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The Horrifying Story of the Bell Witch

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Listen to the hosts of Blurry Photos recite the earliest account of a famous piece of Southern American folklore, the Bell Witch.
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Yeah. A remarkable occurrence, which attracted widespread interest, was connected to the family of John Bell, who settled near what is now Adam station about 1804. So great was the excitement that people came from hundreds of miles around to witness the manifestations of what was popularly known as the Bell Witch. This which was supposed to be some spiritual being, having the voice and attributes of a woman. It was invisible to the eye, yet it would hold conversation and even shake hands with certain individuals. The freaks it performed were wonderful and seemingly designed to annoy the family. It would take the sugar from the bowls, spill the milk, take the quilts from beds, slap and pinch the Children, and then laugh at the discomfiture of its victims. Milk spill lock. It's a your lad. It's just like a utility, you will lad. People only got room for one. At first it was supposed to be a good spirit, but its subsequent acts, together with the curses with which it supplemented its remarks proved the contrary. A volume might be written concerning the performances of this wonderful being as they are now described by contemporaries and their descendants. That all this actually occurred will not be disputed. Nor will a rational explanation be attempted spoilers. It will be disputed. It is merely introduced as an example of superstition, strong in the minds of all but a few in those times and not yet wholly extinct. Such is a passage in sort of british sort of yeah, sort of foppish american. You're always there's nothing I respect more than a wandering accent. Okay, sometimes I didn't want to destroy our Australian end up somewhere else. Only the finest people do it. And I salute you. David Flora. I didn't want to commit to british because we are an american nation at this point. It's right. But such as a passage from the goodspeed Brothers history of Tennessee published in 18 86 and such as an account of the troublesome and dangerous spirit that came to be known as the Bill, which called America's greatest ghost story. The only fatal haunting and the only haunting directly involving a U. S. President claims which are at best dubious at worst, completely wrong. The Bell Witch is a very infamous scurry story from America's rich heritage of southern folklore. I think you may have you did it folklore folklore, strange beasts, eerie sounds, disturbing activity, Disembodied voices, creepy curses and deadly death all play a role in this odious opera. So we'll be taking a look at the legend of the Bell witch, including the history of encounters, sources of the information we have and what truth is hiding in the woods and caves of atoms. Tennessee, are we dealing with folklore, fake lore or fact lore. Nice. We'll find out. But one thing's for sure. Dave what you want to make. Someone's blood freeze calls. All kinds of unease scare kids and their families. You better work. Which, yeah, love it. Now the legend as it is, begins with the, the Bell family which bay goodbye to the smoky leaves of tobacco road in north Carolina and headed over to the smokier mountains of Tennessee in the early 18 hundreds, the patriarch, john Bell found a spot near the Red river in Robertson county and settled the family into a small Hamlet that eventually became Adams Tennessee. He worked the land as a farmer and the family grew with three more Children. Born at the Bell homestead, John became an elder at the, at the Baptist Church and Life was good for him and his wife Lucy and their seven kids lucy better for john probably, which was the style at the time. Uh, one find summer day in 1817, John was making his rounds through his crops when he saw something in the middle of one of the rows of Corn approaching it, he realized it was a dog simply sitting there. But as he got closer, he realized this dog had the head of a rabbit and john did what any Tennessean would do at the time, fingers crossed for a shotgun. He extended a volunteer handshake by way of his trusty rifle. Yes, The creature took off in several shots from john's gun, missed it before it vanished. Apparently satisfied john went out about his work for the rest of the day. Another one of them buddy hounds just don't want him in the garden is all they'll lead up. You care it after dinner. That same night the bell family was relaxing and preparing for bed when they started hearing a knocking noise on the side of their house. It was almost like something was beating on the wall, john and his sons ran out to see the source of the mysterious wrapping but saw nothing but flavor flavor around the house instantly growing disinterested. They can they went back indoors. Uh Unfortunately this continued for several nights, apparently gaining frequency and intensity from one night to the next bam, bam, bam, bam, bam, bam bam. Unfortunately, our things got worse and then aided the Children would be awakened in the night to gnawing sounds as if rats were chewing their bedposts. Sometimes there were other noises like lip smacking and gulping sounds. Well, it could have just been someone enjoying candy. True. Just chewing on a stick at that point. Yeah, that's right. This progressed to their covers being roughly yanked off them as they slept and their pillows flung to the floor by some invisible force. The family endured this for weeks and then the whispers began. Mhm. Yes, very faint, almost inaudible voices with a vague semblance to an old woman singing hymns was heard, but like the banging on the walls, it to gradually became stronger over time. John's youngest daughter, Elizabeth, Betsy, as she was called, then began experiencing a more sinister side of these disruptions. Things became physical as her hair would be pulled. Her body pinched pins were found in her pillow and her face and body would be slapped hard. After seeing what looked like handprints and welts on her john and lucy decided to enlist the help of their neighbor. James, johnston. Big jim johnson. If you got a ghost and it's gotta go, you gotta get big jim johnson. Hi, I'm a big jim johnston. Only. My mother calls me jane's, you, my friends call me jimmy. You call old jimmy johnston. I'll be there freaky fast. Hmm. I like that saying. I brought my spirit shovel for wagon and burying the spirits. Big jim johnston, His jug band. All right. Um, James and his wife agreed to spend the night at the Bell Homestead to verify the claims of the embarrassed family and the entity did not disappoint.