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Oh, even at risk of repetition, I would like to relate just exactly what did happen in those very early days, and I feel there is a lesson to be learned and one that we must never forget if we wish to maintain paid up insurance policies against drinking. You recall a story about Bill having uh been uh having had some spiritual experience, having been sold on the idea of attempting to be helpful to others. You undoubtedly recall the fact that he had been working quite hard at it for around five months or so, almost incessantly and still had not created, if you please a single convert. Not one as we express that no one had jailed, but it worked tirelessly with no thought of saving his own strength or time or anything, But nothing seemed to register when he came out to Akron on this business mission, which perhaps for the good of all of us, turned out to be quite a flop, although he had the same licks but didn't know it. Mhm. He was tempted to drink and he was pacing up and down the lobby of the Mayflower Hotel wondering whether he better by those 2/5 of gin uh and be a king for a night as he expresses it or not. And his teachings led him to believe that he possibly might avoid getting into difficulties if he found some alcoholic on home to work. Yeah, buying the name of a good friend, reverend, walter from the bulletin board in the lobbies and may fly. He called up the Good Doctor and uh asked him the names of some of the group of people with whom he had been affiliated and through his through his instrumentality he had a quiet uh sobriety. Good Doctor said he wasn't one, but he knew of quite a number. And he gave him quite a little list I guess about nine or 10 of them. So Bill starts to call them up without very much success. They were have either just left town or they were just leaving town or they were having a party they had a sort or something. Anyway they came down to the end or at least very nearly the end and his highlights on the name mrs and having to get a good friend Henry eto. But he called up good Henry and told her what he wanted and she said come right out and have lunch. So he went and went into historian considerable detail and she said I have just the man for you. So she rushes to the phone and calls up and and tells her that she has just to follow to be helpful to fall. We should come over. And he said well I guess we better not go with today. But Henry is very positioning, very determined individual.