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The 7 Principles of Mindfulness

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The Positive Professional Podcast
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Best Mental Health Audio Advice To Take Care Of Your Mind Listen in to all the best tips, strategies,true life experiences, and professional advice/insights surrounding mental health here! Featuring clips from The Positive Professional Podcast, Unlocking Us with Brene Brown, The Hilarious World of Depression, and more.
This playlist also includes useful and actionable mental health advice and steps you can take inorder to take back control of your life today.
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Understanding Mindfulness: Best Audio Moments Mindfulness can be simply described as the practice of living in the moment while letting go of judgment. Being mindful can have health benefits on a psychological level. Mindfulness meditation has been associated with many health benefits. It helps to relax and clear the mind while at the same time slowing down heart rate, thoughts, and anxiety. When we are mindful, it helps us to deal with emotions in a healthy way. This practice can help us understand, tolerate and deal with feelings by altering our habitual responses and deciding how to act. In doing so, we learn more about our thinking process and are able to label emotions and thoughts instead of letting them dictate and overpower our behavior. Listen to audio moments from varies Mindfulness Practitioners and thought leaders. The Positive Professional Podcast
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Listen to Tracyavon, Host of the Positive Professional Podcast and Vurbl Curator discuss the 7 principles of Mindfulness and how you can incorporate them into your daily life.
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Seven principles of mindfulness are skills that you can use in all situations. The first is non judging and that's about being a neutral observer to each experience that you have. The next is patience and that's about allowing each experience to merge at its own pace. Having a beginner's mind is about avoid bringing into what you may know about a current moment and try to experience it as if it's the very first time. Trust is about believing your intuition and your ability to see things in a new way. Non striving is about avoiding the need for winning or losing or striving for purpose. It's about being and non doing acceptance is about seeing things as they are in the present moment. And the last principle is letting go and that's about taking time to detach from your usual feelings and thoughts. And as a final reminder, mindfulness is about living in the present moment, having awareness of the present moment and paying a close attention to your thoughts, physical sensations and your surroundings.