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The 2021 Baseball Season Has Arrived!

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The MLB baseball season is here and teams have high hopes of a World Series title coming in October! Some players are entering the final year of their contract, and this might be the last season we see Pujols suit up after 20 seasons in the league.
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I'm going to hit 3:43. I think he's that good of a hitter in terms of his average. The question that we always that always pops up with these guys who don't get pitched to on a regular basis are you know, the the counting numbers, you know, do they, do they get pitched to enough to compile 43 home runs? I'm gonna say no, but I think it's gonna be really close. Do you think? What do you think the impact of josh felt batting behind Soto is going to be because I don't see that as being a deterrent. Yeah, no, it's not. I was always remember something curt Schilling once told me he always thought for a great hitter, it's more important who's in front of you? Because if the guy on base, if the guy in front of a Soto gets on base shillings belief was you have to pitch to him, I can't pitch around the great hitter, then you have two guys on base and then you're exposing yourself to beginning. So if Trey Turner has a year like he did last year and he's getting on base all the time. I think that's really gonna help. So that's going to force pictures to pitch to him a little more because I'm with you, josh Bell is not a deterrent. Even if he bounces back and hits like he did a couple of years. So if those guys in front of soda or getting on, he that actually may help him get a few more pitches. Yeah. And by the way, josh Bell has looked great this spring. Yeah, yeah, kevin long you can see where the swings he's taking, taking the ball left center field and he has absolutely been phenomenal. Right? I'd give you like an a minus on the boldness of those picks. All right, we're gonna do one more Mets over twins for the World Series. That is way too bold. That's it. You jumped on the crazy train with that one. See the twins I, well, the one thing I'd say about the twins is it's not like we're looking at the American league is seeing the dominance at the top that we are in the national League. Yeah, absolutely. My feeling is if the Yankees click, you know, as everybody's predicting, they look like the potential powerhouse, but they obviously have huge injury concerns with judge and standing in the rotation. Um, I think people are underestimating the twins. I just like that depth on their roster. Obviously we all know the red flag there, 18 straight losses in the playoffs, but I'll leave you with this last year. I predicted three times spring training, summer camp started postseason. I had Dodgers Over raising six. So listeners, I nailed it last year. Mets over twins and seven. What could I possibly say to counter that? Okay, you just drop the mic on me. I should have just ended the segment when you said that and just left it. Thanks for doing this. You bet buster jumping into the numbers number. This is him bono's on baseball tonight. An ambo is paul and mickey. D's a researcher for ESPN who's a hunch on the show. Get up. He tells us he's the head on show. And Mike Greenberg completely disagrees with him. We're not going to get into that or settle that here. Tembo. Uh, we also are not going to be the people who settle the Francisco Lindor contract talks a lot of the question that it's been interesting as we come down the stretch with these negotiations and with the, you know, the first pitch deadline is If Lind or uh, were to turn down in the end, the $325 million mets, how much would be at risk for him in doing that? You know, knowing that he turns 28 in November when he theoretically could become a free agent. He also would be in a market in the fall that would include Carlos Carrasco with Javier baez with Trevor story and Corey Seager, meaning he wouldn't be the only Lamborghini in the lot. How much, how much risk do you see? More than more than I may have thought if you ask me that question a year or two ago and here's why as much as I like the player and I think he is outstanding and a top 10 player at least when he's playing as well as he can. He's really only had buster one truly standout season as a hitter so far. So what that tells us is in five of six seasons in which he's played, he's just been, You know, about above average, something between 10 and 20 above average as a hitter. And we know that over the course of time, speed and defense wayne. So as he's doing all of this math and he and his agent are going back and forth, I think there's actually a very wide variance here for Francisco indoor, which is to say if he has an outstanding season hits the free agent market. It's very possible to me that a contract, um, that starts with four is on the table, which is just a $400 million. That's not out of the realm of possibility by any stretch. In my judgment, it is also quite reasonable to me that Francisco endure, just duplicates the batting line that he generated last season. And you're looking at a seven year sample size in which has only been, You know, 30 above average one time, Then something that starts with two seems a lot more realistic and maybe something that's closer to 200 than 300. So there is a lot at stake here and Shit Francisco indoor play this season or choose to play this season leading up to free agency. I'm not sure there's any