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THE HFPA in Conversation: Eddie Murphy

From Audio: Eddie Murphy
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Eddie Murphy talks SNL through
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before that show, I didn't, like, dream of being on Saturday Night Live in Aspire to be on this show. I thought that if I got on that show, uh, people would get a bigger audience for people When I did stand up comedy and I would get booked more. That's why I was excited about getting on that show. Then when I got on there, it became like, You know, the perfect place for me to. For a person like me, you know, that was the equivalent of going to college. You know that there was no better college to be and to learn about comedy than be on Saturday Night Live. You call it the Harvard A comedy. It's really the Harvard, just like the Harvard for for comic actors. Absolutely. Did you ever feel the need to go back to university or have some kind of a more traditional degree? Or that it was never something you really believed in? No, I was. I was in college when I got SNL. I was I was in college and, uh, that I got to show and I quit. What were you studying? Income was ah, theater major on And that's what that's our community college fun times. Yeah, well, you know the yes absolutely fun times. Those were fun times, but not just going to college. Just being that age at age 17, Thio 21. There's a lot of laughter, and you don't seem to me to be at all a quitter. But sometimes life since it's to another path Um, was it hard for you to quit university at that time? No, no, no. Because I got Saturday Night Live and it was like I was going to school for it to study theater, you know? So then you get it was a no brainer. I was like, Hey, I'm going and doing this. There's no way I'm gonna learn Maura at this school that I would learn being, you know, live on TV at 11. 30 every Saturday night, you know? And you got to come up with the show from from Monday to Saturday. There's no show on Monday. You gotta figure out the shit, right? It put it together and get the show ready to shoot 11. 30 Saturday night and it's gonna be live. There's no better place to go. And after that movies came in tow your life. What was it? That transition like, uh, kind of natural was a natural kind of things happen, Really? And it just seemed like a natural progression. It was like, Okay, you gotta you doing stand up and you got on this thing TV show and you connected on this show. And then, you know, it wasn't like there was a big stack of scripts. The first movie I got was 48 hours. It was the only script that we had and literally got the movie because, uh, my agent at the time was sleeping with the director, and then they're married now. But back then she was sleeping with the director, and she was like, Hey, how about like, this kid? Check this kid out. And that's how that's how my director director even even saw me because my agent was she was dating him, and I got the movie and things just kind of happened. Turned into Do you believe luck also plays a part? We're not at all. Look, yeah, I think luck is a big giant part of it, you know? Absolutely. Because there's so many talented people. You know just the art of being in the right place at the right time. You know, there is no way where you go to learn that, you know. So if you if you find yourself, you know, when you look back and you found yourself in the right place at the right time more than once, that's luck. It's like how? Because you can't the things that happened for me in the way that things the way doors opened up for me that was super lucky. Break. I only had one Or them The only actor on earth that can say I've only had one audition in one audition that Zen L E. O. I love to say that I ran a group full of actors and to see their faces. Fuck. Do you mean one audition? E. Even the biggest movie stars. Nobody's at one audition, so that's a lucky thing. That's that's That's not Oh, I was so talented. So, you know, I just walked out of Hollywood into heaven. It's like, No, I was That's luck that you only had this one thing and then you got into that, and everything just kind of, you know, just kind of came together.
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