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Prepare to enter a very scary territory. It is a land the Bible calls “adiaphora.”
Wretched Radio | Air Date: June 27, 2022
Segment 1
It’s a beautiful day in half of America.
Dan Steiner from PreBorn joins us. Support Pre-Born.
This is huge celebratory day, but the decision doesn’t outlaw abortion. Some states will indeed ban all abortion, but some will not.
The turning back of Roe doesn’t stop women from wanting abortions.
What is motivating the corporations and states offering monetary benefits to employees to travel to get abortions?
99% of abortions happen for the sake of convenience.
What can Christians do now? Support organizations like Pre-Born and other pregnancy centers. Support Pre-Born.
Segment 2
Prepare to enter a very scary territory. It’s a land the Bible calls “adiaphora,” a place where Christians can have varying positions.
Should cultural issues cause divisions? Sure, but how do we engage on these issues?
What is the evangelical way in engaging issues of values and moralities?
First Things author Aaron Wrenn examined Three Streams of Cultural Engagement.
We want to carefully and thoughtfully consider these issues.
We want to consider how we respond and how we engage others inside the church.
We are dividing over the approach to cultural issues. We fear some approaches means compromise.
Is it possible we have been dividing over brothers and sisters who have a different approach with engagement.
We are separating over issues that don’t demand separation.
Segment 3
If you look back you can see Presbyterians and Baptists get along despite their differences in baptism.
Have you noticed the divisions that exist today are over issues of the culture?
Trevin Wax, writing on Cultural Engagement, highlights the dangers of friendly fire. Within the camp we have been forming our own alliances.
Often casualties of friendly fire aren’t over matters of doctrine, but how we engage those we disagree with.
There is no one size fits all approach to cultural engagement.
Is it possible we can disagree on these engagement issues and still fellowship together?
Segment 4
From Beliefnet – Jesus did not die on the cross for our sins.
This is an issue worth dividing over. This is an essential doctrine. It is undeniable and inarguable.
But, what about someone who works at Beliefnet that is solid? Are they out of the camp for continuing to work there?
“No matter how hard you search you’ll never find a verse that says Jesus died for our sins.”
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