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The 5 Best Ways To Begin Investing In Yourself

Last Played: July 01, 2021
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"Brown Girl Self-Care" host Bre Mitchell shares a few of the ways she's investing in herself and how you can begin to do the same. Her first two tips include setting easy to reach goals and reading a book for fun.
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five ways. I should say, um that are ways that you can invest in yourself starting today just to start, you know, steering the boat around and heading back in the direction of freedom and of your dreams and and just living the black girl magic lifestyle that you want for yourself and not what other people have in mind for you. So the first thing that is gonna be, um, number one right out your goals right out your goals every single month right out your goals and your goal should be What's the smart system? Specific, Measurable, Attainable. What's our relatable, Relevant and timely. Make sure they're smart goals. Um, so make sure they make sense. And don't don't as you're starting to invest in yourself, like if you If this is kind of like a new concept for you, I don't want you to feel overwhelmed. So when I say start making your goals, I don't mean for you to, um just write down 50 million goals and try to hit them all in the month of what? What is this July that is going to burn you out and you're gonna feel overwhelmed and you're gonna you're gonna feel like you failed when, in actuality, you haven't. You probably just added too many things to your plate, so make sure they're smart goals. Keep it simple. But if you're not writing your goals out every month and I do this to you know, So I'm speaking from experience. If you don't write your goals out every month, how in the hell are you gonna know where you're trying to get? How how are you going to know? You're just like shooting shooting in the dark, you know, and you're you're changing it up on what it is you wanna do with whatever direction the wind is blowing or with, you know, someone has an opinion that one day this is a good thing to do this and you're gonna do that and then the next week they're like, Oh, no, we're gonna I think I'm gonna try this instead. You're like, Well, I'm gonna try to do this instead. To write. You have to have your own sense of direction. You have to have your own sense of direction. And that's where goals come in. Make your goals is every single month. And don't just write them out and be like, OK, I did that. Go revisit them like a couple of weeks when you could hit the middle of the month and see if you're on track, you know, see, see kind of where you are with everything. Make your goals bite size, break them down to actionable things you could do week by week. The average month has four weeks. You know, if you have two or three goals, break out each one week by week, make it make sense. But you, Absolutely, To invest in yourself, you gotta have goals. You gotta have a clear sense of direction. This doesn't mean that you have to have all the answers. You can figure out what you need as you go, but you gotta have an idea of, you know what? What are you shooting for? And I'm not talking about long term like it's good to have goals like 20 years into the future and five years in the future. That that's great. But, I mean, we're talking about something that makes sense that you can kind of get access to again, because remember, you're taking this, um, levels. So we're not jumping from you know, $100. What What's it called? Like 1000 there, you know, like you think they say, Millionaire, what's like? We have $100 in the bank 100 air. I'm making that up. I don't know. 100 air to like a millionaire, a billionaire overnight there's levels to it. Or like they say, there's levels of this shit. So make your goals make sense. Make them reachable as you continue to level up. And as you continue leveling up, your goals will get, you know, farther out because you're doing the work right to get go from rung to rung on the ladder. So make your goals is, um what's number two? Number two? I'm gonna say assed part of investing yourself. Read a book, read a book, make them pages clap. Okay, make them pages clap. Read a book every month, every month. And there's all kinds of books that you can read. So many amazing black authors. Um black fiction, nonfiction. Um what else? What else? Self help. Self love? Um, history. I think I said that already. But there's, like cooking like there's there's there are books for everything. Okay, I don't know if you know that or not. Now I feel like I've lowered my voice like I'm telling you a secret right now. Just between you and me or you and I is that you and me, you and me? Um, there's books for everything. Okay, there are books for everything You can get books on audible. You can get books on Kindle. You can get books in print from bookstores. You can get books at the library if you're libraries open. Which I think libraries are open right now in the year of Arana. Pretty sure they are. Um there's a million ways to get books on, def. You do get them from a bookstore, make sure you shot black. Okay, uh, but there's books on everything, and I find that reading a book a month or more if you can. But I'm trying to be realistic here. Or even if it's a book every couple of months. If you If all you can do is commit to, for example, six books in a year, then make those damn books the best damn books of the year. Those six books. You know what I'm saying? We all read a different levels. Some of us can read, you know, a book a week. Some might need a book a month or two because they're busy. We have, you know, different things that you're doing. You have the kids, you have the house, you have laundry, you have work. You have whatever responsibilities up the ying yang. So maybe you can't commit to reading a book a week or a book a month, whatever your whatever it is. Make them the best books for whatever it is that you you're trying to dio, right? So if it's personal development or whatever, I mean, whatever it is, there's a book for it. And even if it is, for example, fiction fiction books are great. They're great. I think even when you're reading fiction books, you learn about yourself, even in those kind of stories or books. So I don't think there's ever a bad book assed faras. The topic is concerned me. Make sure I clarify that as far as the topic is concerned, reading is reading and it it just gives you life, and that's a huge investment in yourself.
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