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The Best Way To Deal With Fellow Band Mates

From Audio: Nick Pauly - FMP 006
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Find out what it has to do with having 3 girlfriends that you can not sleep with!
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the hardest part of being a musician is dealing with other musicians because it's like, You know, if you're in a band with four people, it's like having three girlfriends and you can't have sex with any of them. No, but yeah, I think I just Interpersonal stuff is always interesting with creative people because you, because you're sharing like that artistic part of it, the business side, you know, if you're living with someone that adds a whole nother dynamic onto it. So it's like and you know, it's awesome with the situation that I have now with Ryan because, like I had kind of sworn off living with bandmates in the past and then like with Ryan, I was had no doubt in my mind that we were going to be fine and just like, be good roommates and not have it come between anything in the band. It was just dealing with other creative people. I mean, it's hard to get everybody on the same track on the same page at the same time. Same day, same beat, same vibe. Yeah, and I feel like that's really kind of something that I've been thinking about a lot lately. It's just like whether it's one person in the project having the vision and then kind of like making that apparent and then having other people just play the the music around that, um, or having everyone on the same page about division. It just has to be like a collective thing. And you have to understand, like, you know, if someone is like, Oh, I want to take this as far as I can that might means something completely different to the other band mate. You know, I feel like setting kind of like clear goals and just thinking about it from like a you know, big picture framework of like Where you want to take any given project, I think, is a huge part of what either makes or breaks any given band. Well, it's certainly hard dealing with just different people creatively and trying to meld everybody's idea because, you know, to ideas may clash. And then what? So whose idea wins, you know, Is it, uh, is it a voting system? Is one idea better? Or does the leader's vision win? You know, so it's a It's a tricky balance. Um, some other artists have talked with talked about collaborating on the computer and one person being in the hot seat. That's what they called it, you know, So they're and they're like behind the computer, pushing the buttons, twisting the knobs, hitting the keyboard and the other person kind of has to step back and just kind of relinquish some of that control momentarily process that transitions, and then they switch sides. Um, but it's interesting because making music with somebody else, you kind of do have to step back to an extent and let the other person play their part. And it's hard to still keep your own vision intact while letting other people add. There's definitely this is a tricky balance. Yeah, and it's different for every project and every person you work with. And, you know, you kind of have to find that, like you said, the balance of letting other people put in their creative input. While you're also, if you have an idea that like you know, is definitely going to resonate with other people that maybe you're writing a song with some of them, they don't hear that specific part. You know, I feel like it's it's good to have multiple heads together because then you can kind of feed off of the other one. But, yeah, it's a delicate balance, especially if you're writing music together.
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