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The Frightmare Theatre Podcast 2020 Special Halloween Double Creature Feature!

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The Frightmare Theatre Podcast
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BEST HORROR PODCASTS PLAYLIST The deviant minds behind The Frightmare Theatre Podcast want to invite you to check out some of the greatest and most terrifying HORROR PODCASTS out there, including Vurbl snippets from internationally acclaimed audio dramas, real-life paranormal & cryptid discussion shows, Horror Film Review & Interview shows, Creepy horror fiction, and much much more!!! Give a listen and hear what terrors are keeping everyone up at night.
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The Frightmare Theatre Podcast
Frightmare Theatre Podcast's Hair Raising Halloween Selection Playlist! Dark Greetings, Boils & Ghouls! As a special treat (with a few tricks thrown in) the team in the Arcane Studio has selected some spooky special audio selections to get you in the spirit! Behold the Frightmare Theatre Podcast's Hair Raising Halloween Playlist! #frightmaretheatrepodcast #playlist #horror #audiodrama #horrorfilm #spookyseason #halloween #horroranthology #arcane #vurbl #nightmares #audio #voiceover #production #frightmare #horrorfilm The Frightmare Theatre Podcast
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While you eagerly await All Hallow's Eve this year, we invite you to enjoy this snip from season 1 of The Frightmare Theatre Podcast's Special "Halloween Creature Double Feature" . This special episode features two terrifying tales back to back: First up in **THAT DARK AND STORMY NIGHT**, we meet a brilliant yet eccentric young Doctor on what could be the most important night of his life... however it seems as if everything that could go wrong, will go wrong... with monstrously hilarious results! Written & Directed by Nathan Shelton. STARRING: Heath Hillhouse, Nathan Shelton, Lillie Young, Drew Diveley, Spencer Tilley, Alex Murphy, & Shawn Young. MUSIC & THEME by Chris Porcelli & Allison Johnston. -In the second story , **FIRE LAWN**, we are transported back in time to the picture-perfect suburbs of the 1950's, where the All-American family can withstand anything that life throws their way... well... almost anything. Written & Directed by Andrew McMurtrey. STARRING: Andrew McMurtrey, Annie Crumbaugh, Layna Shelton, Finnley Shelton, Sean Spyres, Heath Hillhouse, Lillie Young, & Shawn Young. MUSIC & THEME by Chris Porcelli & Allison Johnston . *SPECIAL MUSIC: "Tiki Bar Mixer", "Quiet Panic", "Quirky Dog", "Lobby Time", "In Your Arms" and "Bossa Antigua" by Kevin Macleod, courtesy of FilmMusic. Thanks for the great tunes!_ **This episode features adult content & language** #Frightmaretheatrepodcast #horroranthology #horrorpodcast #audiodrama #Arcaneproductions #HalloweenSpecial #SpookySeason
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come on and this music please. Oh let's get the screams rolling. Oh I'm coming, I'm coming. Uh huh Yeah, yeah, mm Yeah. Mhm. Dude that was about to listen to this story tonight. Now turn back now so you will never get this next half hour or so of your life back. The story you're about to hear is truly a ridiculous piece of radio theater. I don't think that it will particularly thrill you. It may shock you though, not in the way that you expect, it might even horrify you, but not in the way that you desire you little deviations you to be honest. It is utterly laughable. But if that's your thing by all means proceed, if after all this you're willing to subject your humor, wits indecency to such a string. Well, we warned you, Yeah, mm hmm. Yeah. Mhm Yeah. Damn it all late as usual. Where the hell is that deformed little bastard? Uh huh. It's about time finally decided to join the party. Uh huh. I'm dreadfully sorry, master. It's my, your pathetic you really are. But I know I'm sorry master. How many times have I heard that from you in the past week alone? Only five this week. Shut up! You idiot! Did you clock in? No. Yeah, yeah. Now plug in the electro amplifiers and get over here and help me, You fool. Yes, master. Mhm Yeah. What is it you would have me do simply place your finger here while I grab a future here. No. Here you. Uh huh. What is it now fritz? He's funny and a brain is connected to everything in their body. Well not in your case for its but in most Yes it is true. I got him all hooked up this afternoon. No thanks to you. See if I push here is little and waves high. Hi. Hi. Uh Shit! Did I say push you idiot. No, I did not. Now stop fooling around and hold. Don't push. Oh yeah. Honestly I don't know why I keep you around anyway, I can't leave you here by yourself without screwing something else. And they let me spend all of my lunch breaks cooped up in this lab with an obnoxious, clumsy, smelly little part. And Elizabeth wonders why I've been acting so greatly. Honestly, you've got to be one of the most useless human beings ever met. Always late, idiotic. Excuse when you finally do arrive. You sit on your ass and Mhm. What in God's name are you doing? The prince? Look at what happened, sweetheart, push here. Uh huh. It's only an erection fritz. You've never seen one before. But they are quite common. Now hurry. I need you to hoist up the lightning rod done and done, knock it off. Damn it. Do you realize how long we would have to wait for a storm of this magnitude to pass this way again. Hm Do you? We haven't time for any more of your goofy bullshit. Mhm. Mhm. They're all is ready ready master at last. The moment I've been waiting for all my life has finally arrived the night when the culmination of years of intense study and countless hours of work will finally bear fruit from the beginning of time, man has strived to excuse me. What the correct wording is striven, man as Scriven. I know that ass turn around. Don't look at me from the beginning of time that has striven to uncover the mysteries of life. Tonight I have unraveled. That mystery and the entire world will marvel at my genius tonight, I dr Henry frank.