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The Frightmare Theatre Podcast - Episode 1.2 "The Wendigo"

From Audio: The Wendigo
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The Frightmare Theatre Podcast
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Best LOVECRAFTIAN Horror Audio Drama Episodes! The Arcane Productions crew put their little devious heads together and have put together a truly terrifying playlist featuring snippets from some of our favorite Episodes of Lovecraftian/cosmic horror audio drama podcasts across the astral plane. Give a listen, and follow these killer shows for more audio terrors!

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The Frightmare Theatre Podcast
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Adapted from Algernon Blackwood's terrifying story, THE WENDIGO takes us to the Canadian wilderness where a group of friends find themselves face to face with a horrifying local legend. Adapted by Andrew McMurtrey from Algernon Blackwood's short story STARRING: Heath Hillhouse, Andrew McMurtrey, Spencer Tilley, and Nathan Shelton

The Frightmare Theatre Podcast is a horror audio drama anthology series from ARCANE.

Broadcasting from a decrepit radio studio across the astral plane, the Frightmare Theatre team strives to make your nightmares a reality. Each eerie episode brings new terrifying (and at times hilarious) horror radio dramas to life.
We invite you to join host, Doctor Necropolis, and the rest of the Frightmare Theatre team as they introduce a variety of suspenseful stories that are sure to send shivers down your spine!
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I have a feeling. We may be seeing to Faro soon enough. My God. What was that noise? No, it's coming from all over. Okay. Yeah. Uh huh. By burning me too far. They forgo the fog to come down here to us. Come down. God's sake! Get the fire going again. I'm trying. Yeah, sure I am. Simpson. I heard someone calling me. Well, where have you been? The hand me the blanket tank. It is you, isn't it? If I go. Of course it is. Of course it is. Only. Can't you see, he's nearly dead with exhaustion and cold. Well, you know him better than either of us. Hank. That's him. All right, isn't it? I don't know why. Whatever do you mean? It looks pretty pale like wax. Do you think there's any chance of frostbite to Fargo? I don't think his skins on right. Doesn't that change a man beyond all recognition? The saga? Where have you been? Can come to speak. Why? He's probably just as scared as you were, my boy wandering out here in the darkness. Alone and scared. Would you like something to drink, defago. That ain't to Fargo. You ain't too far. Go at all. I don't give a damn. But that ain't you my palate? 20 years. That ain't the fargo. What are you doing? You two aren't gonna do anything that I will calm down. Hank! Put your life back. Put it away and have a seat. It's It's all right now de Falco. Tell us what's happened just a little so we can know how best to help you out with it. None of us can stand this much longer. I've seen the wendigo. I've been with it there now. He's all right. All right enough to stand here. Let's get you something to eat his feet. Oh God, look at his feet. But I want to know. I want to see you. Let's read him at all. But some devilment scrawled on them dot what's he talking about? Nothing. Can't you tell me what they were like? It's far better that you should not come. Come into the tent. We'll get you warm. Oh, but but I want to know. Yeah. I want to know too.