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Force Toast: A Star Wars Happy Hour
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works. Exactly. Yeah. But this was interesting to read through, There's a lot of talk about like, you know, the theater or the studio like basically taking over the movie and cutting all the stuff out and that's why we got this like really choppy movie. And then there's like all this other stuff at the very beginning about like Kathleen Kennedy wanting like Jon Favreau or Dave Filoni to be like the new president because and the article is really strange. It says that if if Kathleen Kennedy wants to retire or gets promoted and I was like, wait a minute, you know, dude, she's the president of the company. There's no way you can go any higher than that. Like I don't know what else is there? You know, maybe there's the president czar, The Allegiant President, the super president. I mean like maybe a board chairman might be like the next leg, I guess most powerful position, but like that that just seems like such bullshit, that number one that she would think that and tell somebody this random person who claims to have posted because they worked on all three sequel trilogy films. Um But this yeah, this whole thing also said that like she wants, you know, Dave Filoni, Jon Favreau to step in and it's like I've said it before and I'll say it again, john I'm built for that. No, no, no, no, no, no, Jon Favreau is a creative, his skills and his strengths and his experience are not going to translate into running a film studio. That's like a big thing. Like it just does not make sense. I I don't understand why people are still talking like this, which was this whole point here was enough to convince to this person is an idiot. But yeah, that's that's a whole other story we can we can go into. But basically, there's a lot of stuff in here about duel of the Fates, which was the title for of Colin Trevorrow script of episode nine. There's a lot of talk about what was happening in that process and talking about how like all of the different people who took us, you know, swing at writing the script. And basically the person is like, well, you know, is there a J. J. Cut? You know what would, here's what I know. And basically the answers kind of yes or no. But they're like, yeah, they had like four hours of movie content and it's like, yeah, the first cut is going to be long. Like, I'm sure they filmed more than four hours of film, but the first, you know, like that's just like you said, you worked on all three movies, like that's just how it works. So I just I don't yeah, I don't think that this is like anything at all. Whoever this person is, it kind of feels like everything in this post is either like a rumor that we've heard before or it's like information we already knew or everything that they're saying and the post is like so general of the statement that it's just not saying anything. So I just yeah, I don't think this is a thing, just a shit stir whatever. Okay, so that is all we will say about that. The Abrams cut wow. Fuck that shit. All right onto other news, which I'm pretty sure it's all book related if I'm correct. Yeah, I think the rest of it is, but it's kind of cool. Excuse you bless you. Yeah, it's super cool because the higher public is awesome. Af okay, here we go. So they've said before that the higher public initiative is going to have multiple phases, I think like three phases and it's going to be spread out over years of like real people lifetime. Exactly, and it sounds like all of the stuff that we have so far, like as of today is part of the High Republic Phase one Wave one, because now we just got this announcement this on this week in april 12 inches on monday, um something like that. But the uh the high Republic Phase One wave too has been announced. So we're not moving on to a new wave yet, Just not a phase, It's a wave cowabunga dude. Do people still say that? I don't know, but I'm so happy you did. Thank you. I don't know if we knew that they were going to break these up into waves, but at the base level what we have now, it's all happening. It all starts at the great disaster or for the most part, it starts at or around the great disaster and ends at or around the opening of Starlight Beacon. Um, it's very close to it. So Wave two is going to be kind of that world's Fair that they talked about where people can go visit and there's going to be stuff from all the other planets to kind of show off, showcase what have you, whatever. So we're in world's Fair time and I'm so excited for that because I remember when they announced it and I think I was doing a live tweet maybe, um, when they announced it, I was like, oh my gosh, that sounds so cool. I love world's Fair stuff. Did I have, I'm sure I've asked you, have you been to the Museum of Science and Industry of course. Isn't there a whole world's fair thing? They're like an entire like exhibit or whatever about it. If there were, it would have been like a specialty one. The Chicago History Museum has a section about the world's fair. Maybe that's why I'm thinking of God, I haven't been to that museum like 10 years. It's so good. It's shockingly good. Yeah. I remember enjoying it and it's cheap. I remember that too, which is a perk. And that's also where I realized that kids nowadays don't realize the titanic was a real thing because there was this one moving exhibit called The Secret Life of objects or something. And I had these random objects.