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falling asleep. So never listen to this audio session while driving or doing anything that requires your attention. Have you ever dreamt of winning the lottery? Can you imagine what an amazing experience it would be to win millions of dollars? What would you do if you won? I mean, really won the lottery in this guided sleep meditation. Mm. I'll help you to relax and fall asleep while helping you to imagine what it would be like to actually win. So let's get started by getting nice and comfortable in a place where you can enjoy a wonderful sleep and when you're ready, just allow your eyes to close now. And as you take your very next breath, just allow yourself to begin to relax. As the words I speak, begin to engage your imagination. And in a moment I'm going to ask you to imagine sense or simply become aware of the things that I'm describing, and I'm wondering if you can use your imagination to just pretend that would end. Describing to you is as real as you can possibly make it to begin to get your imagination fired up as you relax a little bit deeper I'm wondering if you can imagine or picture an apple in your mind. That's right. Just visualize an apple in your mind. Yeah, and you don't need to see it clearly. But as you visualize that apple now, I'd like you to notice some things about it. The first thing I'm wondering is what color the apple is. Notice the size and shape of that apple as you imagine it now. Mm. And perhaps in a moment you may even notice whether the stem is attached or has been removed. And whether this is a single apple or if there are other apples around it is the apple on a table in a ball, floating in midair, or perhaps on a tree in a beautiful orchard. No matter where your apple is, it's perfectly fine. Just imagine it and use your imagination to fill in as much of the visual information as you can, noticing color variations on the surface of the apple and anything else that you need to notice. Imagine the sound there would come from that apple when you bite into it, and how it would feel in your hand as you press it to your mouth. and take a bite. Is the apple cool or room temperature? Yeah, And perhaps you may even notice when you take a bite. Just how that apple tastes As you feel the fruit break off in your mouth and the juice hitting your taste buds in a moment. I'd like you to forget about that juicy apple mhm. And just notice how your body is being supported right now, as you allow every muscle in your body to begin to relax a little bit more. Now, I know that you'd like to win some money, and I also know that there is the lottery draw coming up soon that you would love to win. I don't know exactly how many millions of dollars you will receive when you win this lottery, but I know that you can imagine all of the things that you'd like to do with that money in the sense of relief, freedom and stability you would provide to your life. So I'm wondering if you can imagine now how it would feel to check your ticket after the next draw and discover what it would be like to compare your ticket to the winning numbers noticing what it would be like to look at the first number as you hold that lottery ticket in your hand and see that it matches the first number of the results. You've probably had that experience before. But then imagine that you look at the second number and are pleasantly surprised that that number matches the winning numbers, too. Perhaps you even have a fleeting thought of it is possible. And as that thought runs through your head, you look at the third number and see that it, too, matches the winning number. A flutter of excitement builds within you as you hopefully look to the fourth number and see that it too matches the numbers drawn. Mm. And as a wave of excitement flows over you, you check the fifth number and see that it too, matches the winning number. Just imagine how wonderful it would be to know that you matched so many numbers in this multi million dollar lottery.