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got a little bit of heat this week because she took her closest friends to an island. Thats undisclosed. I think it's near Tahiti. Where do you think it is? I just want to be on that island so freaking bad. I know it's next. Tahiti Gwen If you were on that island with the Dash Cloud Sarah Herron what kinds of bikini would you wear because they are showing their kick asked bodies off in amazing bikinis. There are so many bikinis at that birthday party, we have to do a gallery on it. Of course you know what to do. Go magazine dot com slash Thailand Every single picture of all of the Kardashian sisters. Friends, etcetera And please Travis. What is the plastic surgery that I would need to get done on my waist to hip ratio to have their body that Kim has? She looks like like a Barbie doll is fake. It's so fake. I'm really glad you asked when because I think that's a lot of waste training. And when you fill your but don't make sure, make sure those thighs match you fill up the booty, fill up those thighs, I think is what this told me. But I got like, anxiety looking at these pictures about how amazing and plastic they were. So I think that's a very good question for the other girl here, Sarah, that I got intimidated as what I would wear to this party. What would you wear to this party with all of these amazing fashions, Doctor concocted bodies and faces? It's a lot of pressure. I mean, I would obviously hide in my cozy skims because I'm not showing my body in front of those women. Are you kidding? I towns caftans galore. They look chic and they hide a multitude of sins. Oh, that's good. Glad I would go for full glittery, um, caftan. Kourtney Kardashian's, like little sort of like Big Mermaid sequin like naked mini dress. I mean, I've never seen a hotter person. It was just zoomed. I did it all. Oh, my God. She Courtney is just like has not aged at all. She's kind of like the most classic looking Kardashian of the same this whole time. And those pictures she posted with Scott, Like you guys, they have to be back together. They have two. I need it. They're manifesting this. You are all you. I think we talk about the trouble Kim got into because I have a hot take. Let's talk about that because it seemed like she had all these gas quarantine for 14 days and flew them for a private island. And I'm not a doctor, but it sounds a little bit of safe to me. Tell us about your thoughts on the heat. She's getting online, right? So there's two sides of it. Some people are upset that Kim had this party at all because she quarantined her inner circle, which included all of her family. Besides Kylie, who US Weekly exclusively revealed, was tied up with work commitments and they're obviously incredibly close. There's no drama, Um, and they're supposed allegedly quarantined for two weeks. Then they went on this private jet. You know, they all got tested. I'm sure more than once, Um, and ended up on this private, undisclosed location Island. Now we know Kanye was not in the first round of photos. Everyone was like, Where the hell was Kanye or is the truck? Is it true that there's trouble in paradise? But then we confirmed that Kanye really paradise Sarah. What's up, Paradise? You don't think, Kimmie? I was in paradise. I think paradise. It always. It always gave me a little bit of strain to look at, but Sorry. Go. Okay. Well, we all have different definitions of paradise. Uh, so then Kanye showed up during the second half of the trip, which means during when they were first there, Kanye was not quarantining. Probably doing this Joe Rogan interview. Maybe flew from Montana Tele and after this island. So he was kind of all over the place. So some people are upset that clearly, like this whole two week quarantine is not was kind of She's just saying it to say it, and it probably didn't happen. I will say to that I mean the venue of this much money the amount of Corona tests that they are probably administering is out of control at Kim's birthday party that the fake one she had for the show you had to get tested and pass a rapid test before you can enter the room. In that moment, they were doing on the spot. Rapid test that Kim Kardashian's birthday party. Yeah, of course. And I didn't really I know, it's sort of like flaunting your wealth to all the people who can't see their grandparents and all that kind of stuff. But she has the means, and I really I mean, while I'm jealous, I don't really think there's anything wrong with it. So that's the second part is her post was this whole thing and the line that everyone is taking away is after two weeks of multiple health screens and asking for a quarantine, I surprised my closest inner circle with a trip to a private island. Or we could pretend things were normal. For just a brief moment, we danced road, bike, swim near whales, kayaked, watch the movie on the beach and so much more. And people are taking that tweet and like making it mm and a joke because, yes, you could 100% argue that this is insensitive and absurd that this is what Kim is putting out because the world is ending. But what do we What do we expect from the Kardashians? Why are we looking at? Why are you helping them to some higher standard? Don't follow Kim Kardashian. If you don't want to see pictures of her in a bikini on our own private island like I don't get it. Did you guys see? I loved reading, listening to cardi b talk about her Birkin bags. She had a troll on her instagram. Well, of course, Cardi is always with a Birkin. She has like a bandana, one for her blood lineage, a pink glitter one. The list goes on and on. She's got like, 20 in Herb Closet that she showed, and someone commented that they are that Cardi and other rappers, like the city girls were named, are devaluing Birkin bags because of, like type of girls that they are and mainly based on their race. So Cardi took to Instagram and she said, First of an O. And this commenter asked her if she could just walk into the store and buy a bag, or if they knowingly discriminated against her because she's a rapper and she says, first things first. I could definitely get a bag. Actually, I got four bags today from their meds store. I don't want to brag, so don't even try it. And then she says, Why don't you all come like this for white celebrities? Why it gotta be asking us what the f you know. And she's also mentioned that her song Boldak Yellow you know, she makes bloody moves with red read on her shoes. She talked about Lou Batons. Their sales went up over 1000% after Boldak Yellow hit 1%. So she's like we elevate this, you know, we don't bring it down. And I thought it was just, like, really like an interesting topic to bring up When stylish dot com Ambassador, What are your thoughts? We covered the entire story. First of all, we covered the story when Cardi showed off.
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