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The All Star Game is Boring As Is

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Hear the hottest take of the week from hosts of The Fan Morning Show as they discuss the All Star Game as BORING. The MLB is old school and needs to make some adjustments to stay relevant and retain younger audiences.
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2050 and we're still going to be just trotting out, you know, 20 some whatever of the best um, of the 30 some whatever of the best National League Baseball players to play a baseball game in nine innings against 30 some of the best american league players. And you have guys that are one reluctant, but they do want to make their money to people say, well the All Star Game doesn't mean anything, but you play it because it gets television ratings were still going to be doing this 20 years from now and just having a two groups of people playing against each other from leagues. I think if you, if you're still doing it this way 25 years from now, if your major league baseball, you're also resigning yourself to the fact that baseball is always going to be a sport that belongs to older generations. Right. Look, I don't have a problem with that. But I think if you're under the age of 30 especially under the age of 25 you're not especially drawn to baseball even for an All star game, because baseball is just not a sport that lends itself to the younger, more impatient attention span. And I'm generalizing here. I realize there are young people that like baseball, but in general it is a sport that is more attractive to older generations because it is a slow and I'm not complaining about pace of play either. I'm just saying it's a slower game. And so, look, I think they need to consider some some radical changes to the format if they want it to be cutting edge of groundbreaking, if they don't want it to be cutting edge of groundbreaking, I'm fine with that. I'll sit, you know what the All Star game is enough for me. And I'm not gonna watch the whole thing start to finish most likely, but to sit down and watch the first few innings, especially the introductions and all the pomp and circumstance, watch a couple of innings and be like, ok, yeah, it's the All Star game, It is what it is. I'm not trying to make it more than it is. Um for me, the other stuff is bigger than the game, you know, here's what happens for me at the All Star Game. I'll tell exactly what happens. I love the some of the pregame stuff then the introductions is the biggest part for me. I love the guys ringing the foul line and doing that and being introduced, then you sit and you wait for the pirate to get in. You know, like you see one big match, the eighth inning and you're mad, Jason Bay didn't get the pinch hit, that somebody pinch runs or somebody gets to play an inning and left. And that's like that's the All Star experience here in Pittsburgh. Now, it's different if you know, you're somebody that's a fan of Otani or somebody that's a Yankees fan or somebody that's a a Tampa fan even. But are we going to go about keeping doing this? Because like, you look at this is the one sport basketball is kind of like this though. You can kind of play a simulated game. But do we even need any of this? Well, I was I was gonna say like, if you wanted to get really crazy, you could do stuff where, you know, you split teams up by division or split them up by nationality or however you want to split them up and you could play a little three inning many games, right? And you can start with a runner on second and there's only a seven man line up or something. And but here's the question is baseball willing to go to that length and sacrifice what maybe some of the older generation fans like. You take a guy who's 65 loves baseball for what it is. Even if he's not necessarily ecstatic about his team this year again, is he going to be in on that? Is he going to watch that or is he going to go the heck did they do the All Star game? And is he going to turn it off and wait until after the All Star break to turn baseball back on again? Is it worth trying to attract the younger crowd to say, oh yeah, there's a six in a four inning shootout between these seven guys from North America and these seven guys from the world. And it's going to start with a runner on second every inning and everybody starts with a with a 11 counter to to count. You know, are can you get that dramatic or radical with the changes? Because if you can't and if you're not willing to embrace radical crazy changes like that to what is an exhibition game, and it's supposed to be about the fans and growing and cultivating the game, then just stay where you are. Just just keep doing it the same old fashioned way. And I'm fine with doing it the same old fashioned way because like you, I'm not there for the game as much as I'm there for the pomp and the circumstance and the red, white and blue bunting and announcing everyone's name and what team they're from. But that's not gonna be good enough for a lot of people. That's not gonna be good enough for people younger than us. I have a feeling, I I don't know if it is, but I think baseball needs to get to a point where and this comes back to, this is an issue we've talked about for years with them marketing their superstar, Shohei Otani should be on every freaking MLB commercial and every national broadcast from now until the end of the year. And sports fans are going to be drawn to that. And that should be the goal right now, market the superstars. Because if you make any more radical changes to the game, it's I don't think that's the way to go. I think it's over correcting what doesn't need to be overcome. People are like, well, get him out of Anaheim. He's in Anaheim getting how about throw Anaheim in our face? Yes, do it that way.
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