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Last Played: June 04, 2021
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effected and what it means to them today // infamous min
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professional and convenient and best of all it's a truly affordable option. Lime town listeners get 10% off their first month with the discount code lime town. So why not Start today? Go to better help dot com slash lime town, join over one million people taking charge of their mental health again, that's better help. H E L P dot com slash lime town. Thanks for listening. This episode is brought to you by HP instant ink. No one is reading your mind, but HP instant ink knows when your printer is running low and sends you new cartridges, so you never have to think about ink. Save up to 50%. You'll pay less than $5 a month for ink and never run out again. Find out if your printer is eligible and enroll today at HP instant ink dot com conditions apply for details, visit HP dot com slash instant ink. Spotify what makes the lime town tragedy unique. What makes it worth a continuing discussion in spite of the collective moving on is the complete lack of context. In the 10 years since no one group or individual has taken responsibility. No explanations have been uncovered or given with any credibility and most tragically no survivors have been found. Lime town was established in june of 2000 and two in an undeveloped region of White County in middle Tennessee. The township was owned by Real or which we now know was a private corporation owned entirely by Bernard Brown Villard or RV Villard as his father dubbed him for the sake of efficiency. That's Hunter Garrett, Mr Willard's biographer. Hello, hi, how are you? Will get back to him in a bed ground was broken on a corporate campus in the fall of 2000 and two. This is Terry Filkins. I'm a reporter for the Spartans sentinel in Sparta Tennessee and I have been loosely covering the lime town story on and off for the past well 10 years or so. And Terry told me that lime Town was originally built to house up to 1000 researchers and their families which estimated to have cost somewhere between 1.7 and $2 billion for the construction alone. Whoa. Yeah. Well, like I said before, nothing about this construction was secret or hidden. Those numbers are public record. There were the necessary permits and forms filled out as well as the token Acknowledgments to the public. So what was the publicly stated purpose then? Well, that was always a little vague but I think they're pr director. If they bothered to have one would tell you that their intent was to gain a full understanding of the human brain. What the full understanding of the system. I have no idea. Leah None of us did. This was from the beginning, RB Willard's passion play. Here's Hunter Garrett again. He privately revealed to his friends that he felt and this is a quote, mind you that this could change the destiny of the species, which explains the confidence he had in his investment and the confidence he had an Oscar totem, all of which ultimately makes him somewhat of a tragic figure. His Quixote. Yes. Yes, that's quite right. When Villard relationship with Dr Oscar totem started remains unclear, but we do know that doctor told him was named the lead researcher of the facility before construction even began back to terry the idea of an actual town that is a community with restaurants, bars, hardware store, even that ridiculous movie theater seems to have come from dr totem who felt he needed to touches of home to get the brightest minds in his field to flock to the uh wilds of White County Tennessee. I guess it is rather remote. That's not exactly South Beach. But what did, is that, what did his press release say? You have that right? Yeah. We want this town to be a place that researchers and their families want to live, a place where work, family and fun come together for the betterment of the world, wow. So he made it sound like Disneyland or something. So together with DR Totems vision and RB Willard's investment, it was built and they did in fact come researchers and technicians at every level of the neuroscience field, including my uncle, came from each corner of the globe, most leaving their current jobs with others. Even coming out of retirement, there was a buzz as it was described to me by those familiar with that initial recruitment, but the cause when undefined to everyone on the outside, it should be made clear here that while the greatest mystery surrounding Lyme town remains its final days and almost equally frustrating question surrounds the town's real purpose. Why did it require such a massive undertaking? What about this particular research justified the amount of workers doctor tone um felt was necessary to execute it. Speculation ranges from the basic curing of diseases, to the almost impossible task of brain mapping. The truth in this circumstance, however, remains uncertain. The facility was opened on june 3rd 2000 and three, 327 people were housed there. Not only those in the neuroscience field, in their families, but other personnel to actually run a town cooks, janitors, landscapers, plumbers, electricians, a lot of people pull double duty. So brain researcher by day, barber or janitor by night, they'd alternate days. But yeah, basically it was Mayberry only, it was run by some of the smartest people on the planet for a little over eight months. Things as undefined as those things are for our purposes appear to have run smoothly. Initially there was mild regional interest in lime town. But outside of some anonymous chatter in the smaller corners of the internet, things proceeded without any substantial public scrutiny. And then very suddenly in the end, these are the facts. 327 men, women and Children have vanished in the 10 years since. Not one survivor has been located in 2007. Nighttime primetime scored an interview with Kyle Wolinski, a contractor who stated he worked on security detail at lamb town. So you're saying you have no idea what happened in those three days. We were just told to keep everyone out and shoot anyone who didn't listen. We rotated shifts at the perimeter barracks day shift, night shift, a shift, night shift that morning we were just told to leave the gates. Was there no security detail in the town itself? No, not from our group who told you to leave then? I don't know. You don't know. We never knew a voice on the phone then. How were you paid in cash? Mr Wolinski also revealed in the interview that he and his fellow contractors had been held in detention for 18 months at Guantanamo Bay for questioning. An accusation later confirmed by the State Department. Mr Wolinski could not be reached for comment for this story. His current whereabouts are unknown. And then there's the aforementioned RB Villard, the former telecommunications tighten and one of Forbes magazine's most wealthy men on the planet. The man who personally bankrolled the entire lime town project. The man who should know more than anyone, revealed almost the least when called before Congress in May of 2000 and four, replayed here is the most infamous exchange with minority leader Pitney Mr Village. You've yet to provide a single useful piece of information about the purposes of this institution. Are you honestly going to sit here and act like you don't know anything congresswoman? I couldn't expect you to understand the invective and the hysteria I've endured over the previous three months. I suppose it's not so different from the vitriol have endured throughout my entire career. I still believe that one day the work of Rail or will be assigned its rightful place in the annals of history and you, congresswoman, you and the rest of the inept one away will go down in the annals of nothing. Mr Villard, What do you mean? Still believe my client refrains from any further testimony. RB Villard also could not be reached for comment as he has hidden from public view since the hearing
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