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The Eight Tentacled Beast of Mid-Louth

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The Dagda meets a deadly foe from below the dark canopy of the sea.
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his final task is a greater challenge. Just south of the Cooley Mountains, it's a great day that stretches south to the hills, just north of the river Dee. It has long been a place of dread for fishermen and travelers, and few dare to traverse its waters, for in the darkness under the roof of the sea, lives a beast. And it is said that the beast can suck a whole man in armor into its belly With one intake of breath, The dagga stands at the seashore, grasping his magic staff in both hands. He lifts it high above his head and he plunges it into the sand at the edge of the lapping waves that creep towards him. The waves retreat, steam rises from the sea, and it begins to boil Tobin. The beast blasts through the watery canopy to tiny, angry black eyes staring down upon the doctor from its joint bulbous head. eight thick tentacles flapping as it descends upon him. The beast curls its tentacles in words, and it looks like a giant hand with suckers on its fingers is about to grab the dag Dia