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The Jerry Fallwell Jr Scandal

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Last Played: January 04, 2022
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Giancarlo begins an intimate relationship with Becki and Jerry Fallwell Jr while working at the Fontainebleau Hotel’s pool in Miami, starting an infamous scandal. The scandal threatens to destroy the Evangelical empire Jerry Fallwell Sr. built.
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So are Russia. I want you to picture a pool at a luxury hotel on Miami Beach. Oh, this is perfect. I need a vacation. Well it's not just any hotel. It's the luxurious historic fountain blue Back in the 50s. You could catch legends like Frank Sinatra or Judy Garland, lounging poolside or walking through its giant marble lobby. They actually once had to put armed guards at the door just to keep out screaming fans. Those were the days drinking Manhattans with old blue eyes. Yeah, I forgot you were a founding member of the rat pack. I don't like to brag. Yeah. On this day in March 2012, 20 year old Giancarlo Grand A is working as a pool attendant at the fountain blue jean Carlos, handsome and fit. He recently kicked a bad video game habit and got himself in great shape. And lately he's been working this hourly job due to flee bringing towels and cold beverages to hotel guests. It's a lot of work sweating it out in the Miami humidity. But today something unusual catches jean Carlos i among all the beautiful people sunbathing by the pool. There's one guest in particular and he's noticing how she's noticing him. She's checking him out. Like really obviously checking him out. We don't know exactly how the next moment goes down. But jean Carlo walks over to the woman I imagine. He casually asks her if she needs a fresh towel or a fresh drink. She's older than him. He's guessing she's in her 40's and he thinks she's cute, Burnett great body, friendly smile and she keeps flirting with him. At one point she even takes a picture of Giancarlo with her phone, wow, thirsty. Much definitely after some chit chat the woman tells him her name is Becky, she asks him for his number and he gives it to her and then she asks him if he wants to meet at her hotel room. Okay. This is getting interesting. Yes, but we're not done because according to jean Carlo, she adds one more request. My husband. She says he likes to watch. Whoa. Was not expecting that. Okay. After Giancarlo finishes his shift at the pool, he gets a call from a blocked number. The caller asks him to go to a hotel near the fountain Blue when he gets there. Becky sitting at the bar. She's nervous. Yeah, I think I need a drink too. They both have a whiskey to calm the old nerves. Then they have stairs together when they get to the hotel room, there's Becky's husband lying on the bed. Just boom, lying on the bed, yep. He's tall, gray haired, pretty handsome, maybe a little doughy around the middle. He's noticeably drunk and giggling nervously. What about jean Carlo? Is he nervous if it were me? I have so many butterflies in my stomach. Yeah. Well jean Carlo reassures the husband that if he starts to get uncomfortable with this set up, he'll get out of there. No problem. But the couple doesn't ask him to leave instead. Jean Carlo and Becky have sex while the husband watches. Okay, so we're just getting right down to it. I'm sorry. He's a grown man, giggling not enough foreplay for you or Asia. And I should say this is jean Carlos version of what happened that night. The couple has straight up denied this is how it went down. Is this couple someone that we know? Oh just wait the very next day, jean Carlo says he gets another call. Becky and her husband want to meet again? Oh boy. Yeah. Oh boy is right because Becky is Becky Falwell And her husband? The one with the voyeurism fetish. That's jerry Falwell Jr do you know who that is? Yeah, he's the son of reverend jerry Falwell. Sr right, yep. Who was one of the Most famous Christian leaders in the country. And in 2012, Jerry jr is the president of the Evangelical University he founded, oh yeah, this meeting with Jean Carlo Grand A is going to turn into much more than a meaningless affair. It will lead to bad business deals and accusations of blackmail and it'll end in a scandal that threatens to destroy the evangelical empire Jerry's father built. There is
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