about where she learned this grid. Although I know Amanda, you learned about this set up in a different way, right? I learned it from Robert and place. He's like a tarot historian, and he deals a lot with this deep historical roots of the terror with neo plate in is, um, which was essentially, ah, re visioning of platonic philosophy of the Renaissance. So during the Renaissance, around the time when the tarot is being invented, they're revisiting classical Greek text. Specifically Plato and Plato in particular, is very important to the occult because Plato had this idea of the realm of ideals. Right? So this idea that somewhere out there there is this ideal chair or the ideal lover or the ideal tree. And so this idea is that these ideals, our existing in this sort of realm of consciousness and then they come into material reality and their expressed imperfectly. But there are there is this realm of perfection that's also bound up in the realm of mathematics and the realm of myth and the realm of the divine. Essentially, well, one thing that I think is interesting is that the way I've come to understand the seven card grid, three lines of the major Khanna is actually through a union theory. But I love that because it totally ties in in a lot of ways, which is the realm of consciousness, the realm of sub or unconsciousness. I know they're different things, bear with me on then. The third line is the realm of the super consciousness. That's so fascinating. So when we're in the magician through the chariot, we're in the realm of consciousness. We're in the realm of trying. Thio individuated. So the magician through the chariot. And then when we enter strength, Pollock calls the cards major thresholds, the major thresholds. The book ends as it were to each line, like gates. So when we enter the gate of strength, it's like, Oh, I am skates. We're going inside now like we're going into our interior cycles are interior patterns are interior, and then we kind of get spit out from Temperance into the gate of the devil. We are now accessing the collective we have now transcended. We've dealt with the demons of self. We've dealt with the demons of our dad, our mom society. We've been a punk rocker, you know, we've We've rebelled. We've meditated, we've sacrificed, we'd let go. We've wrestled with ego, and we're now a vessel for divine channeling divine messages for the larger picture. We have access to that In the last line of the major Ricana. We have a lot of work to do as we move through that. Right. That is like a big story toe like follow. I'm like I'm like, am I even in the I'm like, I'm not even in any of the lions yet. I haven't even made I haven't even like crop climbed up to be in the magician. It's like, But let's talk a little bit about numerology, shall we, my friend? Sure. Seven is an important number for a number pun intended of reasons. Amanda, what are some of the importance is of the number seven? Well, not to be like a shameless advertiser, but seven really is the number of initiation and the reason that we're laughing about that Because that's the name of my book. And you can buy it now on Amazon. Okay, so anyway, um, so, yeah. Seven is the number of getting sleepy. You will preorder Amanda's book initiation for
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