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The Importance Of Collaboration

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Listen to Jordan Wentz discuss the importance of collaboration. Discover why she believes we are stronger together.
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and I also realized that I want to collaborate, I do a lot of things on my own and I work a lot in that sense, but there are a lot of other people, you know, I'm not I'm no relationship expert, I can I can help a lot of people have better relationships, but I'm not a relationship expert and I don't claim to be one and you know, certain things like that, so it's been really cool to reach out to other other amazing people who are just super on the tip of really wanting to help people love themselves and be able to get all of these different angles that are that it's not just about um you know, your body and what you see in the mirror, it's not just about yourself, love, it's like it's how it's your relationships and your social skills. Um it's clearing your past trauma and getting all that sh it out there so so that you can like start fresh and feel really good about where you're at and move forward in a positive way. So there's so many so many facets of that and it's been really cool to collaborate with with other people and I realized that I love collaborating, I want to I want to be doing more of that because I feel like we are stronger together and we create and produce better work when we when we do so with other people and we're able to kind of play off of one another's skills, really complement complement each other. Yeah, that's the thing with that. I think that's a great thing to do. I mean it's collaborating with people in all aspects of life to be fair. It's probably a great thing, you know, you mentioned obviously with your set of stuff, I mean I do it on my side, you know, I'm always giving like to spread the love about podcasts and stuff cause I love doing and other people love doing it as well, you know, I know I've got a couple of guys, I'm going on a couple of shows next month as well um you know, and just they've just started and I'm just like, yeah, come on, help them all out, you know, it's it's about films were actually reviewing, he's a he's a film critic reviews different films. He's been going on for about a month now, bless him. And uh he's uh should really know they are actually the name of this podcast, but I can't remember, I'll tell you a minute when I woke up on instagram but he invited me on and we're going to review Die Hard, which is probably the best film. Review it yourself. It's called review it yourself podcast. So go have a look you guys, he's a he's a british guys from England. He's got a crazy accent, just let me know as not as harsh as mine, but yeah, go in there and have a look at your podcast and stuff. But it's about collaboration is showing love to people in. It opens doors, you know, it opens its your boner community and building like that sort of thing, you never know what's gonna happen. I mean the good thing about whether yourself creating this summit as well, you've obviously created that collaboration with other people, but then other people who are actually on like taking part in the summit, but actually listening to it and taking notes and stuff, they'll probably do the same as well. They probably found some people who are doing it themselves and they can make new friends and it's it snowballs and that sort of aspects sort of thing.