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The Frightmare Theatre Podcast: EPISODE 1.3: "BEYOND THE FIRMAMENT"

From Audio: Beyond The Firmament
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The Frightmare Theatre Podcast
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Best LOVECRAFTIAN Horror Audio Drama Episodes! The Arcane Productions crew put their little devious heads together and have put together a truly terrifying playlist featuring snippets from some of our favorite Episodes of Lovecraftian/cosmic horror audio drama podcasts across the astral plane. Give a listen, and follow these killer shows for more audio terrors!

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The Frightmare Theatre Podcast
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BEYOND THE FIRMAMENT unveils the story of a renowned archaeologist who uncovers more than she bargained for when her newest discovery sheds light on horrifying truths about mankind's past... and future! Written by NATHAN SHELTON STARRING: Lisa Murphy, Spencer Tilley, Annie Crumbaugh, Andrew McMurtrey, and Heath Hillhouse This episode features adult language.
The Frightmare Theatre Podcast is a horror audio drama anthology series from ARCANE.

Broadcasting from a decrepit radio studio across the astral plane, the Frightmare Theatre team strives to make your nightmares a reality. Each eerie episode brings new terrifying (and at times hilarious) horror radio dramas to life.
We invite you to join host, Doctor Necropolis, and the rest of the Frightmare Theatre team as they introduce a variety of suspenseful stories that are sure to send shivers down your spine!
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mm On top of the increasing devastation, officials on the East coast authorities are already warning to prepare For possible mass evacuation category four storm now 700 miles across threats of another eruption and tsunami, a longest lasting earthquake I've ever experienced here and in other news, renowned archaeologist, dr Phillipa Pickman has returned to the windy city where she and her team have set to work on their latest discovery. We go now to our correspondent live from the excavation site in the UK yesterday marked an historic event in the world of science. While a small uninhabited island off the coast of Scotland, a significant piece of world history may have been unearthed despite record storms for the area and other unusually difficult hardships. Doctor Pittman's team may have uncovered one of the oldest examples of early human written language to date. It has been difficult to gain much inside in the story as the notoriously secretive Pickman has had the relic under lock and key and refuses interviews while traveling back to the States to continue her work on the find. We have heard rumors that she will be making a statement from their base of operations in Chicago later this week. As of this morning, the archaeological site has been submerged by rising ocean tides as the unprecedented see, storms continue to rage throughout much of the UK. We have differing reports coming in that several of the excavation team members have reported to have been badly injured during the dig and subsequent evacuation from the small island. They are now being treated at Lady Margaret Hospital in Millipore. Turn that garbage off clouds. I'm sick of hearing it. You got a nice shout out. At least I'd love to be called a renowned archaeologist one day. It's far more trouble than it's worth. Believe me who can live up to us. They care about titles. I care about the work. It's perfectly natural for the public to be inquisitive as to what we found, Professor. Yes. But again, they're focusing on the wrong aspects of the story with the historical find of this magnitude. I hardly think fretting over the hospitalization of frankly careless workers. Professor Javi was one of those workers. It's horrible what happened to him to all of them. I know Clive. I'm sorry. That was callous of me. I suppose I'm a bit defensive on the subject. No, Professor. What could you have done? It was my dig. I shouldn't have left them alone that night to guard the site when they were already so terrified. Not thinking clearly and irrational. Those damn local superstitions had we stayed behind and the same thing could have happened to us. We've been there that night. Who knows? I only hope at least one makes it through. So we may find out what really happened to them, jesus. Their eyes. The horror frozen on their faces. Hobbies, hair had gone stark white. What do you think could have stormed? Perhaps the dark superstitious twits. They're manic hysteria started when we first unearthed the artifact. Immense fear has the power to undo even the strongest willed of us. You remember? They're wild tales, Clive, so animated. Yeah. To tell you the truth, Professor, I myself haven't had a decent night's sleep since we unearthed this thing. The stories the natives told. Now don't you start in too Wait, Professor, the news we're talking about the storms. The National Weather Service has issued more severe warnings for both the east and west coast this morning as a series of rapidly developing major storm cells have increased its strength over the past week. The storms have already decimated many coastal cities in much of europe and Africa's eastern border and continue to threaten many more with seemingly no end in sight. Top meteorologists and environmentalists have yet to provide any answers as to the cause of the massive storms or predict their continued path of destruction. We received word that Martial law has been initiated in a few of these areas, but reports are not confirmed. Officials are urging anyone living in one of these potential hotspots, please take cover and heed the warnings of your local weather advisory until further notice And from China today, more disturbing news as 89 new cases of crippling birth defects were reported only this morning. Similar occurrences have been reported in recent weeks within multiple countries, prompting many religious officials. I asked you to shut that off. Hey, I was watching that I have family in florida. I'm sure they're taking cover and will be just fine Clive. You can call them in the morning, but for now we have work to do. And dr barker is still down in south America. I can't imagine what the storms are doing. Their Richard's fine. I heard from him a few hours ago I sent him the new images of the cliffs to get his take on the possible dialect. If they're as rare as you say, how much help can he possibly give us with identifying the origin? Richard barker is the finest authority in dead languages living today and he owes me if we are to have any hope whatsoever of deciphering and translating these glyphs, this century will need him. Now. Come on, help me get this Unwrapped. It's so beautiful if you say so, Professor. Heavy as all. Hell, jesus. I thought they'd clean this at the site before loading it into the crate. They did. But the material is unusually porous and has undoubtedly soaked up much of its environment over time. That's a nice way of saying it's a foul, slime covered jacket mess that smells like rotting meat. Quite eloquent. Professor. You should have taught marketing. Yes. Well, if you'd spent untold eons trapped beneath rock and clay at the bottom of the sea waiting to be found, then you would have earned the right to make judgments. Okay. What? Okay, target Professor Professor, are you all right. What? Of course, yes, I'm just. It is magnificent, isn't it? In all my years. I've never seen anything quite like it. It is something else. I can really remarkable that it has survived all these centuries. Almost as if as if it were waiting waiting for me to find it to bring it back into the light. How fortunate we are Clive to be alive at this moment, serving as harbingers of its ancient message and soon to speak aloud. That which long dead tongues can no longer speak those secrets. Once again carried on the wind like a wet heat to the four corners of the earth. Professor your hand. Mhm. How foolish of me! I must have been daydreaming and cut my palm on that jagged edge. This whole thing is a jagged edge. Professor. And you were not daydreaming. You didn't even sound like you. I think you need to go home for the night. Your hand is bleeding like a stuck pig. We can lock this up and start fresh in the morning. No cliff. I'm just a little tired. But Richard will be calling shortly with his findings. And those samples from the lab will be in first thing in the morning. I want to have a nice jump start on this before they arrive. You go home, get some rest. It was a very long and difficult week. But we made it back. We managed to get our new baby home and all will be well