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Lars Mittank's Disappearance: The Most Famous Missing Person on YouTube Lars Mittank, a.k.a. "The Most Famous Missing Person on YouTube" was a level-headed, hardworking family man who spent his days working at a power plant and taking care of his ailing father. In 2014, Lars and a group of his friends traveled to the Golden Sands Resort in Varna, Bulgaria, for a week of relaxation and fun. Lars would not return from the trip. Listen in for the full story. Vurbl Riveting True Crime Stories
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Alone in Varna, Lars checks in to the Hotel Color. While there, he calls his mother and tells her to block his credit card, because he suspects the hotel clerk may have made a copy of it. He grows more and more frantic throughout the night but makes it to the airport the next day.
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All right. So largest buddies go back home to Germany, LArs has left there by himself, which is pretty key. As far as understanding that they weren't worried about him. He wasn't behaving weird. He seemed fine. He seemed like LArs, otherwise one of them probably would have raised some sort of alarm bells have been like, hey, maybe we should stay here. But they said he seemed relaxed. He was in a good mood and so they took off, um, being summer, LArs had a hard time getting a hotel room because everything was booked up and he was staying on extra. So he ends up having to check into the hotel colour varna, which was a really seedy place that this cab driver takes him to. Apparently a lot of drug dealers, a lot of sex workers, but that was kind of the only place available. And um, we don't know a lot about what happened that night other than these phone calls and texts that he exchanges with his mom. So one thing though about the hotel color, I looked at it, Trip Advisor gives it a four out of five and booking dot com has it at 7.8 out of 10. And it is definitely cheap. I think rooms are like 25 american dollars a night which is suspiciously cheap. And that yeah there is like probably some criminal activity there but that it's not like it's not like a trap house hotel or anything like that. But it was the fact that it was his only option I think kind of tells you quite a bit to about it. Sure. So um he goes to this hotel, he checks in apparently the person behind the counter made a copy a photocopy of his credit card and according to his mother that did not sit very well with LARS. Um And at 11 PM after he's checked into the hotel, he calls his mom, I think it's the first phone first of many phone calls that evening and he tells her that he wants her to block his credit card because he's kind of sketched out by this hotelier who has made a photocopy of his car. He's worried that they're going to use it for fraud and he can just unfreeze it when he gets back. That's the first phone call he makes. Yeah, there ends up being another call where he has left the hotel. He said that he was hiding on a hill. Uh And I think even said that he was at risk of falling. So it must have been sort of some sort of a really steep type of situation I guess. Um But he said that there were four men after him that were trying to kill him or that intended to kill him at least. And he said don't call me back because my phone, I don't want my phone to ring. Uh I'm not sure. I knew he didn't have a smartphone with him. He left that at home uh and brought sort of a cheaper phone. So I don't know if it didn't have a way to turn the ringer off or not, or if he was just not thinking clearly, but he said not to call him back. He eventually texts his mom. What is Sarah from 500 which was that antibiotic which you might think means like he's feeling weird and like what is this? I've taken that to me, says that that if he was behaving weirdly or experiencing some different behavior that he guessed that that's what it was. That's the only explanation for that because they found that he had taken three of them. So um he knew that he had that in his system, which I guess if he was acting weird, maybe that's what he thought it was. That's what sticks out to me. Yeah. And I think was it it was either that night or the following morning when he asks, I think was the following morning. Um you know, she had booked a flight home for him. He doesn't get back in touch with her, which really worries her. But the next morning he does get back in touch. This is two days after this bar fight. She's relieved. He says he's going to go to the airport and uh can he get €500 uh, wired, you know, money grams or whatever. I don't know. What the do they have Western Union over there? Yeah, supposedly there's a real detail in there and that it was Western Union. Well what's the what makes Western Union important? So his mother had never heard of Western Union and Lars hadn't either. But apparently he talked to another german tourists at the airport who had told him to use it. And he was able to describe to his mom how to use Western Union in a way that she understood how to use Western Union. After he explained it, which said to his mom that he had his wits about him. He wasn't out of his mind, he wasn't um wasted on drugs or anything like that. He was very much with it mentally. All right. So he um and I saw two different things here. Either his mom urged him to go to the airport doctor just to make sure he's good to fly or there was some requirement that he do so, but either way he goes to the airport medical center and this is where things get a little