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The amazing diversity of Western Australian flora. #WAIsOK

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STEAM Powered has a conversation with Dr Lucy Commander, restoration seed biologist, about the amazing diversity of ecosystems and flora in Western Australia.
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you know, w is so interesting, it's such an interesting place to work in with plants and I mean I know a lot of people who um do ph d s you know, travel all over the world um to to work. Um And I certainly have gone all over the world to go to conferences and collaborate with people, but I mean our floor is just amazing and we've got so many different ecosystems, you know, from the kind of mountains in the southwest to sand plain flora, to coastal vegetation. We've got river vegetation and riparian zones. Um And then also we've got the whole desert. So I've worked a lot in the desert in the arid zone, and then we've also got the tropics up in the Kimberley. So, you know, it's just so interesting to be able to work in all these different ecosystems and work on different plants. So yeah, I've been super lucky to have jobs that have taken me around W. A. To visit some really interesting and and different field sites. Um And yeah, people come from all over the world to come and look at W. A. Flora. So um yeah, we're pretty lucky to be able to work on it here.